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Are you feeding a decent pet food?

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If you’re feeding your pet the same product, every… single… day… then you’re probably doing them a disservice.

Most pet foods aren’t formulated for your pet. They’re formulated for profit. This is the reason the food you’re currently feeding is mostly wheat, sorghum, corn, rice, potato, or tapioca (yes, even if meat is the “first ingredient”).

When you strip away the marketing spiel (what does premium mean anyway?), the glossy packaging, the pictures of bright-eyed dogs or succulent chicken breasts, you’re often left with a different truth.

Theses reviews offer an insight into what’s really in the pet foods available in Australia. They discuss what the ingredients and analysis really say, or, more importantly, what they don’t say.

We feed our pets wrong. Read my short blog How to Feed a Dog (or cat!) to find out why.

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  • Pet Food Australia Hi Yvonne, We did kindly spend time on the phone with you to discuss your concerns as they did not sound like a relation to our food. When we respectfully asked for a photo to see the issue you were...

    Pet Food Australia Grain Free ·  January 17, 2020

  • CC Thanks Edanna. I have a few dental washes/rinses already. Will persevere.

    Royal Canin ·  January 16, 2020

  • Edanna Although it's apparently inside of your kibble which makes me wonder why it hasn't worked. Maybe your cat like some people's dogs needs more then just the food, like a chew or spray to help out....

    Royal Canin ·  January 15, 2020

  • Edanna It won't work it's not the size of the kibble but rather this ingredient > sodium trypolyphosphate/tripolyphosphate, feed a kibble with this ingredient and you should notice something after about...

    Royal Canin ·  January 15, 2020

  • Alan Current Blackhawk users might want to check their bags in accordance with this recall.

    Black Hawk ·  January 15, 2020

  • CC Hi, I have a question. Currently I have my cat on Royal Canin Oral. My vet advised me I needed to put my cat on a dry kibble that had a bigger kibble biscuit, so she had to really chew it to help...

    Royal Canin ·  January 15, 2020

  • Susan Hi 240g is about 2 cups kibble, what is the kibble- Kcals per cup?? if its 380 Kcals per cup plus around 400Kcals then that's still very low for a 50kg dog, if it's under 370 Kcals per cup your...

    LifeWise ·  January 10, 2020

  • Edanna Always take it one step further the next page has cost.

    Pet Food Australia Grain Free ·  January 10, 2020

  • Edanna It's based on nutrient density and digestibility, it's good for people who want a relatively longer lasting better quality food of course the 18kg bags do cost like $180 or something so it's actually...

    LifeWise ·  January 10, 2020

  • Nastassia Alawishes I won't buy food if I can't find the price - go to their website under 'shop' and it's just reviews..... no prices. Annoying.

    Pet Food Australia Grain Free ·  January 10, 2020

  • Nastassia Alawishes Hoping someone see this - Re comment below "small feeding guide... Only 240g of product for a 50kg dog" is that a good thing? And if so, why? My dogs would be pissed if they got that small amount!...

    LifeWise ·  January 10, 2020

  • Edanna What food were you using before, constipated is usually not enough fibre. Most customer service with pet food sucks a$$ lol, they never quiet answer you or don't bother to answer you at all or like...

    Pet Food Australia Grain Free ·  January 10, 2020

  • Yvonne We bought the large bag for our two dogs after seeing this review. It constipated them and made their stools hard and green. Customer service was absolutely rubbish and said it wasn’t their problem...

    Pet Food Australia Grain Free ·  January 10, 2020

  • Susan I agree Cody, Karen Mitchell is a Bitch she comes on this site under a fake name & thinks she can hide & belittle people's site & posts you loser TROLL. Anal Negative Idiot = (ANI)

    ALDI Natural Elements ·  January 8, 2020

  • MATT ANTHONY This product is rubbish. My pug ran out of her regular Royal Canin on New Years Day and unfortunately Aldi was the only store open near me. Thought this was the best option for her given the choices I...

    ALDI Natural Elements ·  January 6, 2020

  • Edanna I believe that yes it is indeed, something in my memory is stirring.

    Performadog ·  January 6, 2020