Why does your dog’s urine kill the grass?

Do you know why your dog causes brown patches on the lawn and other dogs don't? Urine burn is a nightmare if we love our dogs AND our lawn, so here are tips to ...

Does teething cause diarrhea?

Diarrhea isn't directly caused by teething in puppies, but it is more likely your puppy will have diarrhea while teething. Read why, and what you can do about ...

Can You Give Your Puppy Carrots for Teething?

Want to know how carrots can help your puppy through teething? Let's take a look at the magic of giving your puppy frozen carrots!

Bully Sticks – The Magic Bull Penis

Health benefits galore, what makes bully sticks such a great treat for your dog? Oh, and yes, it's exactly what it says in the title.

Coffee Wood Chews for Dogs – What’s the bark?

What's so great about coffee wood chews for dogs? Let's emBARK on a journey of discovery!

My Carnivore Diet Diary

Our pet carnivores (dogs & cats) benefit greatly from a meat/organ/bone based diet, yet a current trend seems to be steak and salt - that's NOT a carnivore ...

How does diet affect joint health in dogs?

How can diet affect joint health in your dog, and what can you do about it? 1 in 5 middle-aged dogs suffer a degenerative joint disease, and you don't want ...

What does the Queen feed her Corgis, Dorgi, and Cocker Spaniel?

Kibble or posh nosh? How well does The Queen feed her dogs? I did some digging and found two possible truths. Which is it - you decide!

Most common dog food questions – ANSWERED!

I scoured the Internet for the most common dog food questions in 2022, and to the best of my abilities answered them! Read them here!

Pet insurance in Australia, do you need it?

Wondering if pet insurance is worth it in Australia? Here's everything you need to know, including how to save money on pet insurance.

CBD for dogs – health benefits!

CBD for dogs allegedly offers numerous benefits for health, wellbeing, anxiety, digestive issues and appetite, and possibly fighting cancer.

Birthday cakes for dogs!

Learn all about birthday cakes for dogs including how to make them and where to buy them!

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