Fresh Pet Food Co Pet Mince

Fresh Pet Food Co Pet Mince
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  • Kangaroo (although we don't know how much kangaroo or the quality used)
WebsiteFresh Pet Food Co
Available fromColes, Woolworths, IGA

Supermarket pet mince has a bad rap. It’s often poor quality ambiguous meat preserved with sulphites. This offering in Coles, Woolworths, and IGA is no exception.

Let’s take a look…

Fresh Pet Food Co Pet Mince

The first ingredient is selected lean kangaroo and other meats. There’s no clarification on what percentage of this ingredient is other meats rather than kangaroo, and neither is there clarification on what those other meats are or whether they’re desirable. I’ll leave you to wonder what other animals might be in this mince.

The use of E number chemical preservative E223 is concerning, especially for those who feed this product in excess or regularly. It’s a sulphite which will likely reduce the vitamin content in the food, and if that’s not bad enough it can be difficult to metabolise if your pet has impaired kidney function. It’s also recommended to avoid E223 in the case of an intolerance to sulphites.

None of the above has been mentioned on the packaging, only that it’s included to “preserve freshness”. What that really means is it’s added to stop the meat going rancid before you feed it.

Fresh Pet Food Co Pet Mince

On a final note, before we conclude this isn’t a very good product, we don’t even know what they mean by “added fibre”. If they’re not willing to disclose what the fibre is, then you probably don’t want to know.

So there you go, we conclude this isn’t a very good product.


Selected lean kangaroo and other meats, including offal, added fibre, enriched with vitamins and minerals, preservative E223.

2 Total Score
Ambiguous meats and chemical E number preservatives

  • Kangaroo (although we don't know how much kangaroo or the quality used)
  • Ambiguous meats.
  • Ambiguous fibre.
  • E223 which may reduce vitamin content.

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Emma Derdak
2 years ago

My cat is not a fan of it in comparison to Aldi’s version.

Matt Duranti
8 months ago

The lack of listed ingredients is worrying, pet food or not, I won’t buy something that doesn’t tell me what is in it.

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