Buyer’s Guide: Petbarn Dog Foods

If Petbarn is your store of choice for dog food, then you’re probably wondering what’s the best you can buy for your pooch?

Petbarn, combined with over 800 Greencross Vets and City Farmers, are one of the largest pet companies in Australia, with a large range of dog foods. But how do you know which are good, and which aren’t so good?

Below is a list of Petbarn dog food brands + reviews + ratings. If you’re new to Pet Food Reviews, you’ll find these reviews help you understand what’s in each dog food and whether they’re healthy for your dog!

Petbarn Dog Food Brands

1 Advance Adult Sensitive All Breed Dry Dog Food Salmon 13kg

Advance Sensitive Skin Dog Food Review

WebsiteAdvance Sensitive SkinCountry of originAustraliaAvailable from:Pet Circle:, :My Pet Warehouse: This formula is targeted at dogs with allergies. There’s nothing overly scientific about formulas like this, it just means they don’t have the …
2 Chum Crunchy

Chum Dog Food Review

If poor health is what you want for your dog them Chum Crunchy might be for you Cereal by-products for dogs. Salt comes before vegetables.
3 The Nosh Project dog food review

The Nosh Project Dog Food Review

Do you want to know how The Nosh Project dog food is really formulated? Is it as meaty as you would expect as a human grade dog food made from fresh Aussie ingredients? Read the review!
4 Taste Of The Wild Grain Free Prey Turkey Dry Cat Food 6.8kg

Taste of the Wild PREY Dog Food Review

Itchy skin or coat? Read our Taste of the Wild PREY dog food review to find out why this could help!
5 Pure Life Dog Food

Pure Life Dog Food Review

WebsitePure Life Pet FoodsCountry of originAustralia Pure Life is an Australian brand with a little twist when it comes to kibble – instead of baking the meat in with the biscuits they add them later as more nutritionally complete freeze-dried …
6 Bonnie Complete 20kg

Bonnie Dog Food Review

Wheat is the worst diet for a dog. Purina Bonnie is wheat and corn, for carnivorous dogs. Not a recommended dog food.
7 FurFresh dog food review

FurFresh Dog Food Review

FurFresh is one of the best dog foods at Petbarn. In our FurFresh dog food review we’ll take a look at the freeze dried range to see the pros and cons.
8 Hill's Prescription Diet k/d Kidney Care + Mobility Dry Dog Food 3.86kg

Hill’s Prescription Diet Dog Food Review

Brewers rice marketed as some kind of scientific medicine? Hill’s Prescription Diet is very expensive considering.
9 CopRice dog food review

CopRice Dog Food Review

For our CopRice dog food review (Family Dog) we’ll find out how what’s on the front of the bag bares little relation to what’s actually in the product.
10 Prime100 SPD Air dog food review

Prime100 SPD Air Dog Food Review

Air dried foods are great, but how does Prime100 SPD Air compare to leading air-dried brand ZIWI Peak?
11 Providore Chicken Dog Food

Providore Dog Food Review

In a similar vein to Ziwi Peak, this New Zealand made air-dried dog food is rich in meat and liver and quality ingredients, but with a price tag to match.
12 Pro Plan Adult Essential Health Medium Breed Chicken Dry Dog Food 15kg

Pro Plan Dog Food Review

Nestle offering Purina Pro Plan isn’t as great as you may think, with excessive grain and little meat.
13 Wellness CORE Grain Free

Wellness CORE Dog Food Review

Wellness CORE is the absolute premium offering from Wellness.
14 Billy And Margot Chicken And Duck Dry Dog Food 12kg

Billy + Margot Dog Food Review

Country of Origin AustraliaAvailable from:Pet Circle:, :My Pet Warehouse: Billy + Margot is one of the many Real Pet Food Company brands. They’re a huge Australian manufacturer who make many commercial and home brands, of which this and Ivory …
15 ProBalance Adult Dry Dog Food

ProBalance Dog Food Review

ProBalance is a home brand of Petbarn and City Farmers. The packaging would suit the shelves of your local vet, but is it any good?
16 ACANA Dog Food Review

ACANA Dog Food Review

For our ACANA dog food review we’ll take a look at the Free-Run Poultry formula. ACANA is the little sister brand to Orijen from Champion Petfoods.
17 Pedigree Adult Beef 20kg

Pedigree Dog Food Review

Read our Pedigree dog food review to find out whether this really is a quality pet food…
18 Eukanuba Dog Premium Performance Working Endurance 15kg

Eukanuba Dog Food Review

Mars offering Eukanuba is a leading dog food worldwide, but is it any good in terms of canine nutrition.
19 Hill's Science Diet Adult Active Dry Dog Food 20kg

Hill’s Science Diet Dog Food Review

WebsiteHill’sAvailable from:Pet Circle:, :My Pet Warehouse: Toothpaste/Shampoo conglomerate Colgate-Palmolive make hundreds of millions of dollars selling Hill’s Science Diet dog foods made largely of rice and corn. Branding these ingredients …
20 Ivory Coat Dog Food Review

Ivory Coat Dog Food Review

Warning – we have received multiple reports of sickness on Ivory Coat pet foods. Read more in our Ivory Coat dog food review.
21 Orijen Dog Food Review

Orijen Dog Food Review

This dog food pushes the boundaries with well considered canine nutrition. Read our Orijen dog food review right now!
22 K9 Natural Beef Feast 3.6kg

K9 Natural Dog Food Review

A fantastic raw dog diet, freeze dried for convenience. K9 Natural is very good.
23 Advance Dog Food Review

Advance Dog Food Review

Advance dog food is super popular in the breeder and show dog community, and the marketing is like one of those tennis ball launchers, but what do the ingredients really say, and should you feed it to your dog?
24 Optimum Dog Adult Chicken Rice And Veg 15kg

Optimum Dog Food Review

Optimum from Mars is the budget Advance, full of grains and ambiguous ingredients. Makes you wonder why Dr Chris Brown endorses it.
25 Royal Canin dog food review

Royal Canin Dog Food Review

In this Royal Canin dog food review we’ll take a look at all aspects of the brand, from marketing, ingredients, and veterinary formulas. Is it good for your dog?
26 Supercoat Dog Food Review

Supercoat Dog Food Review

Supercoat is great value for money, but understanding the ingredients can really help you boost your dog’s health. Find out more in the Supercoat dog food review!
27 Ziwipeak Dog Pouch Daily 1kg Venison

ZIWI Peak Dog Food Review

Fantastic air-dried raw meat diet with the convenience of kibble! Read our ZIWIPeak dog food review to find out why you need to buy a bag right now!
28 Taste of the Wild "High Prairie" Dry Dog Food with Bison & Venison 6kg

Taste of the Wild Dog Food Review

This food has stood the test of time and boasts a loyal following. Read our Taste of the Wild dog food review to find out more.
29 Black Hawk dog food review - Adult Lamb & Rice

Black Hawk Dog Food Review

Why is Black Hawk dog food a better choice for your dog to what you’re feeding now? Let’s take a look at the pros, and the cons, so you can make a more informed decision!

Do you know of any Petbarn dog foods which aren’t on this list? Leave a comment below and it will be added!

What are your thoughts on Petbarn?

I would really love your thoughts on Petbarn. Do you shop in store or online? How have you found them for price, reliability, and customer service?

Petbarn dog food

Let me know in the comments, as it helps me, and it helps other Australian dog owners!

Alternative Retailers

The retailers I personally recommend based on my experience of reliability and price are Pet Circle (online retailer) and   (online and store).

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  1. I like Petbarn as their service is great- online and instore. I use their Beef and Roo mince with nourish 27 to make up my own raw food. I breed golden retrievers so need kibble as well so puppies go to their new homes having had a range of foods. I absolutely loved Healthy Everyday Pets food as so low in carbs but unfortunately they have gone into receivership. My next choice is SaviourLife then Leaps and Bounds large breed puppy.
    What I don’t like is that they don’t help breeders as they are all about rescues. There wouldn’t be many rescues if people bred responsibly and trained puppies.

  2. Would love to know your thought on mfm
    Turkey and salmon or duck and salmon?

  3. Hi I feed my fur baby BLACK HAWK and alternate between chicken and lamb. He seems to love it. He is six now and I’ve given him this brand since I first got him at 8 weeks. The first year till he turned he advance puppy food but don’t r then, black hawk.
    I also have a senior dog who is almost 12 y.o. She is his mom and I give her EUKANUBA senior. Is that a good brand for her or is there an alternate brand. I just want the best for her. I’m on a pension so cost is a factor but her health is more important.
    Plz help
    Thank you

    • Reply
      Pet Food Reviews (Australia) November 1, 2022 at 5:23 pm

      Hi Erika, generally I find senior brands have less meat and more carbs, which I don’t consider beneficial for a senior dog. Personally, if cost is an issue, at the very least I would add some fresh meats or offal to your dog’s diet as well.

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