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Blog Are dogs carnivores or omnivores?

Are dogs carnivores or omnivores?

Is a dog a carnivore or omnivore? It's a great debate, but here's some simple thinking to help you decide!

Dry Dog Food PurePro Dog Food Review

PurePro Dog Food Review

If I'm honest I find PurePro dog food difficult to review. Dogs are closer to their carnivorous ancestors than they are to us as omnivores, so a dog ...

Best Dry Cat Food Taste of the Wild PREY Cat Food Review

Taste of the Wild PREY Cat Food Review

Read our Taste of the Wild PREY cat food review to find out why this limited ingredient diet could be good for your cat, especially if they have ...

Pages All Dog Food Reviews in Australia

All Dog Food Reviews in Australia

A comprehensive list of dog food reviews in Australia, including dry food, grain-free, air-dried, freeze-dried, and alternative dog foods.

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