Sample Submission Letter – Federal Senate Inquiry into Australian Pet Food

03 Jul

The following submission letter for the Senate Inquiry into the Pet Food Industry of Australia has been adapted from Tom Londsdale’s sample letter on Raw Meaty Bones. Submissions are required before 20th July 2018. This can be done here -> Published submissions can be found here (and used as examples) -> Please use […]

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High carbohydrate dry foods linked to kidney failure in dogs?

06 Feb

A recent hypothesis released by The University of Melbourne builds a tenuous link between a rare debilitating condition in dogs known as APN, the bacteria campylobacter as a suspected trigger, and raw chicken necks in which the bacteria may be present. The bacteria campylobacter can be transmitted by means other than raw chicken, such as […]

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How to stop your dog eating too fast

24 Jan

Some dogs don’t eat food, they inhale it. I’ve seen dogs devour food faster than a Dyson would. It’s not a good thing as (1) it can lead to choking, and (2) it can lead to gas. Many people ask me which foods offer a larger-sized biscuit, so here’s a shortlist of highly rated large […]

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“Phantom Brands” – Adding Glam to Homebrands

28 Oct

Consider your typical homebrand supermarket dog food. They don’t look appealing do they? Homebrands are typically very cheap to buy. The reason they’re cheap to buy is they’re even cheaper to make. Consumer awareness has grown, which has seen a shift away from homebrands in favour of more commercial brands like Purina and Eukanuba. This isn’t acceptable for the supermarkets, they […]

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