Dine Desire Cat Food Review

Dine Desire Cat Food Review
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Dine Desire is one of the top selling cat foods in Australia. In our Dine Desire cat food review we’ll find out how terrible this Mars product is, and why it could be detrimental to the health of your pet cat…

Dine Desire Review

The first thing you’ll notice is the elegant black and gold packaging and lettering along the lines of “Roast Chicken Flavour”. The keyword here is “flavour”, which in labeling terms says absolutely nothing about the product. It’s like selling quorn and saying it’s chicken flavoured.

Let’s consider cats for a second. They’re obligate carnivores – this is a widely known substantial fact. Carnivores eat meat. Keep that in mind as we look at the first ingredient in the food…

Dine Desire Cat Food Review

[Drum Roll]

The first ingredient is wholegrain cereals.

Why would we feed a carnivorous animal a diet of cereal grains? Grains are bad for cats.

The second ingredient is meat, but it’s ambiguous and inclusive of by-products. This’ll be a combination of poultry, beef, and lamb from a 4D meat rendering plant. This ingredient is notorious for being horrid, often inclusive of diseased and rotten corpses cooked up in a vat along with any other vermin that happens to be feeding on the flesh. Other ingredients in the food such as poultry digest and animal tallow are telltale signs as to the source of the ingredient. If you were to see meat being rendered in such a way your stomach would turn and you may be inclined to vomit.

Meat ingredients are weighed prior to cooking when they’re full of water and significantly heavier. Once cooked the food will be much more grain than meat. That leaves a problem as cats need a diet high in protein (from meat), so a food mostly cheap grains will be lacking. To counteract the insignificant meat in the food they’ve added cereal proteins as the 3rd ingredient. This boosts up the protein in the food (to 30%), but in a form not easily digested by a cat.

Dine Desire Cat Food Review

Another couple of things to note about this food are flavours and food colourings and antioxidants. These won’t be natural, they’ll be artificial and chemical.

I wouldn’t want to feed this to my cat.

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Dine Desire Ingredients

Wholegrain cereals, meat and meat by-products, (poultry, beef and/or lamb), cereal proteins, poultry digest, animal tallow, vegetables, vitamins and minerals, salt, amino acids (including taurine), flavours, cheese powder, food colourings and antioxidants.

Dine Desire Guaranteed Analysis

2 Total Score

  • Cereals
  • Food colouring
  • Ambiguous ingredients like "flavours" (whatever that may be?)

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Stewart mcmillan
16 days ago

These ingredients are bullsh*t! I just gave my cats some of their so called seafood Range! My boys only eat fish and I was extremely annoyed that tuna and prawn also contains chicken and meat products! My cats had the sh*ts for 2 days .
And with no response from the company after 2 emails I would like a response!
Always check what you are feeding your cats guys please

Benjamin Wilson
4 years ago

have you actually seen it made or are you just affiliated with the murderous monsters at peta

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