Raw Meow Cat Food Review

Raw Meow Cat Food Review
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A company making waves amongst the raw-feeding cat community is Raw Meow. They’ve gained a loyal following selling prey model raw foods, and have now released a complete freeze dried food. This is a fantastic way of feeding your cat a natural diet with the convenience and shelflife of dry food. You simply reconstitute the food with water before feeding.

Let’s take a look at the Chicken formula…

Most of the food is chicken, inclusive of thigh and breast meat, ground bone, heart, gizzard, and liver. Cat’s are obligate carnivores so this is exactly what they should be eating. There are no grains, potatoes, peas, or other filler ingredients in the food, which is what you’ll find in cat kibbles – that’s a great thing.

Raw Meow Cat Food Review

The remaining ingredients round off the food really well. Egg yolk is included as an excellent complete food source, and it’s great to see green lipped mussels for joint health, skin and coat. Also included are all necessary vitamins and minerals (including taurine) for a cat to retain excellent health.

There’s another inherent benefit with freeze dried foods as it insures your cat has a fresh intake of clean water. Cat’s being desert animals aren’t great drinkers, which is why so many suffer kidney issues on commercial dry foods. With a freeze dried raw food not only are you providing a species-appropriate diet, you’re accounting for their water intake as well.

This is a great food to feed your cat.

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Raw Meow Cat Food Review


Chicken (thigh and breast meat), chicken bone, chicken heart & gizzard, chicken liver, egg yolk, green lipped mussel, taurine, choline, zinc, iron, vitamin E, manganese, potassium chloride, thiamin, copper, phosphorous, sodium, vitamin B6, potassium iodide (iodine), selenium yeast, vitamin K, vitamin D3.

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1 month ago

Can you please do a review on K9 Rawsome for cats?? They have two types “maintenance” and “80/10/10”.

Thanks in advance.

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