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What do I feed my pet?

To help you get started here’s a shortlist of our best-rated dry dog foods and best-rated dry cat foods. If you have a puppy then read up on choosing a decent puppy diet.

If you’re wondering if raw feeding or supplemental feeding is better (which in most cases it is), then the website How to Feed a Dog is an excellent and insightful read (like, literally, 10 mins reading).

If you want to know the dangers of supermarket brands, read how many dogs have been sick or died after eating Woolworths home brand dog food Baxters.

About the reviews (scroll down for a full list)

Pet food labels are cunning. Premium is just a buzz word. “Chicken flavour” doesn’t meant the food has any more than a trace of chicken in it. Even “with chicken” could mean a mere 5% chicken in a bag of mostly wheat. Take a look at the pet foods in your supermarket and you’ll start to realise the truth – we feed our pets junk food.

Remember Advance Dermocare? That was mostly corn… for a very “premium” price. Many “premium” products are no different.

The reviews are designed to give you an inkling of the real truth. They tell you what the ingredients and guaranteed analysis really say, not what the manufacturers dupe you into believing (succulent chicken breast ~ yeah, right).

What the reviews can’t do is tell you how good specific ingredients are. For example the quality of “chicken meal” can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, and even something like “sweet potato” could be anything from the whole thing to just the skins. It’s always worth reading the comments section to see what other people have said about each product.

We are completely independent and the reviews are unbiased.

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  • Susan Ivory Coat is NO longer a Hypoallergenic grain free kibble, read the kibble bag, old stock kibble will still say Hypoallergenic Grain Free under "Natural HEALTH" writing on front of kibble bag, the...

    Ivory Coat Australian Natural Health ·  April 24, 2019

  • Pet Food Reviews I would always recommend rotating foods. Most problems occur from feeding the same diet over a continued period.

    Healthy Everyday Pets (Pete Evans) ·  April 24, 2019

  • Edanna It’s normal, it happens when you don’t slowly introduce the food. You start giving 10% new 90% old and go up 5/10% per day depending on how well they respond. Applaws is much healthier, I’d give...

    Applaws It’s All Good ·  April 23, 2019

  • annied1991 Bought Applaws dry cat biscuits due to shortage of Whiskas. The cat (and ants) loves it but we've noticed she would have diarrhoea every time she ate it. I'm not sure what's in it that triggers them...

    Applaws It’s All Good ·  April 23, 2019

  • Edanna I had been hoping that someone would answer you, I am overseas but I honestly don’t know, I think a change in kibble might be best. On google lol Rock hard stool can be from diet (too many raw...

    Healthy Everyday Pets (Pete Evans) ·  April 21, 2019

  • Cameron My dog has been eating this for a few months now but developed small, rock hard poos. I have added in 40% cooked mince and some vegetables (often sweet potato) and soak the kibble but it does not seem...

    Healthy Everyday Pets (Pete Evans) ·  April 16, 2019

  • Edanna Oh look it’s something I don’t know about lol, I usually know everything people ask not this because I don’t have cats. I’ve asked a friend but she’s not currently online, she has a cat, she...

    Earthborn Holistic Grain Free ·  April 14, 2019

  • wendy Leah I switched my cat to Earthborn Grain Free and after a month of strategy to get her to eat it, she has grudgingly agreed to eat it without a fuss. However the kibbles are tiny compared to Royal Canin...

    Earthborn Holistic Grain Free ·  April 14, 2019

  • Edanna This is the ingredients of your food, dehydrated poultry protein, maize, wheat gluten*, rice, maize gluten, hydrolysed animal proteins, vegetable fibres, animal fats, minerals, chicory pulp, fish oil,...

    Royal Canin ·  April 14, 2019

  • Belinda Anne Healey Hi, I have a couple questions about my cats... 1. I'd like to know where the Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Royal Canin young neutered male dry and wet cat food sits on the rating scale. Can you please...

    Royal Canin ·  April 13, 2019

  • Edanna This is unfortunately going to be another long one sorry, but I’m just going to leave this information here so you can get a basic idea of a few extra things. I’m also going to add that...

    Science Diet (Hills) ·  April 13, 2019

  • Sarah Surace Yeah I think cat haven has the same deal, I got my kitten from there and thry recommended I buy I bag of hills to go home with. When I asked why it was recommended the girl didn't really know so I...

    Science Diet (Hills) ·  April 13, 2019

  • Susan Email Farmers Market (The Real Pet Food Company) & tell them your dog is drinking & drinking water, these are all the Brands The Real Pet Food Company makes so you don't buy the same brand...

    Farmers Market ·  April 12, 2019

  • Edanna I know RSPCA has a deal with them as it’s all they feed them, they could at least let pet parents decide if they want to feed it or change to something better though. When we went there one time,...

    Science Diet (Hills) ·  April 12, 2019

  • Sarah Surace Yeah it's a shame, I think the shelters must have a deal with hills. Thanks for the ideas, I like the idea of rotating her food for some variety. The fussy cat one seems cheap for what's in it!...

    Science Diet (Hills) ·  April 12, 2019

  • Janet I think this product is great. Our dog is doing very well on it. They have kept the price down really low. Sure there might be "better quality" ones but if you are on a budget and want a great...

    Nature’s Goodness Grain Free (V.I.P. Pet foods) ·  April 11, 2019

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