Eureka Dog Food Review
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Eureka dog food is Australian Made AND Australian Owned, which should appeal to most of us. Aussies like to support Aussies!

As a dog food, it’s also fantastic.

In fact, I wish all Australian dog foods were as good as this as it would mean far less reliance on Australian vets.

Far too many of our dogs fall foul of all manner of diet-related illnesses like heart disease, renal disease, UTIs, kidney stones, and more.

Most of the time we fail to realise the brand of kibble we’re feeding could well be the underlying cause of those illnesses. Isn’t this something worth considering?

There are many reasons I think Eureka is a far better choice for your dog, so read on!

Eureka review

What the marketing says

I like to keep this section short in reviews, but could write a book with all the positive statements for this “100% carbon-neutral” dog food made with “sustainably caught wild Australian meat & organs” from “Australian businesses and farmers“.

Eureka dog food is made using a solar powered drying process, so it’s even good for the environment!

Eureka dog food
Eureka: Doesn’t that look more meaty than kibble?

It speaks for itself.

Eureka is an air-dried dog food, which is a far better, more digestible, more nutritious option than kibble. I’m a big advocate for air dried dog foods because I’ve seen how hard kibble is for a dog to digest.

Air-dried dog food is similar to jerky, and hasn’t been subject to the intense heating processes of kibble. It’s more natural, and more enjoyable for our dogs.

A nice point to make is Eureka use a “kill step” in the air-drying process which “eliminates pathogens”.

What that means is we can feed this essentially “dried raw” dog food without any concerns about food safety and handling.

That’s great, especially if we have kids around or are uneasy about preparing raw for our dogs.

The quality of Eureka makes it more than suitable for all life stages of dog, including puppies, and your senior dog as well. By the looks of it, it’s way above the bar.

What the ingredients really say

At the time of writing there are three recipes available – Wild Boar & Chicken, Wild Kangaroo & Lamb, and Wild Venison & Lamb.

All are good, but we’ll focus on Wild Boar & Chicken for this review. Remember variety is always good, so you could rotate between all three.

All Eureka dog foods start with 90% meat, bone, and organs, which is fantastic for your meat-loving dog. Far better than corn don’t you think?

We find most of the recipe is what we should expect in a food for dogs, which is a combination of meat, liver, heart, lung, kidney, and also finely ground bone and cartilage.

If we want our dogs in supreme health these are exactly the foodstuffs we should be feeding them.

In short, this is what our dogs are biologically designed to eat.

The remaining ingredients are equally fantastic, and serve to make Eureka so much better than pretty much every other dog food in Australia.

There are literally no bad ingredients.

Let’s take a quick look, but you’ll already know the benefits of these ingredients without much explanation.

Salmon oil is one of the best oils to use in a dog’s diet, being rich in omega fatty acids for heart health, skin, coat, joint support, brain support, and a healthy immune system.

Green lipped mussels is another fantastic inclusion usually only found in top end New Zealand dog foods (like ZIWI Peak). These are also good for many of the same reasons as salmon oil.

Free range eggs as a complete amino acid profile with no end of benefits for your dog.

Turmeric, flax, chia seed, blueberries, kelp, turmeric

It’s rounded off with well-chosen ingredients to aid digestion, such as lecithin, apple fibre, and postbiotics. It’s these final touches which really set a dog food apart from others.

Eureka dog food is simply excellent, and you should definitely give it a go.

I’ve even checked numerous consumer reviews, which again, are excellent.

Summary – should I feed my dog Eureka?

If you’re currently feeding a dry food, then I’m confident Eureka will offer your dog a better diet.

If you’ve been thinking of feeding raw but have concerns about all the complexities in getting it right (such as calcium to phosphorous ratios and all manner of percentage calculations), or you simply don’t have the time or inclination to chop up organs, then Eureka is a great alternative.

I realise this review is positively glowing, but if you’ve read how negative I am about most dog foods in Australia, then you’ll understand why I really think Eureka is a great option for your dog.

Where to buy?

Eureka is only available direct from their website here. This allows them to create a better quality product and keep it affordable for us as the consumer (i.e. it cuts out the costs of a retailer).



Ingredients of Eureka dog food (at the time of writing):

Wild boar (Meat, liver, Heart, Lung, kidney, finely ground bone), Free Range Chicken (meat, Liver, Heart, Lung, finely ground Bone, Cartilage), Salmon Oil, Apple Fibre, Lecithin, Green Lipped Muscle, Flax Meal, Chia Seed, Free Range Eggs, Broccoli, Vitamin & Minerals, Sea Salt, Blueberry, Kelp,  Citric Acid, Chicory Root (Inulin), Mixed Tocopherols, Turmeric, Postbiotic (blend of Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Bifdbacterium animalis ssp. Lactis, Lactobacillus plantarum)

Guaranteed analysis

Guaranteed analysis of Eureka dog food (at the time of writing):

Protein(min) 37%
Fat(min) 25%
Crude Fibre(max) 2%
Carbohydrates(max) 6% (listed on website)

* Please note I will receive a commission if this coupon code is used (which helps me keep Pet Food Reviews up and running, so thank you).

9.5 Total Score
Eureka dog food review

If you've heard how good ZIWI Peak is, then Eureka is the Australian made and owned equivalent, and it's possibly better!

  • Excellent whole-prey ingredients which should really boost the health and wellbeing of your dog!
  • No bad ingredients whatsoever.

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