Nature’s Goodness Dog Food Review

Nature’s Goodness Dog Food Review
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  • High protein (but from meat or vegetables?)
ManufacturerReal Pet Food Co
Country of originAustralia
Available fromColes & Woolworths

Nature’s Goodness is a brand of dog food found on the shelves of Coles & Woolworths where it’s been for many years now. It’s one brand of many from our biggest churner-outer of pet food – The Real Pet Food Co. They also make supermarket home brands, which begs the question is Nature’s Goodness any better?

In our Nature’s Goodness dog food review we’ll take a look at the “Grainfree Nutrition” variety, although you’ll also see wet foods and rolls on the supermarket shelves.

Nature’s Goodness Grainfree Nutrition review

What the marketing says

The website for Nature’s Goodness Pet Food spurts out loads of claims about the products maximising your dogs energy levels with a holistic blend of natural ingredients so your dog can get the most out of life.

They say they don’t include unnecessary fillers, how zero grains equals maximum vitality, quality meat, immune support, healthy digestion, healthy skin, glossy coat, and yada yada yada.

Nature's Goodness Dog Food Review

The trouble is all these statements are unregulated and don’t even need to be true given our voluntary Australian pet food standards. They can also be a little misleading – what does natural mean anyhow? What are unnecessary fillers and what are deemed necessary (and why?). What is quality meat?

Some other brands by this manufacturer are swamped in negative reviews on numerous Australian websites with mention of sickness and diarrhoea, so is Nature’s Goodness Grainfree Nutrition any different?

What the ingredients really say

For this review we’ll delve into the Nature’s Goodness Grainfree Nutrition Chicken with Lamb & Garden Vegetables formula. Consider other formulas in the dry dog food range very similar – in fact more similar than you would expect.

The first ingredient in this dog food is meat and meat by-products (poultry, beef and lamb) and poultry by-product. That’s quite a mouthful and slightly ambiguous. Aussie pet food regs state the word with must mean some small amount of that ingredient in the food, so with lamb means there doesn’t need to be much lamb.

It’s likely the first ingredient is some concoction of whatever meat or carcass can be sourced cheaply. Your guess is as good as mine, but I’m sure the cheap factor is the most prominent.

You’ll note above I said first ingredient rather than main ingredient. Ingredients are listed in order of percentage, so it’s possible the second ingredient is used in the same amount. That ingredient, listed on the label as “garden vegetables” is vegetables and vegetable meals (peas and/or lentils, soy, carrots, garlic, tomato, pumpkin).

As another ambiguous list of possibilities we can assume once again it’s whatever can be sourced cheaply. Yes, these vegetables can be grown in your garden, but I’m sure this isn’t the case in Nature’s Gift dog food. As The Real Pet Food Co doesn’t have acres of lush gardens to grow prime pet food ingredients this will more likely by whatever’s left over from human food production.

Tapioca and/or potato starches as the third ingredient might be in the same proportion as the previous two, which makes the meat part far less significant than you could be led to believe. We mentioned earlier about unnecessary fillers, so why isn’t tapioca and potato starch unnecessary? It’s not overly nutritious for your dog, but in terms of kibble it can be deemed necessary to bake it into hard lumps.

To wrap up our Nature’s Goodness dog food review we’ll mention a couple of ingredients near the bottom of the list. Essential vitamins and minerals means they’ve included the bare minimum to meet AAFCO standards (AAFCO is an American pet food regulation). They haven’t gone above and beyond to provide your pet with anything more than the minimum.

Nature's Goodness Dog Food Review

The last ingredient we’ll mention is natural antioxidants. Feel free to dig around on Google to find out what on earth this might be, but ask yourself “What do they mean by natural?” and “Why aren’t they willing to disclose what this ingredient really is?”.

What about the other Nature’s Goodness dog food formulas?

Next time you’re in Coles or Woolworths, take a look at the ingredients of the entire range. You may laugh, because they’re almost identical – meat/meat by-products and vegetables/vegetable meals. The wild game formula is the most different as they’ve included readily cheap and available kangaroo as part of the meat concoction.

Even Nature’s Goodness Grainfree Nutrition Puppy has a formula which is nearly identical. It does, however, have a fraction more protein (either from meat or vegetables, who knows?).

A short summary

You can argue the case Nature’s Goodness Grainfree Nutrition is better than home brands which come from the same facility, but the quality of all ingredients is suspect and likely cheap. If this is the best brand of dog food you can afford then do your dog a favour and feed some fresh meats, organs, and raw meaty bones alongside – stuff like this is often reduced at the supermarket, often works out cheaper, and is likely better for your dog.

Are there any positives? Well okay, yes, there’s more protein in Nature’s Goodness Grainfree Nutrition than others on the supermarket shelves.

We hope our Nature’s Goodness dog food review has been informative – let us know in the comments if it has!

Where to buy Natures Goodness dog food?

Nature’s Gift dog food (dry food, wet food, and rolls) is available at Coles and Woolworths.

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The ingredients of Natures Goodness dog food (Chicken with Lamb & Garden Vegetables) as of October 2021:

Meat and Meat By-Products (Poultry, Beef and Lamb) and Poultry By-Product, Vegetables and Vegetable Meals (Peas and/or Lentils, Soy, Carrots, Garlic, Tomato, Pumpkin), Tapioca and/or Potato Starches, Poultry Fat Stabilised with Natural Mixed Tocopherols, Beet Pulp, Whole Oil Seeds (Linseed and/or Canola), Salt, Potassium Chloride, Chicory Root Inulin, Choline, Chloride, Essential Vitamins and Minerals, Natural Antioxidants, Yucca, Kelp Meal, Egg Powder.

Guaranteed Analysis

The guaranteed analysis of Natures Goodness dog food (Chicken with Lamb & Garden Vegetables) as of October 2021:

Protein(min) 28%
Fat(min) 14%
Crude Fibre(max) 3%
Carbohydrates *Estimated 40%
* May be estimated. Read how to calculate carbohydrates in a pet food.

5 Total Score
Nature's Goodness Grainfree Nutrition - is it good?

  • High protein (but from meat or vegetables?)
  • Ambiguous ingredients
  • No assurances of quality