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  • David D'Angelo on What’s the best puppy food?: “Hi Michael, as a general rule I would stick to 10% mince. Just note this is a precautionary rule, and not actually something I do myself. Most nutrients a dog needs come from meats, fats, organs, and bones (such as raw meaty bones). Kibble is designed to meet all required nutrients (mostly by protein and fat content combined with vitamins/minerals/fibre), so 1/3 mince may not provide your dog with the right balance of nutrients over time. Therefore this could be considered a risk. However, if you were to feed mince/organs/bones in roughly the correct ratios – around 80%/10% (limiting liver)/10% – then you could increase that 10% to a third, two thirds, or go full raw. Whatever suits you and what you feel comfortable with.May 23, 18:40
  • David D'Angelo on Farmers Market Cat Food Review: “On the contrary, my reviews of vet endorsed pet foods manufactured by Mars and Colgate-Palmolive are rather negative based on the amount of non-carnivore ingredients for carnivorous animals.May 23, 18:33
  • David D'Angelo on Ultimates Indulge Dog Food Review: “I get the feeling by your other recent comments you wouldn’t like it if I did!May 23, 18:32
  • David D'Angelo on Open Farm Cat Food Review: “Hi Rachel (or Krazic?), I’m more than happy for feedback, and we perhaps don’t differ quite that much on our feelings towards processed kibble for cats and dogs. I’m not sure why you felt the need to make multiple slightly aggressive comments on various pages with various emails when you can simply structure more beneficial comments which may help other readers? Firstly, lets state the obvious – cats are obligate carnivores who should have a diet amounting to whole prey, or near enough in our modern world of domestic pets and commerce. Secondly, cats (and dogs) have existed for 10s of millions of years, yet modern science tells us we absolutely must feed commercial pet food for the sake of their health, and that’s only been around for a handful of decades. It’s also mostly inappropriate if you read many of the reviews on this website. The email you have given for this particular comment suggests you work at a veterinary practice. That’s interesting given most veterinarians endorse dry foods made of ingredients not overly appropriate for carnivorous animals. Lastly, if you don’t consider there’s a difference between a $5 bag of cat food made mostly of cereal grains and by-products to a $100 bag made with the majority of animal ingredients, then that’s fine – feed your cat raw or whatever you feel is right. The purpose of these reviews is to point people in a better direction, whether that’s from a poor quality kibble to a better one, from a kibble towards a more natural raw/dried raw food, or full raw. The people who read these reviews cover a broad spectrum of people, from those who’ve bought home their first pet and know little about what to feed them, those on a budget who can’t afford dried raw or don’t know where to start with raw, or people simply hoping to find better solutions to keep their pet’s healthy. By all means, be constructive – help people – but make it constructive.May 23, 18:29
  • David D'Angelo on Whiskas Cat Food Review: “Hi Becky, it’s as simple as what foods you consider an obligate carnivore should have in their diet. By definition an obligate carnivore should not have some of the ingredients in cat foods such as this.May 23, 18:09
  • David D'Angelo on Dine Desire Cat Food Review: “I don’t expect this to be the case Krazic. My thoughts would be inappropriate ingredients for a carnivore, but also cats fed a restricted diet for a period of time will often react to any new foods being introduced.May 23, 18:07
  • Krazic on Dine Desire Cat Food Review: “Is because you switched the food so quicklyMay 23, 11:38
  • Becky on Whiskas Cat Food Review: “Oh shut up just shut up I’m sick and tired of you idiots in this stupid internet fad that going on to websites saying whiskers killed my cat it’s the same story copied and pasted word for word yeah it’s not great cat food but act your age not your shoe sizeMay 23, 11:37
  • Rachael on Open Farm Cat Food Review: “Will this just prove how full of sh*t this site is if you really care about cats and really were telling the truth about what dry food is good or bad you wouldn’t recommend this crap you wouldn’t recommend any dry food because as somebody who actually has an education in this stuff dry food is actually horrendous no dry food is good including this crap dry food has zero health benefits to your cat or dog it’s full of salt and sugars any meat any vegetable nutrition any form of nutrition is heavily burnt and cooked out through process after process the nutrition of the dry food is depleted so you end up with a hard bit of crap in a bowl it doesn’t matter whether your pay $5 for your dry food or $100 for your dry food you’re buying the same crap bland junk that is only going to hurt your dog or your cat the only difference is the people spending $100 are dumber than the people spending $5 at least the people spending five dollars aren’t being ripped off for the gunk in a bowlMay 23, 11:31
  • Becky on Ultimates Indulge Dog Food Review: “Can you do the cat food version of this pleaseMay 23, 11:20
  • Katherine on Ultimates Indulge Dog Food Review: “It’s not the dog food I would suggest going to vet because there’s probably an underlying health problem and if the vet says there’s not go to another vet because you obviously have a dodgy vetMay 23, 11:19
  • Krazic on Farmers Market Cat Food Review: “Wow what a surprise this website again trashes a cheap supermarket brand but recommends the hundred dollar plus vet foods honestly it’s old just come out and say it you cop a check from the rich vet food companies to promote their crap and you’ll do anything you can to drive customers away from supermarketsMay 23, 11:13
  • jesse boylan on FLAWED! Vegan cat food study, Griffith University FAIL!: “Haha talk about click bait! Pet meat is actually grain? You are an embarrassmentMay 23, 03:53
  • P. Alderete on Temptations Cat Treats Review: “I am throwing out my cat Temptations treats out. EVERY time I give those treats to my cat, he ends up super sick! I have to watch out for my cat’s health…May 22, 06:12
  • Kate on Raw dog food delivery: “I suggest looking into the Natural Canine in Adelaide 🙂May 18, 10:37
  • Jessie on Hypro Premium Dog Food Review: “We tried the kangaroo flavour and were happy enough so we tried the chicken and rice (no kangaroo one available at the time) and its been awful both dogs are constantly hungry and it seems to go straight through them they poo 3 times a day each.May 17, 18:16
  • Phil on Sashas Blend Review: “Thanks for your review David. I’m considering to use Sasha’s Blend with our GSDs but note it has a strong smell and probably a strong taste too. I like to give my dogs a variety of food but if I sprinkle SB on top, it’ll all taste pretty much the same. I’ve bought some human Nutralife Gucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM powder. Its unflavoured and so should blend into their food easily. I haven’t used it yet. If neither of these, I’ll choose between 4Cyte and Antinol.May 17, 10:17
  • Michael on What’s the best puppy food?: “Thanks very much for all the information. In regards to mixing dry kibble with mince. What ratio would you recommend? Would feeding 2/3 dry kibble and 1/3 ground mince be reasonable?May 17, 10:16
  • David D'Angelo on Petzyo Dog Food Review: “From Pet Food Australia?May 16, 23:10
  • David D'Angelo on Supercoat Dog Food Review: “You should ask your vet their thoughts on the nutritional value of wheat, barley, sorghum, corn, and cereal by-products, because that’s most of the ingredients of Supercoat. I doubt such a consideration has crossed their minds…May 16, 23:05
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