Raw Meow Cat Food Review

Raw Meow has been one of the best Australian cat food options for many years now, and I have to say I’ve been a fan for a long time. We’re limited for decent cat foods, and very limited for decent Australian cat foods. Raw Meow is a welcome exception.

There’s a range of products on offer, including a full freeze-dried complete meal mix, a supplement mix which you add to boneless fresh meat, and an excellent range of treats.

For the purpose of our Raw Meow cat food review we’ll focus mainly on the complete freeze-dried chicken mix, but I’ll also cover the supplement mix as well.

Raw Meow cat food review – Complete Meal Freeze Dried Chicken

What the marketing says

The first statement on the Raw Meow website is perfect 👉 “We believe feeding your pet a species appropriate diet is the best way to keep them happy and healthy”.

Raw Meow is designed to offer a simple way of feeding a balanced raw diet no matter your experience with raw feeding.

If you’ve heard of the Australian Raw Fed Cats Facebook group then that’s also an initiative of Laura from Raw Meow, and has been a wonderful resource for Australian many cat owners over the years. It’s well worth joining for any questions you may have regarding raw feeding (and there are no stupid questions).

Raw Meow comes with no silly marketing or wildly twisted labelling tricks like most cat foods, and it’s a refreshing change.

What the ingredients really say

The first thing I noticed from the ingredients was there are no fillers. Raw Meow cat food is 100% species-appropriate. No corners have been cut, and it’s clear every effort has been made for the benefit of your cat.

The composition of 63.49% protein to 19.36% fat is excellent, and there are no redundant carbohydrates in Raw Meow. The sad truth of most dry cat foods is they’re almost always over 50% carbohydrates from grains or starches which a cat struggles to digest. Not the case with Raw Meow though – fantastic!

Raw Meow Cat Food Review

The main ingredients are a combination of chicken, chicken bone (ground), chicken liver, and chicken heart & gizzard. In other words, “whole prey” ingredients inclusive of nutrient-rich organs and bones. To offer a comparison to many cat foods, a typical formula containing “chicken meal” will likely be a majority of chicken carcass, combined with a starch to bind the kibble (and make more profit).

Not only does Raw Meow cat food contain a perfect range of whole-prey ingredients, it also retains nutrition from being freeze-dried rather than cooked at high temperatures into a kibble. Even compared to dehydrated (air-dried) cat foods it will retain the most nutrition.

The remaining ingredients are all well chosen. Egg yolk is a rich source of amino acids and a range of nutrients, and green-lipped mussel an excellent addition for heart health, skin, and coat. Green-lipped mussels are only found in high-end foods (ZiwiPeak and Feline Natural are two other examples).

There’s a further bonus too with Raw Meow, and that’s the simple fact you’ll add fresh clean water to the mix. Many cat owners fail to realise how dependent cats are on water intake, and as desert animals they are not proactive drinkers. When cats are fed a kibble devoid of moisture it can be very damaging over time for their organs and overall health and wellbeing. Renal failure, as a key example, is closely linked to insufficient water intake.

One final point to make (applicable to all cat foods) is the concern for dental health. Cats (and dogs) benefit greatly from the gnawing and chewing action on the bones of prey. With Raw Meow the bone is already ground, so loses benefit in that respect. Don’t worry though, as there’s a solution in the Raw Meow product range – check out the freeze dried chicken neck treats. Not only are these good for your cat, but they’re also firm and chewable, and I’m pretty sure your cat will enjoy them.

Raw Meow Mixes (to add to boneless meat)

The freeze dried mix discussed above is a complete meal, which means it meets all nutritional requirements for your cat. Raw Meow also offer mixes which can be added to fresh boneless meat to form a complete meal, and these may be a preference to some who have access to quality fresh meats or buy in bulk. It also means you can mix and match types of meat.

If you compare the supplemental mixes to the complete meal mix you’ll notice they’re very similar other than the main meat ingredient (such as chicken).

It’s good to have the option of either, so it really depends on your preference. You may find the supplemental mixes more cost effective, or you may prefer to use your own fresh meats.

Either way, both are very good diets for your cat.

Should I feed my cat Raw Meow cat food?

Yes. This is a great option for your cat. It’s species appropriate, rich in nutrition, without unnecessary fillers. Being freeze dried also offers convenience and the shelf life is excellent.

It’s one of the best cat foods available in Australia, and one of the only Australian companies offering a freeze dried whole prey raw cat food.

Give it a go!

Where to buy Raw Meow?

Raw Meow is available from their website directly, or if you’re in Perth they have a store in Osborne Park.

Raw Meow Cat Food Review

Comparable products

As a freeze dried cat food the alternatives available in Australia are Meow, Feline Natural, and also ZiwiPeak as an air-dried (dehydrated) cat food.


Ingredients of Raw Meow cat food (Freeze-dried Chicken):

Chicken, chicken bone, chicken liver, chicken heart & gizzard, egg yolk, green lipped mussel, potassium citrate, phosphorus, choline l-bitartrate, sea salt, taurine, zinc citrate, ferrous sulphate, manganous gluconate, vitamin E (acetate), copper gluconate, thiamin mononitrate, potassium iodide, pyridoxine KCI,
vitamin D3, vitamin K2 (Phylloquinone), selenium yeast.

Typical analysis

Raw Meow cat food uses a typical analysis rather than a guaranteed analysis. Guaranteed will offer minimum percentages for protein and fat, whereas typical can go either way. It’s a moot point though, as all ingredients in Raw Meow are relevant (no fillers).

Typical analysis of Raw Meow cat food (Freeze-dried Chicken) final dry matter basis:

Carbohydrates *Minimal
* May be estimated. Read how to calculate carbohydrates in a pet food.

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9.5 Total Score
Raw Meow cat food review

This freeze dried whole prey cat food is not only an Australian company (based in Perth), but absolutely fantastic and one of the only true species-appropriate cat foods in Australia.

  • Excellent species-appropriate ingredients.
  • Freeze dried for convenience.
  • Australian company (based in Perth).

David D'Angelo

David D'Angelo has worked as a scientist since graduating with a BSc (Hons) in 2000. In addition, David holds a CPD accredited Diploma in Pet Nutrition as well as being CPD accredited VSA (Veterinary Support Assistant). However, his experience and involvement in the pet food industry for 15+ years has given true insight into pet food, formulations, science, research, and pet food marketing. Facebook | LinkedIn | Instagram | Pinterest

  1. My boy was a stray and because of the years before he was taken in, I thought all these problems were due to all the time he didn’t receive proper care – diarrhoea, occasionally vomitting after meals, coarse fur, dandruff, sometimes eye discharge, he was also not very active and overweight. On top of that, it was so hard to get him to drink water.

    After 18 months of not much improvement by feeding vet prescription diet, I worry more about his health, especially his kidney, as dry food + not drinking water is not a good combination. Finally, 4 years ago I did my own research and decided to try Raw Meow. It just make sense that best human diet = fresh food, so why not our pets?!

    My boy wolfed down the new food as if he hasn’t been fed for a few days. After 6 weeks of binge eating, he eat less automatically himself, started losing weight and have more energy. On top of that, his coat became much softer, no more eye discharge, only had a handful of diarrhoea/ vomitting since he changed food, his dandruff also disappeared and only appears few times a year when changing weather, and did I mention non smelly poo?! The change is amazing, my boy is now 10, blood test & urine test both perfect, teeth never been better and he is playing like a kitten, I believe all because of what he eats.

    I love that by using raw meow mix, I can pick and choose whatever meat I want to use, mix and match proteins as I/ my boy like, and the ability to choose cheaper cuts and won’t affect the nutrition value. My boy love their treats too, especially freeze dried chicken breast, chicken neck and chicken heart. My boy also eats their freeze dried complete meal, he loves all 3 flavours.

    For me, I love the fact that raw meow really care about cats, they did their research, only use the best ingredients for their products, no cutting corners, and only have your cat’s best interest in heart – information on their FB page are so good! Other than my home made bone broth and one can a week ziwipeak/ Feline natural, I won’t be feeding my boy anything else other than Raw Meow products, they are simply the best!

  2. Great review!
    The raw meow FB Group is wonderful, such a friendly and helpful group, ive learnt so much!
    I just put in my first big order with Raw meow all of my future foster furbabies will be on an exclusively raw diet, I threw out all that dreadful kibble.
    I noticed the difference in coat softness and less stinky just in the time it took to use up the sample packets, can’t wait to see further improvements and watch these felines thrive‍⬛

  3. I have been using Raw Meow for my boy since he was a kitten, and it’s fantastic! I was worried to feed him raw since I am a newbie, however it makes the raw feeding process so easy. Good range of products and options at a reasonable price (When you factor that once you add the raw meat, ‘high quality kibble’ costs roughly the same. However, with kibble not being 100% raw, or species appropriate, the choice is a no-brainer).

    I normally get my boy Raw Meow Mix Adult – Chicken or Lamb, and when he’s stubborn I sprinkle some freeze dried treats on top (They will LOVE Kitty Krack!). My boy goes crazy for freeze dried chicken necks!

    He is healthy, happy, and wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂

    If you are after a high quality product that will make your buddy healthy, go for Raw Meow. You won’t regret it!

  4. Thank you for this review! I have just ordered a sample pack of their treats and freeze dried meals to test on our kitties.

  5. Can you please do a review on K9 Rawsome for cats?? They have two types “maintenance” and “80/10/10”.

    Thanks in advance.

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