Cat Food Reviews in Australia

Cat Food Reviews in Australia

Below is a list of cat food reviews for brands available in Australia (including imported brands).

All reviews have been written by a qualified pet nutritionist in the hope they offer insight into what you’re actually feeding your cat. Pet food marketing is very clever, so hopefully these reviews will offer you a clearer truth so you can make a more informed decision.

Feedback is very welcome. These reviews are designed to better the health of our cats, so any informed opinions or criticism is encouraged.

Cat Food Reviews in Australia

More information about how these reviews are written can be found in the “About these cat food reviews” section at the bottom of this page.

Take advantage of offers from My Pet Warehouse, Pet Circle, or Lucky Pet who almost always have offers on many of the cat foods listed below.

Best-rated cat food reviews

These are our current list of best-rated cat food reviews. This list will change over time, so bookmark and check back whenever you’re stocking up. Feeding a variety of these cat foods is an excellent idea, and we encourage the feeding of fresh, raw, or raw meaty bones as part of your cat’s diet as well. There is absolutely no reason why your cat should be fed the same cat food day after day.

All cat food reviews

The amount of cat foods available in Australia will boggle your mind. In reality most come from the same handful of major manufacturers such as Mars, Nestle, Colgate-Palmolive, and our largest Australian pet food manufacturers Real Pet Food Co, Coprice, and Hypro.

Due to constant changes of brands and formulas in Australia it is possible for these cat food reviews to become out of date. If in doubt check the date of the review, or leave a comment if you find any to be out of date.

Cat Food Reviews in Australia

Grain free cat food reviews

When it comes to grain free cat foods it’s important to note that a cat has little requirement for carbohydrates in general. When looking for a food for your cat make sure it has a high meat content rather than carbohydrates from grain or grain free ingredients (such as potato, tapioca, or starches).

Many grain free cat foods are better than grain-based cat foods, not because they don’t contain grains, but they often contain more meat. A better starting point is the best-rated cat food list which is assessed more on meat content instead of grain or grain-free ingredients.

Here is a list of grain free cat food reviews:

Air-dried and freeze-dried cat food reviews

There are inherent benefits of air dried and freeze dried foods. Not only are the ingredients often a higher quality, but the drying process ensures most of the nutrients are left intact. For those wishing to feed raw but without the inconvenience, then the below foods are definitely worth considering.

Air and freeze dried foods are generally more expensive due to their higher quality, so take advantage of regular offers from Pet Circle or My Pet Warehouse.

Here is a list of air-dried and freeze-dried cat food reviews:

Australian brand cat food reviews (and New Zealand)

In Australia there’s a strong trend to buy Australian cat foods, Australian Made, or Made in Australia. The following list of reviews is for Australia brands of cat food, and you’ll find New Zealand brands in this list as well (given New Zealand are our best friends).

Kitten food reviews

Most cat foods in Australia cover all life stages, meaning they are also appropriate for kittens. When looking for a food for your kitten make sure the formula isn’t labelled as “Adult” or “Senior”, and in many cases a cat food will be labelled “All Life Stages”.

Most cat foods in our best-rated cat food reviews list are all life stage as they conform to a high standard of meat ingredients.

Accordingly there are no reviews specifically for kittens, but in most cases all cat food reviews are appropriate to all life stages.

About these cat food reviews

Each review is written firstly on the ingredients list and guaranteed analysis, with an explanation on what the ingredients really are and what percentage likelihood they will be (i.e. chicken may be listed first, but if this follows 4 or 5 grains then there won’t be much chicken in the overall formula).

Many other factors are considered without being specifically noted. Consumer feedback will affect how the cat food reviews are rated, especially if a cat food has numerous suspect reports of sickness or diarrhoea (which sadly happens too often).

Many cat foods in Australia come from the same handful of manufacturers, with more being churned out every week to replace a tarnished brand. Some manufacturers have a worse track record than others, and some manufacturers have shown to have a very high standard of manufacture.

Marketing is always at play, and given the lax standards of pet food regulation in Australia it’s very common for a pet food manufacturer to bend the rules or use cunning tricks to deceive unsuspecting consumers.

All these factors, and others, are accounted for in these cat food reviews.

Did this review help?

I’d love your thoughts and feedback, and others would to. Please comment if you have anything to add! Pet Food Reviews takes up huge amounts of my time, so if these reviews have helped you, please tell others! The small commissions from the “where to buy links” really help, so please use them! Thank you 🙂

If any cat food reviews are missing feel free to contact us and we’ll add a review.

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Neva Scott
5 months ago

I bought Hilll’s Science dry cat pellets and my cat ate them very reluctantly. Often when she did, she vomited them up together with the wet food I fed her. I will give what remains to my worms in my worm farm. Highly disappointing, and expensive.

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