Purr Cat Food Review

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Available fromColes

This terrible excuse for dry cat food is marketed as gourmet, which is surely a joke as it’s far from gourmet. In our Purr cat food review you may need to take a seat and brace yourself, especially if you’ve been feeding this to your poor cat.

Purr cat food review

What the marketing says

Purr Cat Food Review

The packet of Purr cat food states “Spoil your feline friend with a wide selection of flavours, a delicious meal they’ll be sure to love”. Feeding your carnivorous meat-eating pet cat cereal grains, one of the main ingredients of Purr, even at a fundamental doesn’t sound like something your cat will be sure to love.

Using the word gourmet on the front of the bag doesn’t say much either, and is purely a marketing word to dupe you into thinking you’re feeding your cat something fancy. I remember seeing a kebab van once with “Gourmet Kebabs” in big bold letters and I debated whether the greasy spinning meat was in fact gourmet.

The chicken breast and piece of fish on the front of the bag aren’t representative of what the product is actually made of either, as the first two ingredients of Purr cat food are ambiguous poultry and fish meals which could be any (sub)standard leftovers of those groups of animal.

What the labelling really says

Poultry meal, fish meal, and wholegrain cereals (wheat and/or sorghum) don’t scream quality when it comes to cat foods, but they’re the three main ingredients. Wheat is one of the most problematic grains we feed dogs and cats, and often results in weight gain, itchy skin, and likely a precursor to all manner of illnesses which will cost you $$$$s to try and rectify at the vets. Cats are obligate carnivores and shouldn’t have grains in their diet whatsoever, especially problematic grains like wheat. We also find tapioca as the 6th ingredient, which combined with the cereal grains serve to keep production costs down, not offer nutrition.

Ambiguous meal ingredients are often a tell-tale sign of cheap inclusions, and often the stuff that gets thrown out of a factory which takes the prime “gourmet” cuts to sell to us humans. The same applies to poultry oil as yet another ambiguous ingredient. Salmon oil further down the ingredients is the better inclusion, but likely in a small amount.

Purr Cat Food Review

There are a few positives about Purr cat food which are worth mentioning. Flaxseeds are good for heart health and wellbeing, and there’s a natural prebiotic in there in some small amount (and again we find this to be completely ambiguous and we have to question the quality).

Purr cat food is preserved naturally rather than potentially carcinogenic chemicals, so that’s possibly the most positive aspect of the product.

Sadly it’s not the worst cat food on the supermarket shelves, but it’s still not a gourmet meal for the cat who depends on you to feed him or her. If you want something better, these are our best rated cat foods in Australia.

Meow 😞

Where to buy Purr cat food

Purr cat food is available in Coles.

Purr cat food ingredients

Ingredients of Purr dry cat food (Chicken & Ocean Fish) as of June 2021:

Poultry Meal, Fish Meal, Wholegrain Cereals (Wheat and/or Sorghum), Poultry Oil, Tapioca, Beet Pulp, Salmon Oil, Flax Seeds, Salt, Natural Prebiotic, Yucca Schidigera, Taurine, Mixed Tocopherols, Rosemary Extract, Vitamins and Minerals, Lutein, Carrots, Blueberries, Cranberries, Garlic, Kelp.

Purr cat food guaranteed analysis

Guaranteed analysis of Purr dry cat food (Chicken & Ocean Fish) as of June 2021:

Crude Fibre3%
Carbohydrates *38% (estimated)
* May be estimated. Read how to calculate carbohydrates in a pet food.

Recalls of Purr cat food

There are no known recalls at the current time.

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4.2 Total Score
Not very "gourmet"

  • Cereal grains (wheat and/or sorghum)
  • Ambiguous ingredients are often poor quality

  1. I was given a box of mixed Purr cat food and as they were used to Whiskas I was worried they would not eat this
    But lo and behold they scoff it down.
    At least they like this..

  2. The small cans of purr with fish or chicken, you say is complimentary. The price is not complementary. The large cans is full of rubbish costs around $2 and is nothing but pork gravy. The large cans are plain disgusting. Don’t cut corners with food for animals. The whole cat food business has gone to the dogs

  3. Hi I have 6 cat none will eat this sh*t . I took it to work and the stray cat won’t eat this. I got 4 boxs COLES won,t take back

    • Call customer care, I received a credit today. My cats wouldn’t touch it and 2 threw up. They need to take these off the shelves.

  4. Cat keeps throwing up after eating this, never had an issue with other cat food

    • Same, I made a complaint today and have received a credit for all the tins I bought. My suggestion to customer care was take them off the shelf!

  5. None of my cats will eat any of the biscuit range….neither will my dogs… although the magpies give it a shot!


  6. I brought the 27 Pk of purr pouches and both my cats will not eat it. I have never had this problem before with purr. I kept persevering and then I realised they were off. I tried to get a refund from Coles but because I didn’t have a receipt they wouldn’t even exchange it

  7. I was recently adopted by two lovely stray cats who turned up at our factory starving. Weve fed them back to health with quite a few different brands of cat food dry and wet however this Purr stuff they wont touch at all.
    When a stray cat wont even it it you know its no good

  8. I have never had a more dissatisfied cat. He took one sniff of the Purr dry grain free cat food and looked disgusted. I have never had this problem before. I left it there for 24 hours and not once did he go back to it. So I gave it to a neighbour to feed his furry friend and his cat gave the exact same response. A week later a friend of mine was complaining about her cat not eating his food and so I said which one was it… and sure enough the same offensive food was the culprit.
    I have no idea what is in it to bring about this response. My cat is not a fussy cat at all. There is something about this cat food that doesn’t smell right, as he wouldn’t even try to taste it. Something needs to be done about the odour or something. I can hardly believe this is a one off for this product. I might be able to use it for fertiliser, because it certainly not cat food.

  9. Be careful when feeding you cat/dog

    • My cats would not eat it – one ate a couple bites and the other one refused it altogether. And they’re not particularly fussy cats.

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