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When I first reviewed Stay Loyal dog food back in 2015 I thought it was one of the best in terms of ingredients, and Australian as well. That’s still the case today.

Since then feedback from dog owners has remained excellent, so as a brand it has definitely stood the test of time. Many Australians have fed Stay Loyal to their dogs for years now, which is testament to both the quality and the company as a whole.

I also note at the time of revising this review, Stay Loyal has been around for over a decade, and I don’t think I’ve had any bad feedback whatsoever. That’s fantastic!

Stay Loyal dog food review

What the marketing says

Stay Loyal are proud to be Australian Owned, Grown, and Made. They state their dog foods are meat-based, with no grains, boosting energy and muscle tone with up to 32% protein.

Robert and David, the owners of Stay Loyal, have shown to be extremely dedicated and put in a great deal of effort to both their products and the relationship with their customers.

Stay Loyal (dog food)

Stay Loyal offer a range of formulas, including a large breed puppy formula, and treats to promote natural joint health.

An interesting point worth drawing attention to is the Stay Loyal feeding guidelines, particularly how they recommend supplementing with raw meaty bones – something I completely agree with – and also a fast day. Research suggests this may lower cholesterol in dogs.

What the labelling really says

For the purpose of the Stay Loyal dog food review we’ll take an in-depth look at the ingredients of the Chicken, Lamb, and Fish formula…

Firstly, the formula boasts a very respectable 32% (min) protein and 18% (min) fat, which makes it much lower in carbohydrates compared to the majority of dog foods available. I estimate around 32% carbs, possibly less, which is very good.

The main ingredients are the top two, a combination of chicken meal and lamb meal, followed by chicken fat to make up the majority of the food. This ensures your dog is getting easily digestible protein from meat, not cheaper alternatives like peas which you find in competitor brands. True to what the marketing states, this will boost the energy level of your dog and help them build and retain muscle mass. Meat proteins are vital for a dog.

Further down the ingredients we find fish meal and marine fish oil as a rich source of omega-3 to support your dog’s well being, immunity, skin, and coat.

After chicken fat we find a combination of potato, tapioca, peas and beans, all used in a nice moderation. The food is rounded off with fruits, veggies, and turmeric which has shown to have a number of excellent health benefits and a known anti-carcinogenic.

It’s nice to see Stay Loyal dog food is preserved naturally rather than using cheap chemicals like you find in many supermarket foods (simply listed as ambiguous “antioxidants” or “preservatives”). It really is a nice, well-rounded formula, and grain free to boot.

If you’re not convinced already, the ingredients are all Australian grown produce.

This is a great dry dog food. Recommended!

If our Stay Loyal dog food review has helped, or if you feed this food, then make sure to leave a comment below!

Where to buy Stay Loyal dog food

Stay Loyal dog food is only available directly from their website. You can order a one off bag, or set up a regular delivery. If you’re worried about buying a big bag and finding your dog won’t eat it, they also offer samples.

Some insightful viewing

The following video by Robert from Stay Loyal covers some excellent points on what to look for in dry dog food in general, with the excellent and resounding quote – “The cost of cheap dog food is more than what you pay for the food – your dog will not be as healthy, and it will have a lesser quality of life”. This is very true, and feeding your dog a better diet will lead to a happier, healthier dog 👍

Stay Loyal – What you need to know before purchasing dog food
Stay Loyal (dog food)

Stay Loyal ingredients

The ingredients of Stay Loyal dry dog food (as of March 2021) is as follows:

Chicken Meal, Lamb Meal, Chicken Fat (preserved with mixed Tocopherols), Potato, Tapioca, Peas, Beans, Natural Chicken Flavouring, Sugar Beet Pulp, Fish Meal, Marine Fish Oil (preserved with mixed Tocopherols), Fruit and Vegetables (Apples, Broccoli, Blueberries, Carot, Kale, Spinach, Tomato) Turmeric, Rosemary, Inulin, Methionine, Potassium Chloride, Vitamin Supplements (A ,D, E, K, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, Biotin). Trace Mineral Supplements (Zinc, Iron, Copper, Manganese, Iodine, Selenium), Natural Antioxidants (Mixed Tocopherols and Rosemary Extract) Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Yucca, Taurine.

Stay Loyal guaranteed analysis

The guaranteed analysis of Stay Loyal dry dog food (as of March 2021) is as follows:

Protein(min) 32%
Fat(min) 18%
Crude Fibre(max) 3%
Carbohydrates *Estimated 32%
* May be estimated. Read how to calculate carbohydrates in a pet food.

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9.3 Total Score
Excellent Australian Dry Dog Food!

5 stars under the old rating system, still just as good.

  • Excellent meat content.
  • Well rounded.
  • No fillers, grain free.

  1. There are so many options now and I found it a little confusing and hard to decide what to go with when I recently had 2 new dogs join the family. I hadn’t heard of Stay Loyal before but it was on the list from the breeder of one of my dogs and after researching I decided to try it.

    It is by far the best dry dog food I have used to date and it will be the only one I use going forward. I have one dog that has never eaten any dry dog food before and he loves this one! I did try Open Farm which one eats (but he goes for the Stay Loyal if offered both!) but the other 2 won’t touch it even when it’s mixed in with Stay Loyal.

    I love that Stay Loyal has a smaller kibble option now and they are super helpful with any questions you have. Added bonus that it is Australian made and owned.

  2. Have found Stay Loyal good. I feed it in rotation with Vetalogica for my four shelties. I also feed fresh vegetables and beef and mince. I never buy a dog food until I have checked with this site.

  3. I am just wondering if the inclusion of peas is a problem. I thought it had been discovered that peas are a problem for dogs.

    • Reply
      Pet Food Reviews (Australia) November 16, 2022 at 8:23 pm

      Hi Christine, I see no reason to be concerned, especially given peas in Stay Loyal are in moderation. I generally consider many ingredients problematic when used in excess, which includes the ridiculous amount of grains or potatoes in most dog foods as a cheaper alternative to animal ingredients.

      A concern with peas fed in excess is because they contain purines which can lead to kidney stones and overworking the kidneys. Grains can also take a toll on the kidneys, as can many ingredients fed in excess which are not overly species-appropriate.

      One of the reasons peas have in recent years had a bad name in dog foods is because of an FDA investigation into grain-free/boutique foods which proved inconclusive and was subsequently dropped, yet the viral nature of the Internet has meant a great deal of misinformation continues to spread.

      • My dog loves this stuff. I feed as a topper with Stayloyal and my decisions soley based on information on this website, so I certainly hope it’s genuine.
        Too many people are worried about the Eureka website. I found it a real help in working out how much to feed my dog. She is actually losing weight with the info I gained, which she needed to do. The owners of Eureka are very attentive and my dealings have been great. Service for me is very important and they get a 10/10.

  4. I decided to change my usual dog food for my Papillons, and purchased Stay Loyal, Zignature in all 3 varieties, and Taste of the Wild Small Bites. I rotate feed all these along with a small serve of Meat Mates Lamb. I find this quite economical as they now eat a much smaller serve than what I was previously feeding. They are also now soooo excited at feed time, and polish off their bowls in no time! They are thriving on this diet mix so I’m very happy I took the time to read all the reviews & try your suggestions.

  5. I need some clarification please – I thought meat meal consisted of all the yucky parts of the animal (ears, snout, tail) ground up, so seeing that is what this product advertises as its meat content, I’m wondering if I have gotten that wrong, given its rating??

    • Reply
      Pet Food Reviews (Australia) June 14, 2022 at 3:56 pm

      Hi Sue, neither “meat” or “meat meal” reflect the quality of the ingredients, so when you see “meat” (or often “real meat”) it can be the same quality of ingredients as “meat meal”. If that makes sense?

      Creating meat meal is a process which cooks the ingredients to create a protein powder. The broth cooked off is what’s often used as fat, which can be listed as fat, digest, flavour etc. So even a dog food with “real meat” can have other ingredients from meat rendering (creating meat meal).

      The real concern is quality of ingredients, which is often unknown. By-products are fine for a dog – good in fact – but there’s such a variation in quality of ingredients.

      Because of that, I rely on consumer feedback, of which Stay Loyal has been really good for years. Other brands, including many made with “real meat”, have much worse consumer feedback.

  6. I have been feeding Stay Loyal to my two cavaliers who are nearly 13 and 14 &1/2. They have heart murmurs and one is a diabetic and I find Stay Loyal keeps them in great condition. They look younger than their years. I used to provide my older dog supplements for arthritis but not any more. Very happy with this brand

  7. I decided to try Stay Loyal 6mts ago after seeing all the great reviews on this website and i’m so glad i did. My two greyhounds love it! Mexx who is 13 yo is a fussy eater and this is the kibble that he loves the most! Both dogs are looking good, with shiny coats since being on this. Great Aussie company producing great food for our fur babies. I’ve recommended Stay Loyal to my friends too. Thank you!

  8. Why won’t you post my comment? I didn’t even say anything that bad except giving my story about how this food caused my puppy to have diarrhoea and gas. As soon as I changed brands of food he went back to normal. Not every comment is going to be a glowing review for this brand.
    It seems you are heavily moderating what actually gets posted here. Probably receiving a kick back from some brands on here for good reviews. This website has lost all my respect. If this comment somehow gets through and there’s another reader reading this, do not trust this website.

    • Hi Nate, I have to agree with you. We changed to Stay Loyal about 6 months ago and have had nothing but problems. We received a batch of dry food that was so dry, just by touching it turned it to powder. Their customer service is terrible too. am weaning my dogs off this onto a different brand asap.

    • Reply
      Pet Food Reviews (Australia) April 4, 2022 at 3:19 pm

      It’s common for a dog to suffer diarrhoea on a newly introduced food if the previous diet was fed over a long period of time without variation. It’s the same for us, but less of an occurrence as our diets tend to be very varied.

      There’s some more information here –

    • Did you perhaps post a link? I’ve had a comment disappear and not appear to the admin when I posted. Thankfully I had it saved in notes. But it happens sometimes.

  9. My Keeshond (M 3yrs) and German Spitz (F 14yrs) just finished their first large bag of the chicken, lamb and fish formula. It was my first purchase from the ‘Stay Loyal’ company and I must say I was very impressed. The bag came safely packed in a box and arrived fast considering I’m all the way over in WA. (not to mention it was in the middle of the covid postal delay drama.) In addition it has a zip lock bag top to keep it fresh which was appreciated.
    I am very fussy with what I feed my dogs as one is elderly, while the other has a sensitive stomach. Both dogs loved the taste of the kibble and didn’t have any upset stomach during transition from other dry feed. Faeces has been firm. It has maintained my dogs’ great coat condition and energy levels seem normal.
    As a note: I’m used to feeding good quality kibble that’s quite ‘greasy’ looking from the oil/fat content, whereas this one felt and looked a lot dryer. I’m not sure why that is. If any knows feel free to reply me? (This isn’t a negative, just always figured the oilier kibble indicated higher fat/content which meant better for their coat.)
    Overall, I can see why this kibble gets such a high score and I love that it’s an Aussie company. Will xdefinitely be keeping this kibble in my regular rotion now!

    • Back again after a year to say that this kibble is one I’ve continued to use in my rotation.(the other is taste of the wild)

      Great palatability, great coat condition(my dog has a very long coat), great customer service.

      Was disappointed to see it slide off the ‘best dog foods’ list on your website considering it’s probably the highest quality kibble style dog feed made in Australia.

      I’d love to see the company consider another formula to use in our feed rotation. Otherwise it’s a 10/10 from me.

  10. I have a 4 year old Pomeranian and I’ve been feeding her stay loyal dry biscuits and I’m seeing a beautiful healthy coat and a very happy healthy dog ,vet checks are very happy with her also thanks

  11. Comparing against others, nutritionally this brand just ticks all/most boxes for me. Along with the money back guarantee, no hassle auto-delivery option, insightful and educational news letters, it’s just been a no-brainer for me for the last 8 or more years. Never had to test their customer service, foods always been delivered on time and no issues with adjustment of orders.
    I’ve switched my 2 Airedales over to this brand and never looked back the improvement was just obvious (they both had minor skin issues). After the Airedales passed, this brand helped getting our new pound dog back into shape really quick.
    I don’t do this often, but really feel I owe Robert & the team a pat on the back with this review.

  12. Would love to know how this ranks higher than Pet Food Australia when the ingredient list is similar, but lacking in innovative supplements and overall meat content… dodgy dodgy, looks like you’re being bought out PFR’s… disappointing and blatantly obvious #sellouts

    • Both my border collies got terrible hives from Pet food Australia … may be innovative but there is something in there that doesn’t suit working dogs! Maybe PFR have more expertise rating pet food than we do?

      • Reply
        Pet Food Reviews (Australia) November 6, 2021 at 7:07 pm

        Hi Sharree, are your collies related? If so they may share the same intolerance with an ingredient in Pet Food Australia. Or it may be an issue with that specific bag. Have they had any kind of reaction in the past to anything diet or environmental? Needless to say I would stop feeding that bag of Pet Food Australia, but also worth considering what may’ve been the cause.

        It would also be worth adding your experience to the comments of the Pet Food Australia review for reference by others –


        • No, my two dogs are not related and they have never had a reaction like this before. It is very odd but I have just ordered some Stay Loyal so hopefully that will bring them right.

  13. Our Maremma is a large very fussy dog that used to scratch and chew himself, I had tried at least a dozen other foods no good, he now eats STAY LOYAL and NO side effects 4 cups a day and is very healthy, no more vet visits Many Thanks

  14. I have 2 Miniature Schnauzer pups and before we brought them home, I did a lot of research on which pet food to buy. I had a Westie for 14 years and he was only fed store bought tinned and dry food. For our pups, I wanted to feed them food which was full of nutrients and not fillers. I was shocked at what can be put in pet food and still be labelled food! When I compared even the premium brands, Stay Loyal stood out, by far the best! Not only that, they are the only premium Australian brand. I would a 1000 x more want to support an Australian company than an overseas one. It is not only the food that is outstanding, I receive emails with tips on how to look after my dogs. I have also emailed them with questions, and receive an answer back with very helpful advice. I have recommended Stay Loyal to others and gladly do so. They really are the best around!

  15. My One year old, Kelpie/Malinois is absolutely thriving on this food. He’s been on it for about four months now, and he loves it. Cleans his bowl every time. We follow the feeding instructions featured on the Stay Loyal website, by adding bones and a fast day. It’s a bit more expensive than some others, but only a bit and it’s well worth it. In addition customer support and service is first rate, and Robert often responds personally. But in addition you’ll get regular email updates and bits of advice. Highly recommended by me.

  16. My two Japanese Spitz have been on Stay Loyal for about 4 years now. My girl was a very fussy eater and rejected a lot of other ‘top shelf’, high rating brands (NOT supermarket brands!), but she loves Stay Loyal and I love it too for a few reasons. I think it’s essential to support Australian companies, especially those that produce and market (in Australia) a superior product, and Stay Loyal is just that .. a small Australian company that does produce a superior product in Australia. I love that it is economical and delivered almost to my door and I get reminders that another delivery is on its way soon (and I can alter the delivery date if I need to). I have recommended Stay Loyal to a number of my friends and their fur babies have loved the product too. One friends was extremely impressed with the improved condition of her Frenchie overall when she changed to Stay Loyal. My dogs are healthy and happy on Stay Loyal and I’m extremely happy with it.

  17. We have had our 4 year old Border Collie Cross on Stay Loyal for almost 3 years. Until we found Stay Loyal she had digestion problems, skin problems and diarrhoea. Eventually a vet diagnosed that she needed a grain free diet. We tried a couple of different brands before researching and finding Stay Loyal. Since Molly has started on Stay Loyal we have been so happy. Her stomach and skin problems are things on the past. People now comment in how shiny her coat is. She is happy and healthy, thanks to Stay Loyal. It is delivered straight to the door so no hefty bags to shop for. I could not recommend it highly enough.

  18. We have an aged silky cross that was starting to get milky, watery eyes. She was generally slowing down and showing her age.
    We also have a little rescue (another silky cross) much younger that continually licks and scratches. We purchased Stay Loyal hoping it would help her. It has, but the real change has been with our older dog.
    Her eyes have cleared completely and she’s bouncing around like a dog half her age.
    We can’t believe the difference, and couldn’t be happier with this great Australian product.

  19. I have a beautiful 9 year old GSD and have been feeding him Stay Loyal since late 2012, very soon after Robert and David started Stay Loyal production, about 7 years. I have never regretted my decusion. My Syd loves Stay Loyal and it has certainly eased his irritating, dry skin condition. I am thrilled with Syd’s health and weight during his senior years and put it down to his healthy diet, of which Stay Loyal is a major part.

  20. Fabulous product. We use this for our shnoodles( 3 year old and puppy 6 months), It’s an all Australian grain free product & we were amazed that after using this for our older dog for a few years, it was also suitable for our puppy as an all stage food, They devour both varieties which we alternate every month. StayLoyal keeps our dogs healthy & happy & we have found the company helpful & exceptional.

    • Hi Mark,
      What is a Shnoodle??
      Is dog a medium/large breed pup?? if yes best to feed Stay Loyal Large Breed Puppy formula for the puppy growing bones/joints etc so bones don’t grow too quickly causing Osteoarthritis when he/she is a adult.

  21. After much research I ordered a bag of Stay Loyal and 6 years later I continue to feed Stay Loyal exclusively. I have 3 dogs that look the picture of health and I have never experienced any skin or health issues. My vet has commented on their health numerous times and has enquired about their diet. My dogs are healthy and happy and always enjoy their food. I am very grateful to the team at Stay Loyal, I have a standing order delivered monthly and in 6 years have never had an issue. I am very pleased to have the opportunity to write this review for people I am very happy to be associated with. Great Job & a great product guys!! Thankyou.

  22. About three months ago I changed to Stay Loyal from another high quality dry food when the old company changed hands and altered the recipe. I have not been disappointed – my dogs LOVE Stay Loyal. While neither of them had allergies or skin conditions; their coats have improved, their poop is firmer and smaller and their overall health is excellent. This is great food with great ingredients and is Aussie made – couldn’t ask for more. I think that while this is a more expensive food; you certainly pay for what you get and this food is value for money in comparison to other high quality brands. Love the auto delivery – set and forget.

  23. I’ve been using Stay Loyal Chicken, Lamb & Fish Grain Free for about 3 months for my rescue 3 dogs. We’ve always fed them grain free but a store bought cheaper brand plus added meat, oils & vege. I’m also a dog groomer & they would have a hydrobath every 3-4 weeks. The two little terriers would always smell terribly after 2 weeks, one particularly had smelly ears (not a yeast infection). The kelpie puppy had a lot of dander from the day we adopted him. Since changing to Stay Loyal, they hardly smell at all, the dander has gone, their breath is better and their stools are healthier. I would definitely recommend.

  24. Great food that our 2 yr old Labradoodle enjoys. We feed him on dry food only, with a mixture of Stay Loyal and Taste of The Wild. Previously fed with Advance but he would at times still have loose stools whereas since making the change to Stay Loyal there has been no issue. We purchase Stay Loyal due to the fact it’s Australian made, highly quality and reasonably priced.

  25. This food is fantastic. We have a Greyhound who is quite fussy about what she eats. Any dry food she was offered would be nibbled at, and usually left. We always ended up having to remove the half eaten bowl before our less fussy Labrador (lets face it they will eat anything) hopped in and got too fat. We have tried the premium foods, and have been feeding Black Hawk which seemed the one she was happiest with, and at least that was Australian made. Through accidentally clicking something in Facebook one day I came across Stay Loyal – Australian Made AND Owned, and more important they offered a guarantee – nothing to lose, if she didn’t like it we could be refunded the price of the bag and we could feed it to our lab to finish it up. Our Greyhound now comes running when she hears the food come out, and wolfs the whole lot at one sitting (the Lab loves it too). Only need to feed a small amount, our lab gets under 2 cups a day and the Grey 2 cups. Haven’t noticed massive condition changes with the exception that our “bald tummied” grey is actually growing some fur on her bald tummy and thighs, but I have always fed them high quality foods – this is comparable price-wise and a VERY fussy dog loves it! The company is very responsive to questions or feedback as well. Try it – you have nothing to lose, and I doubt you’ll be using the money back offer!

  26. I was looking at The balanced canine sydney, facebook page & Stay Loyal has 80% meat in their foods,
    that has to be the most meat in any kibble, that is the meat & offal content of Frontier as well.

    Stay Loyal sure is good value , that facebook page is a great read, i love it

    • Did that info come from Stay Loyal direct? My understanding is that isn’t possible with an extruder. The kibble wouldn’t bind.

    • Have you been using it for a while Caroline? I’m wondering if the kibble size changed at some point or I’m just remembering it incorrectly. A period went by where I did not buy any and I could have sworn it used to be on the larger side much like Ivory Coat, but now it’s somewhat smaller.

      • I have been using both Lamb & chicken original , & Turkey, Pork, Salmon, smallbites
        sometimes both types look much the same
        That’s fantastic value for 80% meat original, 83% meat smallbites Turkey, Pork,

  27. Stayloyal is the best food I have ever used. My chihuahuas love it as does my staffy. Their coats are so shiny. My staffy was allergic to everything. Now with stayloyal she has no problems at all. It is an all Australian product. I would recommend this product.

  28. We were given a 12 month old Labrador that had chronic skin problems, she has been on stay loyal now for nearly a year and is now completely normal with a very healthy coat, I highly recommend this product.

  29. PFR PFR PFR whoever is in charge – stop posting controversial animal rights stuff on your Facebook page. Its not a good look and if you are working hard to get credibility with your PFR site. You have someone in control of your page that is using it for what it was NOT intended. I have posted on here as there is no other way to reach you guys. Put a stop to it now !!!!!!

  30. I was just looking up Potassium Chloride, & how dangerous it is,
    I feed Stay Loyal & found it in their ingredient list, Taste of the Wild use Potassium Iodide instead.
    Which formula would be best, I use to feed Frontier Pets but the company has made the food balls
    bigger & harder , even when soaked, my dogs gagged & spit it out.
    I loved Frontier Pets FIRST PORK formula, now they have changed it – not good for my dogs.

    • Sardines are very healthy & high in Potassium & Chlorine….

    • Hi Caroline,
      have you tried “Sunday Pets” Freeze Dried Raw?? its always sold out on Pet Circle online store, Sunday Pets raws look just like Frontier pets raw but has different ingredients & might be softer here’s their link send them an email & talk with someone they might send you a small bag, they sent me their Sunday Pets Wholesome bits, tasty holistic baked they look like small weet bix, I was soaking them in water for Patch & they have their baked Deliganics aswell..

      • We have not tried Sunday Pets , I saw posts that it had lots of hair mixed in the food.

        • Oh OK, the hair would be from the animals they’re using, it was happening with Orijen or Acana dog foods & people were whinging on DFA, but apparently it’s normal, I looked at Sunday Pets & the fat was a bit too high over 40% way too high for my Patch, we need more Pet food companies to start making these freeze Dried pet foods…. there’s a market out there for freeze dried & we need a lower fat freeze dried as well,it would take off for the sick ones & dogs that have never eaten a raw diet & arejust starting ..
          I was reading Frontier Pets email & she said she has just under 100,000 customer feeding her Frontier pets & its just come out about 1 yr ago & I noticed Sunday Pets Raw Chow is always sold out on Pet Circle so the demand is there…
          Come on “Stay Loyal” bring out a few freezed dried formulas, a low fat Turkey freeze dried for dogs that aren’t use to eating raw & wouldnt be able to handle the higher fat & a normal Adult freeze dried formula…

        • If it’s too much hair it starts causing more trouble then just digesting it like normal, both Angel and Rusty were sick after eating the hair filled food several years ago.

    • Hi Caroline, i think what you have been reading about Potassium Chloride is if your dog ingests a lot of it at once. Potassium is an essential mineral that needs to be in any living creatures system in the right amount. Too little and you get health problems that can lead to death if it gets too low. Too much and again death. You can buy it in the form of a supplement from the chemist if you or your dog is low in potassium. The product is called “Slow K” and its in 500mg tablets of Potassium Chloride. So to make it perfectly clear the amount that is used in our food is perfectly safe and essential to have in the food.Hope that all makes sense now.

      • Hi Robert, Thanks for explaining about Potassium Chloride,
        The Baxters kibble must have quite a lot in their mix too cause so many sick dogs.
        I love your work with dog food, thanks Robert.

    • Hi Caroline,
      if you can feed Freeze Dried Air Dried before feeding any Kibbles, have you contacted Frontier Pets & spoken with the lady, she does private emails & tell her how you’re un happy & its become too hard & your dog chokes, but I’d be soaking in warm water longer for about 60mins & see how it goes cut them in 1/4 or 1/2, I’d like the bigger balls so my boy chews them, maybe she has made them bigger for the bigger dogs?? & maybe she can make a smaller dog size?? you’d have to ask cause Frontier Pets is new there’d be teething problems……
      Aee you on Face Book? go onto “Rodney Habib” F/B page, & scroll down & find “The Truth About Pet Cancer” video’s look for episode 2 then watch episode 3 you wont be feeding kibble are seeing how its made the Australian or American dry kibble its is that processed anything good they put in it gets the life cooked out of it at very high tempetures to kill all the bad germs from the rotting meats… Think about it why are all kibble teh same brown poo colour?? chicken, Potatoes & peas & sweet Potatoes should be lighter a cream colour kibble not dark brown these kibbles are all yuky brown in colour even Frontier Pets food is nice, light & more nature then kibble, Have you looked at Dr Bruce Syme’s new Air Dried “Balanced Life” formula’s, it’s sold at “My Pet Warehouse” you add water to his food BUT it has Green & Red Lentils my boy gets bad diarrhea from Lentils & chickpeas,

      If you want to feed a dry kibble make sure you rotate & dont feed the same brand 24/7,
      I like “Canidae” Pure Formula’s & their All Life Stages formula’s, Patch has done really well on Canidae’s Pure Meadow Senior & Pure Wild Boar,he does really well on Pork, My Pet Warehouse has the new Canidae Pure Wild, it was on speical over the weekend 20% off, Google “Clean Label Project” they tested all the popular selling American dry wet & treats & Canidae did REALLY well for Toxins & Contaminates, TOTW didn’t do good, their Pacific Stream Smoked Salmon & High Prairie formula’s both tested very high in Toxins & Contaminates probably why Patch was vomiting when he was eating the TOTW Smoked Salmon, he doesn’t vomit after he eats the TOTW Sierra Mountain Roasted Lamb formula & it’s his favorite but lately it hasnt been he’s been picking his Hills Sensitive Skin Pork meal egg rice & corn kibble, Yes I know Hills but I can’t be too choosey with his IBD 🙁

      I’m looking for another new kibble to add to my rotation I don’t like feeding the TOTW no more not after the CLP test results for toxins metals & contaminates, but cause Patch has IBD It’s sooo hard after watching Rodney Habib’s Episode 2 Video Saturday then Sunday Watching Episode 3 I’ve beed trying to feed him wet tin or cooked meals, I’d love to have him on freshly home made raw. Pet Barn have the new Prime SKD Crocodile meaty bones you get 2 for only $8.99 they look beautiful fresh look like meaty chicken legs with no fatty skin…I’m going to get him a twin pack for his birthday in November, I showed him these raw Crocodile meaty bones 2 months ago at Pet Barn, so now every Saturday when we go to Pet Barn to see if there’s any new foods Patch pulls & pulls me to the fridge section at Pet Barn & he remembers those fresh Crocodile meaty bones, unbelieveable, as I’m walking around Pet Barn saying I dont know what to feed you Patch he’s pulling me telling me MUM I want these I want Raw….When I move in 1 months time I’m trying a home made raw diet again, but this time not adding the enzymes it digested the raw too quick, probably why he was regurgatating water back up into his mouth 20mins after eating the raw & no probiotics, they make him feel sick..
      The makers of Advance & Optimum have come out with a whole new “Nutro” Natural Choice line with 4 new different dry foods their old Normal formulas, LID, Grainfree & Wild Frontier range it’s sold at Pet Circle online store
      We’ve got alot of new foods coming out in Australia.. Watch Rodney’s free video’s when you have some time make a cuppa & sit back & have a heart attack its un believable & vets know all this information & do nothing Vets should be telling us pet owners about over vaccinating, 1 Vaccination last 7 yrs these poor dogs dont need to be vaccinated every 1 or 3 yrs Im so glad I have stopped giving Patch his vacciantion he kept having a bad IBD flare well thats what the vet said but more like he was reaction from the vaccinations, the Vaccination part will blow you away by Dr John Robb. I think its episode 3 about the Vacccination they have crambed everything in for free so you learn, you can buy all 5 Episodes, I’m thinking of buying all 5 episodes cause there’s how to make your own natural Flea Tick Heart Worm natural prevention treatments that aren’t poison, Im so glad I dont Worm, flea or heartworm Patch it all made him very ill & his new vet is more of an Holistic vet & she told me dont bother, he’s an indoor dog & heartworm hasnt been seen in my area for over 28yrs now so I dont bother & he doesnt seem to get fleas or worms either..

      • Hi Susan Thanks I love reading all of your replies ,I look forward to watching that link.
        I will be trying the new Balanced Life mixes & Ziwipeak as well.
        I was thinking about Patch when i watched Clean Label Project, because i know you
        use TOTW for him, how is he doing now.

    • Do your dogs like soup? What I do with Rusty and Frontier is I take 4 balls, put them in a freezer bag and I smash them up, they smash real easy and take on the water almost immediately upon entering. There is no other freeze dried currently available for Rusty so I have to go the extra mile to make the food palatable for him.

      He left the balls in his bowl pretty much he picked one up it was too big for him, he had no idea what to do with it gave up and left it.

      • Good news about Frontier Pets, smaller size food, our dogs will love it,
        much easier to prepare a meal, i can’t wait for the new year.

      • Hi Veronika yes i had to smash Frontier into crumbs . I will feed Ziwi peak dried
        and i am going to try the new Balanced Life Raw mix.
        What do you think about Stay Loyal & Potassium Chloride
        when others use Potassium Iodide, do you think it’s a small amount & OK.

        • I’m finding inconclusive data I’ll get back to you on that, I’m not currently at home, but one thing I’ll say is that small amounts build up over time, if your rotating the diet with different brands this is unlikely to ever cause harm.

        • Robert Belobrajdic November 7, 2017 at 3:24 pm

          Hi Veronika, Can you give scientific evidence that Potassium Chloride builds up over time? As far as i know its a salt and water soluble so is excreted in the urine.

  31. I have been feeding Stay Loyal my 3labs for 1 month now just to give it a go and surprisingly i have had no weight issues like i have had with other high protein high fat pellets. I will admit I now feed a 50-50 raw and pellets as well. My dogs are look great and I will continue to support these guys.

  32. I will be trying the new Turkey , Pork , & Salmon formula ,my dogs do smaller firm formed stools on Stay Loyal , for my dogs Stay Loyal Food is much better than Ivory Coat & Meals For Pups , both of
    which caused stools in weird little pieces all over the yard ,

  33. Has any one noticed itchy ears with the potato , peas , or beet pulp in this food,
    Would it be good not to have a food with these in if your dog is prone to itchy ears.
    or won’t it make any difference , I’m concerned about beet pulp mostly.

    • Beet pulp usually has sugar in it, some companies remove it, anyways sugar to the right person or dog = itching.
      Potatoes are high in carbs again sugar.
      I think peas are lower in carbs or maybe just lower Gi or maybe I don’t remember lol, I know chickpeas and lentils are low Gi though.

      I’d try to stick with low carb foods and see if that helps some.

  34. Great to hear he’s had such a productive turnaround on Stay Loyal. It’s amazing what a change in diet can do!

    But I need to ask… is Bronson watching Netflix?

  35. I’ve got 2 elderly jack Russell’s, 12 and 14. I’ve always fed them what I thought was a premium brand from the pet shop. However, I’ve had them on a stay Loyal for 6 months now, and have noticed a great improvement. There are no more odd infections, and their coats, eyes etc are glowing with health. A great product

  36. I was wondering why this only gets 3 stars? The review doesn’t seem to mention any bad points..

  37. Mim is a rescue dog, a little Jack Russell/Chihuahua, who turns12 this year. Mim is obsessed with food and as she is getting older I wanted to maintain her good health. She is quite active, loves going for her walks nad tears around the house and garden, a good watch dog ! I researched a number of dog foods and went with Stay Loyal. Mim enjoys her food, I also use Stay Loyal buttons as a treat at times, they disappear in seconds. I will continue to use Stay Loyal, I believe it has everything Mim needs, she is dearly loved. I recommend Stay Loyal.

  38. Reply
    Melissa Chaundy-Denereaz January 17, 2017 at 4:49 pm

    I have a Staffy named Bob who was previously fed on a premium brand dog food. Bob has Cushings disease and despite increasing his meal amount he was loosing an enormous amount of weight right before our eyes. I then discovered Stay Loyal dog food in November 2016, now it’s January 2017 and Bob looks a million dollars. He has put back on the lost weight, he is so much happier, his dandruff has almost gone and his “wind” problem has improved immensely….what a bonus!!! We also have a Red Heeler who I have now also switched to Stay Loyal. The company is terrific to deal with being very friendly, helpful and efficiently responsive to emails. I use the Auto Delivery service which can be adjusted to suit your needs and I find this invaluable as I never run out of dog food. Delivery is made by post or courier and arrives on time. Another advantage is that there is a considerable $$$ savings using the Auto Delivery. I can not recommend the Stay Loyal company and their product more highly.

  39. We have a 4 1/2 year old female Bull Arab. She’s had a real problem with contact dermatitis and nothing we tried fixed it. She’s now fed exclusively with Stay Loyal, dished up as Robert suggested…strait onto the dirt outside. Her weight is stable at 29kgs and her coat is clearing up nicely. It’s taken about 4 months, but then I wasn’t expecting an overnight miracle. Not only that, but as soon as her dinner time comes around, she’s giving us, not so subtle, hints that she wants dinner NOW!
    Stay Loyal is definitely the food of choice in our family…the fact that it’s an Aussie product is another huge YES!

    • why the hell would he suggest throwing dog food in the dirt? That’s ridiculous. That statement just put me off buying this product if that’s the level of intelligence of the guy who makes it. No dog should have to scrounge manufactured food pieces out of the dirt & many places have all kinds of dodgy chemicals leeching into their ground. My GOd Im stunned by that.

    • Why do you throw her kibble on the dirt outside? she’d be licking up the dirt…I’ve heard of throwing the kibble on grass or putting kibble in one of those 12 hole muffin baking trays or buy one of those slow feeder bowls from pet shops if she’s a gulper….
      Make sure you bath weekly in a good medicated shampoo when you have a dog with skin problems, if your dog has environment allergies when you bath weekly or as soon as dog is real itchy your washing off any dirt, allergens & pollens that’s irritating their skin…..I use “Malaseb Medicated Shampoo” sold Pet Shop, it’s excellent, it kills any bacteria on the skin & keeps the skin nice & moist leaving their coat feeling real soft, Malaseb can be used daily if needed…. I bet your dog has pink skin & white fur…My vet said he see’s a lot of dogs that are white or have sections of white fur suffer the most with skin problems, these dogs are fair skin dogs…. which formula are you feeding? people don’t mention what formulas they are feeding, I was going to try the new Large breed formula, the fat & protein is lower then the original formula…..

  40. I tried this with my small Chihuahua cross. I loved that you could order a small amount to try unlike other brands where you have to buy at least 2kg then your stuck with it if your dog doesn’t like it. Unfortunately my little dog really struggled with the pieces they were too big for her. She tried a few then wouldn’t eat it any more as it was too hard. A real pity as it would have been good to support a small Australian company. I gave the rest to my mum her dog is much bigger than mine and he loved it.

    • HI, my 2kg Toy Poodle loves this StayLoyal kibble, she has no trouble crunching up the food,
      she looks happy at meal times,
      I would think it’s good for their teeth to crunch kibble up , like with bones, unless their teeth are sore maybe.

  41. Switched to Stay Loyal four months ago. Our Bernese Mountain Dog’s coat has really improved. She now races out the door to get her food morning and night. She looks and acts much healthier.
    The 15kg bag lasts us just under two months so the price is good value for money. I used to cook up chicken and rice and vegies for her myself but tired of doing this. Really happy I have found this quality food.
    The automatic re-ordering is really easy and very prompt delivery ensures our dog is well fed and happy.
    Very happy with the product and service and recommend this product to any dog owner after a quality food.

  42. I have two pugs. A friend recommended Stay Loyal to me due to it having no grains. I also rescue pugs and one I rescued had a nasty rash developing. As soon as we changed to stay loyal, the redness started to subside. My other two pugs were on a metabolic diet for weight control so I was a little nervous changing to stay loyal. It was well worth it. Using the feeding guide provided by stay loyal, my pugs have maintained the ideal weight. There coats are always soft and shiny and they clearly enjoy the taste as they guzzle it down in no time!

  43. I’ve started to feed this to both my dogs, and I’ve noticed that they poop so much more and a lot. Not diarrhoea or anything, just big frequent poops. Like three or four times a day. Why is this happening? They love it though.

    • How are your dogs on Stay Loyal now? has their pooping gone back to normal ,
      maybe just their bodies clearing out old rubbish.

  44. I was looking for a quality Australian product when the dog food I was using had a significant price increase. I found Stay Loyal and ordered it for my two dogs – a nine year old papillon cross and a 7 month kelpie/lab rescue pup. Although neither had any health issues, I soon noticed an improvement in their coats. They both love Stay Loyal and now, their little friend, a 4.5 kg maltese cross who was refusing to eat his dry food, is also on it and loving it. Apart from the quality, ease of ordering and price, I am very impressed with the way vets respond immediately to any queries and the advice they provide on a range of issues. I’m very pleased to have found this product and would definitely recommend it to other dog owners.

  45. We switched to Stay Loyal from a dry mix (grains, vegetables and other good ingredients) and raw meat. We found we could no longer source a good quality mince that fit our budget, and as our beagles both have skin issues, we really wanted to go grain free, and after trialing Stay Loyal we made the switch! We had also been advised to change to a kibble to help with our younger beagle’s anal gland issues. They both just LOVE Stay Loyal! And it fits our budget even better. It’s also so simple – feeding a kibble is so much easier than a wet mix! And having the Auto Ship option is even easier! You don’t have to worry about purchasing food at the store, and you know you’ll always have food for them. If we have to put our girls into a kennel, we’ll provide them with a food they are used to, as it’s so convenient! They’ve been on Stay Loyal for quite a few months – we have just finished our 2nd 15 kg bag, and we have noticed a real difference in their coats! They always had soft coats, but they’re even softer now! I also love the regular newsletters – they are always so informative! Highly recommended!!

  46. Hi is Stay Loyal ok for cats, I met someone who has 4 dogs, they buy the large bag of
    kibble & say their cats just eat it as well, nothing else?

  47. Reply
    gordon and christie Byrne October 18, 2016 at 4:03 pm

    Very happy to review StayLoyal as requested from the awesome people there. First and foremost I can’t fault the customer service and super fast delivery. I’ve emailed the company a few times and received personalised replies the same day. Changing the frequency of delivery is simple and takes effect the very next day, often the day after that my food arrives. Awesome. Our grain intolerant boxer cross Labrador loves Stay Loyal, she’ll actually eat it straight from the bag and she’s never done that before! Her gut complaints are gone, her stools are friends and easy to pick up and her coat is shiny and healthy. There is no other brand that has had such a good effect. We’re sold. My only minor gripe is the bag isn’t resealable but we’ve got around that by buying a big plastic crate that seals well and we pour it into that to keep it fresh. Happy customers here! Christie and doggy Dakota

  48. Recently we have changed to Stay Loyal dog food, our dog a German Shep he enjoyed it and we are happy with that. Before he was scratching all the time, and his skin was smelly, now slowly slowly he is improving, it takes time, but even he is more happy, I am happy to see him improving thanks to Stay Loyal.

  49. I think the people who created stay loyal are coming here to talk good things about it, because lately there’s been so many comments and when I press on the accounts they only have 1 comment.

  50. Tried switching from wet food to dry food a few times, dogs just wouldn’t have it. Until now. I have 3 dogs, 2 Mastiffs and a staffy. My big mastiff has started doing a quirky thing. I feed him in the laundry. Any clothes on the floor he spends hours flicking them across the floor to bury his biscuits so the other dogs cant have them. Never done it before. Crack up to watch. The orher 2 just eat from their bowls, always licked clean. You can tell just by talking to Robert and his staff they genuinely care about what they’re making. I thoroughly recommend Stay Loyal. I’ve tried many other biscuits and none come close. You can tell just by the smell they’re well made. 10 out 10 from me. Product and service. Geoff Harrison

  51. 9 year old border collie and 12 year old Labrador.
    I can’t add anything to the current comments.
    Our family would do anything to keep our dogs healthy, fit and happy.
    They have been part of our family since they were puppies, they live inside with us, come and go to a large grassed yard when they please. They have been eating StY Loyal for six months now and the change in them, in that time, has been remarkable.
    No more doggie breath; fewer and firmer, non-stinky stools; beautiful, shiny coats; much higher energy levels and beautiful sleek appearances.
    We have always fed our dogs morning and night and that is the only practice I couldn’t change when we switched to SL. We calculate their daily kibble according to the table on the pack and then give half in the morning and half in the evening.
    We have followed all the other SL advice about feeding, exercise, care, etc, and we sincerely believe that our dogs could not be happier or healthier and this is a direct result of this splendid food.
    I congratulate SL for this tremendous product and hope that they soon turn their minds to our other best friends – our cats!

  52. Our dog Molly had numerous health problems as a pup. We tried her on a grain free diet which helped a lot. However, since starting her on Stay Loyal, she hasn’t looked back. Her stools are now solid, not smelly and not as often. Her coat is also shinier and her breath doesn’t smell. Couldn’t recommend Stay Loyal any more highly. Also very good value for money

  53. Hi are 3 dogs absolutely adored them and couldn’t wait to have there treat once a day

  54. Reply
    Julie Appleton Granger September 23, 2016 at 8:42 pm

    My dog must be the only one that does not enjoy Stay Loyal. Putting sardines in the food so he will eat it. Generally not a fussy eating dog. I must say his general dog odour is better.

  55. Hi my pug is on her second bag of stayloyal she has more energy, ear infection has cleared, her skin is not dry and her coat is just shining , people comment on how good she is. Asha is 8 years old and we are delighted with the change in her thank you Stayloyal highly recommend.
    It might be a little more expensive but you will save on vet bills.

  56. Best ever dog food. Our Retreiver Lilly suffered from skin allergies and constant ear infections. We have taken her off the awful steroid tablets that the vet prescribed…(I have since found out that long term use of these tablets can cause diabetes and liver disease in dogs). Lilly’s skin and ears have improved so much it is unbelievable and she is a much happier dog….we have now put our border collie Taylor onto the stay loyal also for improvement to his general health. They are both thriving on it…although it is a tad more expensive than supermarket brands, the payback is in the health of the dog and reduced vet bills. There is the convenience of an autoship function and the food is delivered to your door. Just wanted to share in case other dog owners were frustrated by not being able to help their itchy dog….beauty and health definitely comes from within!

  57. My dogs love this food. Their coats are looking good and their energy levels have increased. My only problem is that they have gained almost a kilo each in the 3 months I’ve been feeding them this brand. I have to assume that this is down to me feeding them too much. I have reduced their overall feed to 105 gms a day. I give them 35 gms of Stayloyal in the morning and another 35 gms in the evening with 35 gms of kangaroo meat. The pack says 70-115 gms a day for dogs that weigh up to 10 kg. I would appreciate if anyone can give me advise on how much I really should be giving my long haired Jack Russell Terriers. One weighs 6.6 kgs & the other is 7.3 kg. Thanks!

    • Hi Jenny, they’re within normal weight for Jack Russells so I wouldn’t be concerned. Personally I feed my dogs as much as they want, and generally dogs won’t put on bulk on a diet mostly meat. It’s the foods full of filler grains which result in bulk because they can’t process the crud.

  58. is it possible to get a smaller bag to try our little sheltie on just in case she doesn’t like it we don’t want to buy a big bag. She is 3 1/2 years old.

  59. I bought an ex breeding cavalier. The breeder told me that she was an “itchy” dog. I tried a raw diet and then changed to a top dry food which gave her hot spots. I then changed to Stay Loyal. She is still a little “itchy” but no redness, no hotspots. Her weight is good and she runs and jumps. She is a cavalier so she doesn’t run and jump often. She prefers to sleep and snore but she’s a new dog. She looks and feels great. Her coat is silky and being a cavalier is always looking for more. I feed her as per the feeding guidelines and she has lost weight which has fixed her arthritis and helped her movement. Brilliant dog food. My fussy young Cavoodle loves it too. Happy all ’round.

    • Reply
      Pet Food Reviews (Australia) July 27, 2016 at 9:36 am

      Hi Di, that’s good to hear. I’d be interested to know what the previous “top dry food” was?

  60. Our elderly mastiff x ridgeback has suffered with allergies on and off for years. Our other dog is a staffy who has a thyroid problem and has been on medication for 5 years. So after I did some research on the ingredients in different dog foods, I decided to give Stay Loyal a try. Both dogs love Stay Loyal and are very healthy. Not sure if its a coincidence but we now have been able to reduce the Staffy’s medication. Its also great to have it delivered to our door, promptly after our request date.

  61. Our new rescue dog is a beautiful boxer x staffie and has suffered from red itchy paws since we got her.She was constantly licking them and would start scratching in the middle of the night and keep us awake!
    Our previous staffie suffered with a severe skin allergy problem and the only solution was cortisone injections monthly.
    I knew this was another allergy and thought “here we go again! whatever am I doing wrong!”I decided I wasn’t going down that path again and after doing some extensive research and trying numerous expensive dry dog food to no avail I discovered Stay Loyal.
    I was sceptical at first but I purchased one bag and I have to say that her paws are no no longer red she sleeps all night. It didn’t happen immediately but after finishing one bag of dry the problem is gone. Her fur is extremely soft and shiny and I supplement her diet with with raw meaty bones. Both our dogs now eat it and they love the taste.
    I love the fact that Stay Loyal is Australian made and would never buy any products from overseas again! It is extremely hard to find such a high quality Australian grain free product made in Australia.
    I also love the monthly newsletters filled with helpful information.

  62. My 12 months old cavoodle has been on Stayloyal for about six months, loves it and is the picture of health. Recently my daughter moved to Mongolia and has left her five years old cavoodle with us for two years (!). I switched him onto Stayloyal straightaway, and he cleans his plate every day – apparently used to be a fussy eater before.

    We’re all very happy with Stayloyal.

  63. Twelve months ago Molly our 4yro bull mastiff cross was increasingly itchy but didn’t show any adverse skin conditions. Fortunately I discovered Stay Loyal and the solution to the itch/scratch tendency – grain fee dry food. It was that simple. The old adage you get what you pay for rings true plus the Stay Loyal team offer a very efficient service, changing order frequency is no problem and their eNewsletter always has great seasonal advice. Thanks Team!

  64. Reply
    Stuart and Liane Neale July 9, 2016 at 11:09 am

    We have recently changed to Stay Loyal dog food. As we have an 85kg English Mastiff we were a little concerned about the cost of feeding Stay Loyal. However, we followed the feeding guide on the pack and the costs of feeding Stay Loyal to our previous dog food (which required more kibble) are more than comparable. As the food is so good, we no longer feel the need to ‘supplement’ our dog’s diet with anything other than bones.

    Barney (English Mastiff) also suffered allergies. This is no longer an issue with the Stay Loyal diet.

    I would high highly recommend that you consider giving this dog food a try. You won’t be disappointed!!

  65. Initially I was rather skeptical, but decided to try out Stay Loyal dog food with our 8-year-old Siberian Husky. I followed the directions on the bag to introduce Stay Loyal by mixing it with her familiar Advance dry dog food. I was immediately convinced of the quality of this food as she removed each and every Stay Loyal kibble from the mixture and devoured them readily, leaving behind only the Advance kibble (which disappeared overnight).

    The first week of changing to Stay Loyal, her droppings were very sloppy, a little concerning, however once her system had adjusted fully to the new food this ceased. She really loves Stay Loyal and always woofs it down readily, this never happened when she was eating the Advance product (recommended & sold by her Vet).

    I highly recommend anyone to buy this top quality product and get on the Auto-delivery option for convenience and great savings as well. I would also like to say how excellent the customer service, care and knowledge Robert & David provide, highly commendable. Thank you so much guys!! ****** 6/5 stars!

  66. After a little over 3 months of providing this food to our Pointer, we are very very pleased. In the past we had struggled with skin allergies, for which we had tried grain-free dog food, minimalist diets (rice and poached chicken), and raw food (kangaroo, veg + supplements). While we had positive results with the raw food diet in terms of allergies, we were struggling to keep weight on our boy while still feeding him around 1.5kg a day of our vet-recommended mix. After further investigation and analysis, we decided to try Stay Loyal. It’s now been a little over 3 months of use, and we are really happy with Stay Loyal. Our Pointer loves the food (to be fair, he loves ANY food), has not had any skin flare-ups, has maintained as beautiful a coat as he had with the raw-food diet, and has kept a healthy weight while eating the recommended quantity for a dog of his activity level. COULD NOT BE HAPPIER with not only the dog food, but the information, communication and service provided by Stay Loyal.

  67. I started using StayLoyal about 3 months ago, my SharPei , Neo had barbered the hair from his lower back and hind legs. I have fed him a meat and bones diet with kibble since he was a pup, (now 3), the itch never seemed to ease, I thought it was due to an irritant he was picking up outside from the grass.
    I saw an online ad for Stayloyal and was impressed with the fact it was Australian made, owned and distributed…..not like the huge supermarket brands, I could even email the owners for advice! (Try that with the big brands)
    I received my first delivery, my boy just loved the kibble and guess what, four days later the itch had almost stopped….now 3 months later his coat is back to normal and no barbering!
    I will continue to buy this fantastic kibble, and would suggest that anyone who wants to invest in their dogs health not the vets bottom line, try this, the results of this are visible!

  68. My kelpiexgerman was always having problems with allergies and his skin itching and smelling. After literally a month of being on stay loyal, his allergies disappeared, no more itching or smelliness! So grateful for this product!

  69. I tried stay loyal on recommendation for my GSP who had a severe skin/allergy issue. After a couple of months the results are amazing his coat is beautiful and shiny, his skin is no longer dry and flaky and most amazing of all the bald spot on his stomach is growing hair for the first time in years. Also we have made it through spring with only a minor flare up, every other year he has ended up with severe infections and in general a mess. Not only that but this normally fussy eater devours stay loyal. Thank you and we will continue using stay loyal and highly recommend it. We have also recommended it to several friends and they have recommended it to others.

  70. i have had my staffy on stay loyal for a few months now, he is looking great his hair is growing back even the woman that gives him his bath remarked on his condition i told her i had him on stay loyal dog food she has now got taken all the details and telling people whos dogs are suffering hair loss, she said other dog owners have the right to know about this product.

  71. Two young high energy\drive dogs. 3 yr old Belgium Shep would start to refuse any kibble after about 3-4 meals. On Stay Loyal she’s been voraciously eating everything for 5+ bags now, occasionally pushes into the Swiss’s bowl to get more, although we are feeding her (including snacks) more than what’s recommended. We joke that it may contain cocaine…

    2yr old White Swiss Shep male is more meat orientated, but still eats most of what’s put in front of him now(bare minimum for his weight group). He has stopped scratching as much within 1 week of starting this diet. He appears to have stopped getting “hot spots” as well (we suspected food allergies).

    Both still get a (0.5% bodyweight) slab of meat\bone daily if they finish their food, but this has been more frequent since starting Stay Loyal.

    Not the cheapest, but also not the most expensive that we’ve tried. Have recommended it to family and close friends. Very happy with the product, delivered straight to my front door within 1 business day now, which is extremely impressive, as we’ve forgotten to bump up the auto-delivery before (each bag lasts 3 weeks + 2-3 days, and we’ve set it to 4 weeks).

  72. We have just received our first bag of Stay Loyal and our little girl loves it. I was just wondering about some of the ingredients- garlic, potato and fish as I have read that dogs should not eat these?

    • Reply
      Pet Food Reviews (Australia) June 21, 2016 at 11:41 am

      Hi Kerrie, a dog shouldn’t eat potato (or any carbs) excessively, and it’s higher GI than the alternative which is sweet potato, but generally in a kibble with high meat content such as this I wouldn’t see it as a cause for concern. I’ve seen studies about garlic and a dog would need to eat many cloves a day to suffer ill effects, whereas in a kibble it will be a beneficial trace amount. No cause for concern. The same applies to fish, it shouldn’t be the prominent foodstuff in a canine diet but in smaller doses is beneficial.

  73. I started my Blue Heeler puppy on Stay Loyal dog food at around 6 months. I had done a lot of research on the quality of dry dog food and decided to give StayLoyal a try.
    Since he started on SL I have noticed he has stopped constantly scratching and looks in great condition. I also appreciate the feeding and other dog related tips I get from Robert.
    I gave a friend who has a very fussy little dog with sensitive skin some of my batch to try. She reported back that he loved it – gobbled it all up… She couldn’t believe it!

  74. We switched our poodles to stay loyal and are very happy we did so. One of my dogs had a terrible itch & constantly biting at her feet, she could not walk a short period without stopping and scratching. After being on this diet for approx 1 month, it dramatically reduced her itch & allergies. She no longer has tear stains under her eyes due to allergies and does not scratch no where near as much. I noticed this came back when she ate different foods, so I now choose this to be her only diet.
    All 3 dogs eat the food without fuss & the delivery is fantastic. highly recommend

  75. I have been using Stay Loyal now for a few months and my Rex, Hungarian Vizsla, hasn’t been healthier. He is leaner and has more energy and his coat is shiny and soft. Also a big bonus is his stool is much smaller, less offensive and easier to pick up – perfectly formed, too much information I know, but a clear indicator that his gut is working better. We are now starting our other Vizsla on it – he is in remission from lymphoma and diet is very important. Along with some other supplements; we envisage him doing just as well too. The service from stay loyal is amazing too. Very customer focused and they treat everyone individually. Well done!!

  76. I have a 3 yr old JR that had turned into an old dog, she was going grey around the mouth, didn’t want to go outside to run around just became inactive, also it took her all day to eat her dry food, now three months on Stayloyal and she bounces around when its dinner time and her food is gone in 2 minutes, when we go for walks she’s off chasing rabbits, she’s her old self I can’t thank Stayroyal enough,

  77. Our 4 year old English Bulldog loves Stay Loyal food & we love it just as much because we are confident that she is ‘healthy’. After doing a lot os research on dog food I was very happy to find dog food that she loves & is good for her. I am also more then happy with the service I receive as a customer. Robert has gone ubove & beyond to provide the best on line service that I have ever experienced. Thank you Robert, I am a very happy & ‘LOYAL’ customer.

  78. I have never owned a puppy, so before my Mini Schnauzer came to live with us I researched dietary requirements and decided to start her on Stay Loyal Grain Free. She was on Royal Canin Puppy Formula and I was a bit hesitant changing but after emailing Robert and discussing it, I went ahead with a gradual changeover. I think the kibble may have been too hard for her at first with her baby teeth even though I moistened it with water, but she still managed to eat it. Now she has most of her adult teeth and she crunches it up and scoffs it within seconds! For variety, I mix in scrambled egg two days a week and for her night meal I add small amounts of cooked chicken, sweet potato, spinach and rice. Her diet is also supplemented by a raw chicken wing a couple of days per week. Her coat is soft and shiny and I get many comments on how healthy she looks. I told my sister (who is a well respected “bully” breeder) about Stay Loyal and she has her three breeding girls on it now and they love it too. I am also going to recommend Stay Loyal to my step daughter who has a Rottweiler with skin allergies.

  79. My 4 yo lab x loves the Stay loyal grain free dry food and is happy and healthy like never before. Also he gets meaty bones 2-3 times per week. We couldn’t be happier..thanks Robert and all the people at Stay Loyal
    Woof woof

  80. I am a registered breeder of English Bull Terriers. This breed can sometimes have issues with skin problems so a healthy natural diet is essential. I put all of my dogs on Stay Loyal 4 months ago after trying many Grain Free products. I am amazed at how my dogs are looking. They have very shiny coats, it has increased their muscle tone and mass are they are all showing a much calmer nature. Very impressed with this food and would recommend it to anyone. The automated delivery is wonderful idea.

  81. Reply
    Peter Olohan (Summit K9) May 10, 2016 at 1:18 pm

    I have fed StayLoyal to my three Working Malinois (Belgian Shepherds) for the past three months and have to say that I am more than happy with the results. A grain free dry food which my dogs seem to thrive on. Malinois are not ‘picky’ eaters, well mine are not, and clean their bowls in a matter of minutes. Their coats are nice and shiny and their fitness levels are high due to daily exercise and training, and a good diet.

  82. I am very impressed with this dry food. I have been using Stay Loyal since July, 2015. I feed my 5 Irish Setters this food and I love it.
    I have used a number of quality Australian dry foods and my 4 dogs have done well on them, however, I have a very fussy eater who is 3 years old. He always seemed to leave food in the bowl. So, I decided to try Stay Loyal and I was very excited to see that he ate all his food! YAY
    He does very well on this food, as do my other 4 dogs.
    When the timing is out on my orders (too busy to make sure my order is going to get here in time) and I have to get another quality Australian food, I see my boy’s eating slip back to leaving dry food in the bowl. So, I keep the Stay Loyal in the house and try to make sure the auto delivery is working to meet my needs.

  83. We have two 4 yr old Mini Foxies (litter brothers) and they have been on Stay loyal for two years. I used to feed them wet and dry as well as fresh raw bones, but Bob told me I was overfeeding them, so they only have kibble and bones every 2nd day. They are very healthy and energetic and I wouldn’t give them anything else. I found Stay Loyal while searching an independent review on all the commercial pet foods and it rated best. I enjoy the newsletter and when I want to ask a question Bob always tells you what you need to know and promptly. I recommended them to my Vet as their kibble rated below Stay Loyal for meat content. I buy the 15 kg bag and it lasts a long time stored in air tight containers.

  84. Hi, I just want to add my positive review of Stay Loyal. Our Goldie girls are 5 and 6. I regularly check pet food reviews here and OS and have tried brands based on the reviews. I came across Stay Loyal review here and contacted Robert. He gave great and patient advice to us both before and after buying. Our Goldies have never looked better or been happier since changing from BlackHawk (previously Canidae, previously….). We will be staying with Stay Loyal – both because of the quality of the product as well as the fantastic personal support Robert and David give to buyers. It is clear they love dogs and it is wonderful they have created Stay Loyal for us to care for our dogs. I have NEVER written a review of a pet product before – but have for this one. It is a great company, they are great people and it is a great product. Finally a quality Australian made product for our beloved dogs. Give it a try like I did – there is nothing to lose and your dogs may just love you more for it!!

  85. We have been using Stay Loyal for at least two years now and are very happy with both the product and the wonderful service. We are on an auto ship system and this works very well for us and we find it very cost effective as well.
    Our dogs are all healthy and doing very well on this food. We rescued an older dog (12) just over a year ago and she was put straight on to this diet. For a few days it seemed as though her system was being flushed of whatever she had been fed previously, but she is looking so good now. Her coat is shiny and healthy, she has gained weight and is looking so much better than when we got her.
    They all love it and I won’t change what they are being fed. Thank you David and Robert.

  86. Our miniature poodle has been on Stay Loyal for 6 months since a pup. She doesn’t love it as much as raw bones or tit bits of human food, but she loyally eats it in sudden bursts. She is extraordinarily healthy. I couldn’t be happier and won’t be looking for any other dry food.

  87. I am very happy to have finally found a grain free dried dog food that suits my 9 year old poodles sensitive stomach.I have spent a fortune in the last few years trying to find one that suits her.I highly recommend stay loyal.

  88. Switching to grain-free dog food seemed like a no-brainer.
    I did some reading on-line, spoke to my dog’s vet and a colleague who has done some study in Animal Nutrition … and took the plunge. I decided I’d give it 3 months and re-evaluate. That deadline passed some months ago and I will not go back to any other brand.

    My 8 year old Lab/Retriever cross was transitioned from Royal Canin, which he’s been on since a puppy, to Stay Loyal over a week and hasn’t looked back. He enjoys it and seems very well on it.

    The price/Auto delivery/website/speed of replies to questions/the guaranteed list of ingredients/the fact it uses Australian products and is Australian owned/the ease of changing timing of orders/tips, reminders & communications from Robert are all good reasons to make the swap !

    I recommend Stay Loyal to every-one now. My sister-in-law’s Maltese-Shitzu has it now and is going very well.

    (this is a non-paid advertisement from a very happy customer ! )

  89. I have never seen so many bodgy fake post, if you look from the 27th -28th October, look at the times & so many post on these days, looks like there’s a few people sitting on their computers or phones all posting how great this kibble is, till they all give up, from the 27th & 28th they all need to be removed they are FAKE post…
    This kibble is not that great, its got “Sugar Beet Pulp” & “fish marine oil” in it & large breed puppies shouldn’t be eating this kibble, this should be written on the bag the protein is too high for large breed puppies… I’d love to know the calcium % but when you go to their web site you can’t even find the ingredients no more, if Stay Loyal has to post so many fake post about their kibble they mustn’t be selling much of their kibble…maybe they should advertise more & make their kibble more available thru on line Pet stores, instead of posting fake posts…

    • I have been feeding my two dogs Stayloyal for over a year now. I get the auto delivery and share it between me and my friend’s 4 dogs. I used to feed my dogs American imported brands and find that when I open Stayloyal, it’s so much more moist and fresh. My friend’s dog had skin problems and was frequenting the vet when I introduced to her. She vouches for Stayloyal now, her dog has absolutely no skin problem.

      I found stayloyal from googling about skin problems in dogs. The founders had done massive amount of research on skin issues.

      Please don’t encourage middlemen, I do not want to pay extra money for the same product.

      Advertising is so overrated. If your product is good, word of mouth is the most powerful tool so why should they pay thousands for SEO and for us to pay more and Stayloyal lose customers.

    • Nothing bodgy about this product! I switched my dog over in May 2015, having been very impressed with their website.
      Daisy’s energy levels improved, and her overall health seems better bring grain free. she had had a couple,of unexplained seizures, diagnosed by a neurologist,M but none at all since cutting grains out of her diet).
      She has gone through summer in Sydney without getting ANY heat spots, which she had always suffered from in the ten years prior. Thank You Stay Loyal.

    • Hi Susan,
      Those posts are from loyal customers. The day they posted was the day i emailed our small data base asking them to help us out and post on this review site, and all those reviews are the result. We are very grateful for them doing that as we are a small Australian business trying to compete with large corporations so we don’t have the advertising budget of the big brands. And this is one way we can get people to see our product and how good it is.

      As for your comment to say our product is not that great because it has sugar beet pulp and marine fish oil is misleading and actually incorrect. Sugar beet pulp is added because it is a great source of soluble fibre, this fibre is the food for the good bacteria in the intestinal tract.These good bacteria produce medium chain fatty acids which not only feed the gut it also feeds mitochondria growth, the good bacteria also boost the immune system. The marine fish oil is a great source of DHA and EPA, these are critical for good health, they are needed for countless functions in the canine body from brain function,eye function to the anti-inflammatory processes and much more. And as you can see from all our customer reviews, the Stay Loyal Grain Free Formula really works transforming sick dogs into healthy dogs, old lethargic dogs into happy energetic dogs once again. And so on….

      We have our ingredients list on all the product pages and also at the footer of the page. We also do say that it’s not suited to large breed puppies and we are currently working on a Large breed Puppy product hopefully it will be out soon. Also your comment about the protein being to high for large breed puppies is not correct as there has never been any scientific studies that proved high protein is the cause of bad growth in large breeds. All the studies point towards the calcium and phosphorous being the main cause of bad growth. Maybe the reason high protein has been blamed is because high protein dog foods usually have higher calcium levels than is recommended for large breeds, so its the high calcium in the high protein diets causing the issues and not the protein. Hope that makes sense.

      Finally, we do advertise but we are a small business so can’t afford to spend large amounts of money like the big companies do. So we ask our customers to come here and post their experience with using our product and service. We would be happy to sell to other online stores if they approach us we will definitely be willing to discuss them stocking our product.

    • Reply
      Pet Food Reviews (Australia) March 21, 2016 at 9:51 am

      Hi Susan,

      The posts are genuine from many different people. Stay Loyal asked their customers to write reviews, which is why there are so many over that period.

      They’re a small company and just being proactive to raise awareness. I see no harm in that.

      • Hi, just looked a bit suspicious all of a sudden there’s 31 post in 2 days…. no harm as long as they’re honest post…

  90. Only been using Stay Loyal for my 11yr old Airdale for 3mths but very happy Indy seems to enjoy it and no problems switching from his previous food. I like the fact it just arrives and I don’t have to go out to get it. Cheaper than my previous premium food.

  91. We have two cross Japanese/ German (klein) spitz pups, just over year old now and only switched to Stay Loyal in the last 3 months. I can say that the pups are healthy, happy and energetic and love the food. My wife and I believe the previous glowing assessments are justified and we will continue to feed them Stay Loyal. It is a premium product.

  92. Hi
    Thanks for such an informative website.
    Ive 2 fussy cavoodles both of whom scratch – one to the extent he reduces his fur in places (but thankfully no broken skin).
    I’m very interested in this product but as I’ve heard cavoodles easily get pancreatiris I was wondering if this might not be the best option for mine due to the high fat content. What do you think?

    • Hi Sue no this food is no good if dog has Pancreatitis or is prone to getting Pancreatitis, it has 18% min fat, so that’s around 20%max FAT…. With Pancreatitis or dogs prone to get Pancreatitis stay around the 10%-14% fat range, if it says 12%min fat then it’s probably around the high 13% 14% max in fat…. Stay Loyal is way to high in fat for senior dogs as well, as they get older they sleep more & aren’t exercising and burning off all that fat….

      • Hi Sue, If your dogs are actually prone to Pancreatitis you can still get the skin healing benefits of Stay Loyal by feeding half Stay Loyal Grain-Free and the other half you need to feed boiled chicken breast and add 1000mg tablet of fish oil. By doing this you will decrease the fat content to about 10% and keep the correct omega-3 to omega-6 ratio.

        Hi Susan Borg, although you are correct about feeding dogs prone to Pancreatitis less fat you are not correct about our product having 20% fat. It has 18.2% fat but we like to keep the analysis in the whole numbers to make it easy for our customers to understand.

        • Hi Robert
          I have a beautiful golden lab who has just been diagnosed with diabetes – she is 36kg. Our vet told us to use Hills wd
          – I don’t like what I read about it – I am really impressed with all I read about stay loyal. Is stay loyal suitable for a diabetic dog? She is on insulin twice daily and we currently feed her supercoat lite mature along with fresh veg and chicken or mince.

        • I too Col am interested if this product is OK for diabetic dogs.. My 5 1/2 year old Irish Setter has had diabetes for 18 months.. I feed her Proplan but she should be on a grainfree product..

    • Reply
      Pet Food Reviews (Australia) March 16, 2016 at 10:11 am

      Hi Sue, my thoughts are you’ll have less issues feeding your Cavoodles a high quality food such as this compared to most big name brands packed to the brim with filler grains and cheap ingredients. A dogs natural diet consists of animal meats and fats.

  93. Both my girls are Griffon Bruxellois and are fed a mix of fresh meat and fresh offal and Stay Loyal plus, as advised by Robert and David, a big, fat meaty bone at least once a week.The bone is their favourite but they happily crunch up the dry kibble and, of course, the sautéed meat and offal. Both are in excellent condition, have very good, clean teeth without a trace of brown at the gumline, inoffensive doggy breath and shapely, easy to pick up droppings with little odour. I was drawn to this product by their very convincing and genuine-sounding website and particularly liked the fact that the product is made here with locally sourced ingredients. As my dogs are both small and Stay Loyal is only part of their diet, I buy the 3kg bag and have it delivered at about 8 week intervals. That makes it a bit expensive but no more than other quality dry food (and, it’s delivered!). I have contacted Robert a couple of time and always had a prompt response. I want to and do believe that they are both dog lovers and dog owners. I’m happy to recommend this product to you. I’ve bought Hills, Eukanuba and Optimum before and I don’t think any of those was a superior product.

  94. Price… Very affordable
    Ingredients… Recommended
    Ease of dealing with the Stay Loyal people… FABULOUS!
    Website… Easy to navigate.
    Reorder Facility… Simple as!
    Delivery… Prompt as!
    Communication… Top Marks

    Does my German Shepherd love it… a big YES to that – woof woof!
    Does my GSD enjoy a healthy diet?… Absolutely!

  95. I have been using Stayloyal dry food for a few months now. My 8 months old labradoodle suffered from a very itchy skin before stayloyal, despite being on premium puppy food. I also have a nearly 13 years old beagle that enjoys the same food, eliminating for us the confusion of feeding them 2 different food. My puppy stopped scratching after a couple of weeks and my beagle has lots of needed energy to be able to keep up with a puppy!
    I use auto delivery, the price is good, you can change easily the frequency of delivery if needed and the service is excellent. Couldn’t be happier, thanks Stayloyal.

  96. After an exhaustive research on the internet for the best dog food for our much-loved 8-yr old chihuahua, Billy, and 9-yr old staffy x kelpie dog, Brewster, I was impressed with the reviews on Stay Loyal Dog Food and I decided to order 2 bags last year and since then I have been feeding my dogs only with Stay Loyal. Both our dogs are healthier, full of energy, their breath does not smell, their motions are solid and not smelly, their coats are shiny and the owners, Robert and David, are so helpful, caring and very friendly. I will not feed my dogs any other brand, and have recommended Stay Loyal to family and friends.

  97. My Neapolitan mastiff x am staff loves her Stay Loyal. She has been on it since I noticed as a pup that she was getting dry itchy skin. A quick Google search brought me to Stay Loyal where numerous testimonies mentioned dogs no longer needing medication for skin problems due to this grain free food so I figured it was worth a try and am very happy I did. Misty no longer has itchy sore skin and never leaves any food in the bowl. It is very competitively priced and delivered to my door each month. Too easy. I highly recommend it and think it is fantastic that we have an Australian made and owned dog kibble of such high standard. The owners are also very helpful and you can choose to receive email newsletters on dog care and ownership as an added bonus.

  98. Reply
    Bobbi Flower ( Elmo's Mum) February 23, 2016 at 7:51 pm

    ELMO is a Black, Labrador/Great Dane.
    When I found the Web site for Stay Loyal and Emailed a couple of questions about the food. I received an immediate reply from Robert and David. They are dog breeders and developed their product for their own dogs.
    They sent a sample bag of Stay Loyal, Elmo greeted the delivery man and stole the parcel from his bag before he had time to say Hello. Elmo hops around with great excitement at meal times, he loves his Stay Loyal and his demeanour and coat show the benefit of a perfectly balanced, grain free diet.
    I was surprised when Robert & David recommended some days without biscuits to be replaced with meaty bones and even a fast day for good health. This really makes sense and shows that they have the best of intentions regarding the welfare of our precious pets. Whoever heard of someone telling you to feed less of a product. Most dog food manufacturers encourage larger servings and mixing with canned food. Robert and David developed this for their own dogs and recommend that our pets are fed the same way. Elmo is 11 plus (he’s a rescued dog so we don’t have a birth date) and is going very grey, has clean teeth. sweet breath and a healthy coat. No-one has told him he’s old and he still plays like a pup,greets his many doggie girlfriends on his thrice daily walks. Inspects every Baby stroller for new arrivals. Is on lifesaver duty in our pool “saving” the grandkids by towing them 2 at a time hanging on to his tail to the beach shelf.
    IF YOU LOVE YOUR DOG TRY STAY LOYAL. you will have a healthy. happy, properly nourished animal. It is easily digested, no fillers, great quality Australian sourced product. It smells good too. I caught my 4 year old grandson chowing down on some, he wanted to know why Elmo liked it so much.
    try it you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
    Elmo gives it his Paws up and ten out of ten.


  99. My Great Dane x Pointer loves this food and I do too.
    I used to feed her a food for sensitive stomachs that was more expensive, but once I changed to Stay Loyal I not only saved money but all her dandruff disappeared as well. As the food is grain-free and nutrient rich I’ve also been able to cut the amount of food I feed her by a third.
    I’m very happy with it.

  100. I have been feeding my 31/2 year old Great Dane stay loyal for a year now and am very happy with the product.
    She can be a very fussy eater but she loves these biscuits, we noticed a big difference in the amount of hair she was shedding and many comments that her coat was looking really good.
    The service provided is excellent, and you get more than just dog biscuits.
    The auto- delivery works.
    I believe if you find something good stay with it.
    Thank you Stay Loyal

  101. I have a cavoodle, he has digestive problems all the time. His diet was very bland and unheathy.Have tried many products which made him very sick.Since changing to Stay Loyal grain free 5 months ago and he is a different dog.Not sick, his coat is healthy and soft, not scratching as much. Alot more energy. Highly recommend. Delivery is quick and to your door.

  102. I have two border collies and made the switch to Stay Loyal over three months ago. The dogs love it and you can notice the difference in their wellbeing and their coats. It’s no more expensive than the premium grain brands as you feed the dog less quantity and the price includes auto-delivery. Do you dogs a favour and check it out the labels of Stay Loyal versus the other brands. Many thanks Robert and the team.

  103. I am using stay loyal now, and am very happy with product and service. I have a little Tibetan spanielxjack Russell, and she loves it. She is really healthy, and my new kitten tries to eat it and I have to hold him up out of the way.Thanks so much to Robert and team, Helen

  104. My two dogs are on stay loyal pet food, they love it.
    I started to use it as one of them gets this really bad rash that is very itchy, it has not cured her but at least I know the food she eats is the best I can give her. They both love it so I don’t have a problem there.
    I am just getting into the auto delivery which is great no more worries about running out .

  105. After a recommendation from a good friend of ours that has always had dogs, we started on StayLoyal with your two little furkids. One being an ageing Jack Russell that is approaching 16 and another Blue Heeler X Maltese that will also be 10 this year. Since being on StayLoyal, both have had major changes in their coats, being so much smoother and softer. My little JR was never much of a food orientated dog and even worse as she got older, but she is now loving the food and it is always all gone. I can actually see that she is fitter and seems be more active on our walks.
    Both have much better breathe and they just look fit and healthy.
    I thought i was getting the best for the furkids because they always deserve it.. but i am confident now that they are definitely on the best food available. A bonus that it is an australian business.
    I highly recommend to try StayLoyal and see the difference for yourself. Then get straight on the auto-delivery.. it’s just so convenient and makes StayLoyal such a cost effective quality food.
    Well done StayLoyal, appreciate all your work to create a quality dog food.

  106. after spending lots of money on different foods for sensitive dogs I discovered Stay Loyal. it has been the best decision I have made for my miniature Schnauzer….Molly has never ben happier no more itchy skin or nasty ear infections….she is almost 9 and has been on Stay loyal for almost 3 years……I would be crazy to change her diet now……..great product delivered to your door…..with automatic ordering made even easier…

  107. Our two Maremma Sheepdogs have been on the Stay Loyal food for about 6 months. Maremmas can be quite fussy and are not always food oriented.

    However they just love this food!

    The owners of the product sent regular emails suggesting that you may not need as much of this food (portion size) and they were right. They put on weight in the beginning but with some monitoring we have now got their portion control and weight sorted. They are thriving on this food.

    The quality of the product is very high. It’s not expensive when you compare similar products, and this one is Australian Made and Owned. Delivery is free and the website very straightforward.

    I would have no hesitation in recommending this food.

  108. I switched my two 8 year old male beagles to Stay Loyal 6 months ago as I was looking for a quality Aussie made grain-free food. They love it and their coats are in great condition and holding their colour well for their age.

  109. Both my dogs Carlos and Max started on Stay Loyal Grain Free about 8 months ago. I highly recommend the product – since they have been on the Stay Loyal no more scratching and they love it

  110. Love this product and so do my dogs (whippet and Italian Greyhound) it’s so good especially for my IG as they tend to have sensitive guts. Also their poos are smaller and not as smelly. Love the fact that there are no grains in the ingredients and free auto delivery! Can’t beat it.

  111. After 6 months or so watching my Cavador puppy scratching constantly and getting red, sore-looking eyes which the vet only recommended cortisone ointment for, I decided to do my own research based on dietary options. I am so glad I found StayLoyal grain-free dog food. The website is easy to use and within a week or two my pup stopped scratching all the time, and a bonus is he smells a lot better. He also loves this food, getting excited every meal time. He now has no red eyes, no constant scratching, a shiny coat and is a very healthy weight as it is easy to adjust how much he is eating according to the guide provided. I also found excellent customer service and handy advice from the staff and would highly recommend this dog food to anyone. I was reticent at first with auto-delivery but it has been so convenient and no problems with it at all, as the ordering is simple to adjust at any time. Feeding our pet StayLoyal has taken all the stress out. To anyone considering StayLoyal, give it a go, it is quite economical too.

  112. […] jumpstart your search, here is their review of our 5-star-rated dog food, completely grain-free, sourced and manufactured in Australia, that meets all the above […]

  113. Can’t recommend this product highly enough. My dogs love it and they look fantastic,Stay Loyal Grain Free is way better than the dog food from my vets we were previously using.
    Using the auto-delivery option makes life a breeze as it’s delivered to my door what more could you want.

  114. The cost for this kind of blows me away, and I mean that in a good way. My dog is eating Supercoat right now*, but I ran the numbers using the feeding guide for both foods, and suddenly this looks a whole lot more affordable when he’d be eating half as much. Using the auto-delivery option, Stay Loyal would work out to be about 8-10c more per meal, which seems pretty great for a grain-free food.

    Don’t get me wrong, Stay Loyal’s website makes me hesitate, as they have some dodgy health-conspiracy style marketing junk up there – a “FREE REPORT”, articles about allergy control that stop only barely short of using the words “miracle cure”, and a section for “Press” coverage that seems to be literally just their own advertising copy. That would be more than enough to turn me off most products, but the price and ingredients list for Stay Loyal look so good, I think I’ll be trying it anyway. It pretty much does “speak for itself”, so I wish they didn’t feel that they needed all that marketing rubbish :\

    (*I’ve had a lot of trouble sourcing a better food I can both obtain reliably and afford, and at least Supercoat contained meats as the first couple of ingredients, low-quality or not. This is in opposition to literally everything else my supermarket carries :\)

    • Gosh, has it really been two years already? I almost didn’t try Stay Loyal because of that nasty advertising, but I’m glad I did. My whippet has done excellently on this diet.

      I suspected it was going to go well when he picked every piece of Stay Loyal out of the initial half-and-half mix. Elli would often leave half his food and come back for it around midnight (I figured, as a sighthound, he only had so much gut to fill up at once) but not any more.

      This food did not FIX his itchiness – I’m fairly certain now that it’s a tradescantia allergy, common to many dogs – but it did seem to diminish the yeast infections he was getting from chewing at it. That certainly might be a coincidence, but it’s worth considering.

      That aside, his digestive health has improved considerably. He used to get nasty gas that has completely vanished unless he eats something unusual. We get far less waste, and what he does produce is always healthy, where he used to have either loose stools or constipation quite often.

      He is also the softest, shiniest dog I’ve ever seen. He’s mostly black, so you can really see the difference when he catches the sunlight and just /shimmers/. I hadn’t imagined there would be such an obvious difference.

      Nothing else in his environment or lifestyle has changed significantly, so I give Stay Loyal full credit. It’s clear to me that this was a worthwhile change to make. The cost worked out great too – sure enough, on a high quality food the serving size is half as big, so the price difference from his previous diet was negligible.

      The delivery option turned out to be surprisingly valuable – my household doesn’t have a car, so we don’t have the option to drive out to a pet warehouse for bulk foods (not to mention getting it home on a bus). Getting this delivered, and not paying extra for the
      privilege, is excellent for us.

      In short, full marks from us for Stay Loyal.

      • A lot can be said for moving away from the likes of Supercoat (which has proven very problematic in my experience, and I bite my tongue when the neighbours rave about it (their dog is overweight with a dull coat)).

        Stay Loyal’s “marketing” aside, I don’t believe I’ve heard anything negative about it. It’s a well formulated dry food, and the auto-delivery incentive is a smart idea.

        Allergy wise it does sound environmental. If it is food related I would imagine it to be a protein allergy from a meat source.

      • Hi Fox,
        do you rotate & feed any other foods?? you should, sounds like Environment allergies Pollens, Grass, Plants, Trees etc but if your dog is scratching all year round could be food intolerances, as environment alllergies normally are worse around Spring /Summer months, make sure you give weekly baths in “Malaseb” medicated shampoo to wash off any allergens on the skin & coat & try another brand kibble different protein source so your dog isnt just eating the same over processed dry kibble 24/7 rotate between different brands give your dog a more rounded diet so if 1 brand of kibble is lower in Omega 3 fatty acids & is lacking something in the kibble rotating between a few different brands helps stop this, Omega 3 is needed for the skin, coat, joints heart, brain so if the kibble isnt balance properly & is low omega 3 & very high in Omega 6 your dog will get skin problems & other inflamatory problems, so best to start adding fresh whole foods to your dogs diet, tin salmon in spring water a few sardines to 1 of his meals your dog will be healthier on the inside, go onto face book & put “Rodney Habib” in the search bar & scroll down Rodneys page & look for “The Truth About Pet Cancer” Episode 2 & 3 Please Watch & you will learn you are feeding your dog a high starch/carb diet grain free or gain kibbles they are all the same high in starchy carbs a dogs digestive tract was NOT built to digest a high fiber/carb diet its short to digest raw meat, after you watch Rodney Video’s you’ll see where Im coming from, it blew me away, Did you know 50 yrs ago 1 in 100 dogs were dying from cancer NOW it’s 2 in every 3 dogs are dying from cancer & we pet parents are killing our pets, it’s very sad.

        • Hi Susan, no I’m pretty sure it’s environmental. In fact he is not itchy all year round – it’s a lot better in autumn/winter, exactly as you would expect for a plant allergy. Plus it pretty much correlates perfectly with me letting the weeds get out of control. I really doubt it’s food-based at this point.

          As for the rest, I appreciate that you’re trying to help, but suffice to say I do not believe it is wise to take any sort of medical advice from Facebook. Please rest assured that my dog eats plenty of exciting raw stuff along with a very high-quality dry food, and leave it at that.

        • With Rodney and Dr Becker and John Robb you actually should be listening to everything they have to say as they are actually helping dogs with cancer and diseases, what has Mars or Purina done really? other then buy out vets offices so they can control even more vets and push their rubbish food down people’s throats and annoyingly enough it’s working, people are flocking to their offices, over paying and over vaccinating and not even realising that something is very wrong here.

          There’s a lot of groups for various human ailments and some of the stuff they mention there, you won’t hear it from any doctor because they don’t know about nutrition or any homeopathy based cures or they don’t believe in it, leaving people to suffer in pain and for what? what do they get out of it except telling people it’s all in their heads, I’ve read plenty of suicides because doctors refused to believe anything was physically wrong with those people.

          Blinded by greed and inexperience the bane of human existence yay.

          Apparently gotta love this new rspca approved slaughtering, watch the YouTube video there is nothing humane about what I saw there, will the abuse and greed ever stop? unlikely.
          Halal, Kosher all the fancy names mean nothing, they all have the same abusive videos.

        • See, these kinds of rants are exactly WHY I don’t take medical advice from the internet. Sites that peddle things like homeopathy, while rubbishing actual medicine, are not places I trust with anybody’s health.

          More importantly, this has nothing to do with what I posted! A pet food review site is not the place for this. You should probably just get a blog of your own, if talking about this is something you’re so passionate about.

          As for these replies, please stop. I’m here to comment on my experience with a pet food brand, not to be your soapbox audience. I’m not interested in further discussion on the subject.

  115. I can’t recommend this product highly enough. My dogs love it and they look fantastic. The service is amazing and any queries I have had have been answered promptly and efficiently. I love it being delivered to my door too. Happy dogs, happy owner 🙂

  116. I have 2 beagles. One is a fussy eater, the other has grain allergies.

    Stay Loyal Grain Free is the only food we found that both dogs love and meet their health needs.

    Recommend them to anyone.

  117. I purchased Stay Loyal 2mths ago mainly because I wanted a healthier dry food. I have a 5yr old active Labrador and now an 11yr old Staffy x that I rescued earlier this year. The Lab has always had a sensitive stomach and the Staffy had very itchy skin & a habit of scratching his belly & chewing at his right foot. Since switching to Stay Loyal for their evening meal, I’ve noticed smaller poops from both dogs & my Staffy doesn’t scratch anymore. I reduced their portions and both dogs have lost approx. 1.5kgs each. They loved this food from the first day. Thanks so much to the team at Stay Loyal for providing a real superfood. Paula, Sam & Chich

  118. I switched to the Stay Loyal Dog over 12mths ago when we almost lost one of our new puppies ( American Staffy ) to an extremely bad gut infection that totally depleted his immune system. Fortunately for us our Vet was great and he pulled through, however we then had to find a new food containing no grains or other additives that would irritate his poor stomach.

    We now have all of our dogs(4) on Stay Loyal and they have never been in better health. A 10 year only golden retriever, a 6 year only French Mastiff, a 16 mth old American Staffy and a 15 mth old English Mastiff, so you can see breed and size dose not matter with this food.

    The dogs love the taste and the home delivery makes it all that easier.

    I have recommended it to my friends and now they are all using it.

    Well Done Stay Loyal

    J. WA

  119. My dog Lilly and I have been very happy with the Stay Loyal dog food as has my daughter and her Boston Terrier. Lilly is part Australian Silky terrier and has a glorious coat and Stay Loyal has definitely helped to bring her to her best. She is also extremely active and runs for miles chasing her ball so its good to know she’s not eating grains or fillers that just don’t deliver the energy she needs. My daughter has noticed the same things with her Boston. We are definitely a Stay Loyal family and I recommend it to anyone who will listen. And the delivery is second to none! No more big bags of dog food lying around, as I only order when I’m running low. A sincere thank you to ‘the boys’ at Stay Loyal.

  120. Reply
    Joanne Watcyn-Jones October 30, 2015 at 1:23 pm

    I was so pleased to find such a high quality, grain-free kibble for my Golden Retriever, and opted for Stay Loyal’s auto-delivery as it makes the kibble cost effective as well as healthy for my dog. I ran the ingredients’ list past a senior vet nurse and she gave it a big tick of approval, and my dog certainly loves it so I’d say we’re on to a winner!
    The only thing that might be improved upon, is the size of the kibble, which is small. Having a large dog, she would benefit from having a larger size kibble to get her teeth into and give a bit of crunch.

  121. I have been purchasing Stay Loyal for 3 months now. The service is fantastic – an email to make or change my order. The automated payment system is efficient and economical – the price per bag comes down significantly. Most importantly, my 3 hounds love the food! In 6 years I have been unable to please them all and Stay Loyal has solved that. We couldn’t be happier.

  122. I have been using Stay Loyal for a couple of years.
    Our Dog was at the vet every week with skin alergies and on the most expensive alergy food with no change, i searched up on all dog foods and came across Stay Loyal OMG !!!! within 4 weeks he had fur back on his stomach and was more comfortable within his self “Amazing” even the vet couldnt believe it no steriods anymore.
    This dog food is the most amazing thing and not expensive, I would recomend to anyone .
    David & Robert keep up the good work on this Miracle food.

  123. I have been using Stay Loyal for 12 months now and it is keeping my German Shepherds allergies under control and both my dogs in tip top condition. David and Rob have been a great help with my many queries when I was researching the best feed to use for my yeast infection / allergy prone GSD.

  124. I have just received my third delivery of Stay Loyal through the auto delivery system which I find super convenient. And you can easily alter the rate of delivery if needed. My girl, a five year old Dobermann absolutely loves Stay Loyal and she is in first class condition with a beautiful shiny coat and has loads (maybe a little too much) of energy. I can highly recommend this product to anyone!!!

  125. I have been using Stay Loyal for some time now, prior to this I was using what the vet had in stock as the recommended dry dog food.

    The development of hot spots (apparently due to diet) on my rotti was the reason I tried Stay Loyal. Since I have been using Stay Loyal there are no more hotspots, smaller stools and a healthier happier furry friend.

    Highly Recommended

  126. Before I bought my pup I researched thoroughly.
    I am a very happy customer of Stay Loyal. The product is of such a high quality, incredibly affordable and great value when you have a periodic order delivered to your door step at no charge.

    My puppy is healthy active and loves her Stay Loyal food. I have converted friends that were quite shocked when they read reviews of food that they were feeding their dogs and food that they thought was of a high quality.

    Love the product, love the service and I love the support and advice the guys provide in a whole range of dog health and dog training issues.

  127. We have had our Lab cross rescue puppy on Stay Loyal since he was 4 months old, we constantly get comments on his healthy shiny coat. Customer service is excellent, could not fault this company or product would definitely recommend.

  128. I decided to try stay loyal dog food after reading the reviews on this website and realising the food I was feeding my dog may not have been the best . Since I have made the change, there has been a noticeable difference in my dogs coat, and definition of her muscles. The auto delivery option is great and the support the team at stay loyal give you is great, I have recommended this dog food to all my friends and family.

  129. My Staffie was recovering from the removal of a mast cell tumour 18 months ago and my daughter suggested that I should change his diet to Stay Loyal. She was already using using Stay Loyal for her dogs and was delighted with the way the dogs loved the food and were so fit and healthy. I have been feeding my Staffie Stay Loyal for 18 months and thoroughly recommend it. His coat is shiny, he loves the food and so far he has not had a recurrence of the tumour. I believe that feeding him the well balanced grain free diet assists his immune system and gives him every chance of leading a healthy life. I like the convenience of having a regular order delivered to my door as I am an elderly person and not able to manage shopping for large bags of dog food. Robert and David are always obliging in addressing any concerns that I might have.The news letters are very informative and I can tell these men really know what dogs need.I have occasionally been given samples of other brands of grain free food but they don’t compare to Stay Loyal.

  130. LOVE LOVE LOVE this food!!! I use it for all our working kelpies and its the first food that we can actually keep weight on them in peak working conditions. I also buy it for the Great Danes that I foster for Great Dane Rescue. Fantastic food, fantastic price as you don’t have to feed as much as generic food. Our guys have never looked better! Being in regional NSW as well, delivery is great due to not having the big stores close.
    Cannot recommend this product enough!

  131. We have 3 Great Danes and a Tenterfield Terrier, all the dogs love the product. Our 2 year old male Dane is currently 90 kilos and has never looked so good, fit and lean with great muscle definition and I am confident that as he continues growing Stay Loyal will help maintain him at a healthy weight; my vet is very happy with his weight to growth ratio. The mother and sister are also thriving as is the terrier.
    The automatic ordering/delivery is a great service, I get 1 bag per week and find the product very cost effective; I now feed 1/2 the quantity for twice the results compared to the previous top shelf product. On their previous diet the dogs had very unpleasant breath and huge droppings, now they have the breath of a baby and fewer, compact droppings.
    The newsletter and support from Stay Loyal is a huge bonus and certainly not offered anywhere else, and being ‘all Australian’ is the icing on the cake so to speak.
    I would thoroughly recommend this product and would easily give it a 10 out of 10. Thank you for a wonderful product and follow up service, it is like joining an exclusive club.

  132. I was recommended Stay Loyal from people I met at our local dog park. My 3 yr old Labradoodle was a little overweight, and I was concerned about her bowel movements (loose and smelly). She has now been on Stay Loyal for 6 months and I am very happy with results. She has lost a little weight, appears to have more energy, and her bowels are no longer offensive. I love the automatic ordering, as I save quite a bit of money and time. Also thank you for the newsletters which I find really informative.

  133. This is the most amazing dog food and has helped my two Airedale Terriers with some little issues, they have never been so healthy and lean. I would highly recommend it to everybody.

  134. I’ve had homer my German Shepard on stay loyal for just over 2years now and it’s the only food that has helped him he is solid and his coat is shiny so happy that we found stay loyal I recommend it to all my friends

  135. Our Lab, Hazel has just about finished our first bag of Stay Loyal & she has loved it. She is just so happy & active & we have managed to maintain her Vet recommended weight of 26 kilos. The bag has lasted 10 weeks, so that’s breakfast and dinner each day over 10 weeks & she is a ball of fitness & welbeing.

  136. I am on my second order of Stay Loyal. There has been an improvement in by dogs coat after two months, he has a lot more energy.
    I am very happy with Stay Loyal

  137. I have a English blue staffy, he has been on stay loyal dog food from 9 weeks old. I will be keeping him on stay loyal for his entire life, if possible. He loves the food, he has a beautiful shinny coat and a good solid build. My family is very happy with the service, and the free advice we get from the owners of stay loyal. The price for the automatic delivery is less than the other grain free products out there.Very happy. Thanks stay loyal.

  138. My Cocker Spaniel has been eating Stay Loyal for around 8 months and I am extremely happy with this product. It is delivered to your door and from what my research tells me it is what dogs should be eating – no nasty unnecessary additives or things your dog should not be eating – like grains! My dog was eating premium pet shop and vet brands that made him itchy, thirsty and gave him multi colour unnatural poo – which to me just made no sense at all. I find Stay Loyal to be very reasonably priced not having to lug 15 kg bags of dog food from my car into my house or go to the pet store to shop is such a bonus. I would say give it a go. I don’t think there would be too many people that would not be happy with the product or the service. I have recommended this product to 3 of my friends for their dogs and they are completely satisfied also.

  139. I switched my dogs to Stay Loyal sometime back, and we have never looked back. From the first moment I opened the bag they were all eager to try and get some form the opening, they loved it. Now if I try and substitute they look at me as if to say whats this? I have been very happy with the delivery system and the price. I feed my dogs less now than what I used too, their weights have stabilized and they all look great. My niece was using another brand and has also switched, her dogs also love the food.

  140. I have been feeding my German Short haired pointer from the age of 3 months to currently 7 months on Stay Loyal. My dog is happy and healthy with an exceptionally shiny coat. I followed the supported information regarding puppy feeding guide and am now only needing to feed once per day at a smaller volume compared to other brands of dog food. I wanted to support a totally Australian owned and made high quality product and was very happy to find Stay Loyal after researching dog nutrition and brands comparisons. I Also find the shipping direct and cost to represent great value and convenience. I highly recommend Stay Loyal Dog Food.

  141. Starting feeding my dogs Stay Loyal after reading reports on this web site. Has all the right ingredients and the auto delivery works well and very easy to use. Questions directed to the supplier were answered promptly, and we managed to solve an itchy skin problem with one of our dogs. I would recommend this product to anyone who really cares for their dog.

  142. I have two dogs, a Staffy and a Cavalier King Charles spaniel. The cavalier had to have stones removed from her bladder which, according to the Vet, was diet related. Hence, I started searching on line for a replacement to Science Diet. I tried making my own but the coat of the Staffy became thinner and drier. Back to the internet and I discovered Stay Loyal. We ordered one bag. The dogs absolutely loved it and within 6 weeks the coats were much improved. The itchiness had ceased and both dogs are playful and active. We now have automatic delivery every six weeks. I would highly recommend this product to everyone who is a dog owner. The dogs never tire of the food and free home delivery is a great bonus!

  143. My little rescue dog, Pippa, a purebred Shitzu, can be a real fussy beast at mealtimes. When we got her, I tried multiple other foods, but she would either not eat it, or it would affect her stomach and bowels. After some research, I came across the Stay Loyal website and ordered a trial pack. She just loves the food, and it is kind to her intestines and bowels. I have since progressed to buying the 15kg auto-delivery bag, as this is the only food I give her, apart from a few titbits of human food. The food has a long use by date, and I need to re-order before it gets close to it.
    Another benefit is that her motions are more compact, not smelly, and do not attract masses of flies.A bonus when you live in a country area.

  144. I have been using Stay Loyal Grain Free for some months now and have found the quality of the food and service to be excellent. One of my dogs had particularly itchy skin and his back leg would start scratching whenever you touched just about anywhere on his body. Since being on the Stay Loyal Grain Free this trait has disappeared. As there were no other changes to his feeding regime and he was not on any medication I can only put the major reduction in his itchiness to the Stay Loyal product.

  145. Following my own research I changed my dog’s food to Stay Loyal to benefit her health. My GreatDane/Mastiff was diagnosed with Spondylosis of the spine and Lambar Sacral Stenosis. A specialist vet prescribed high dosage pain medication and suggested she may need surgery at some point. I knew I had to find a better answer as this dog was only 2 years old. Going grain free had helped my own back condition as grain causes inflamation.
    So Stay Loyal food was a positive discovery. I have been feeding my dog this food for about 7 months now and she is so healthy, she has not required any pain medication at all. (even the vets are amazed by her health). I can’t praise the qualities of this food enough.
    My ‘big girl’ enjoys life again. She also enjoys this food and it certainly agrees with her sensitive stomach.
    Ordering is so easy and I have great communication with Robert and David via e-mail. Great Product !!

  146. My dog is prone to allergies, I purchased her 1st Stay Loyal food when she turned 12 months. She loves the food and looks great, very athletic, no allergies and a beautiful coat. She weighs 19kgs and gets 200-250g food per day; the large bag lasts 12 -14 weeks, which I think is pretty good value. I also like the Stay loyal newsletters, they are full of valuable down to earth information about how to best care for your “best friend” without advertising for the product. The auto delivery service is great too. Rated 5+ in our book!

  147. My Bulldog & Bordeaux looove Stay Loyal. We switched from a well known vet recommended brand, not because of any issues, but because after researching the ingredients, Stay Loyal was the best! And I like that its Australian.

  148. I would like to say I’m am very satisfied with stay loyal. As feed 2 dogs. Staff x and American bulldog. Wynta (Ambully) has been on Stay Loyal since on solids and she is 39kgs 1yr looks very nice. Get compliments where ever I go. And give credit on there main diet Stay Loyal And since on auto delivery no stress one less thing to worry about. Thanks again Stay loyal

  149. My Doberman pup really enjoys Stayloyal. She’s strong, healthy and happy. People are always commenting about how good she looks.
    I’ve tried and researched many other premium kibble brands, and Stayloyal I’ve found to be the best for her.

  150. My dog has suffered from food allergies that result in sore ears, itchy feet and major hair loss. Since being on Stay Loyal she is much healthier and happier. Also, for a premium dog food, Stay Loyal is surprisingly cheap. It costs me $107.00 to feed 2 dogs for 5 weeks.

    • Hi! I have a 1 year old cattle dog cross staffy (other mixes too) who has been on stay loyal for around 7 months. When i first got him from the shelter at 4 months he came with very bad diarrhea which he had for the first week and a very bloated swollen stomach (vet wasn’t sure we gave him chicken and rice until it improved). We started him on blackhawk puppy food then switched to stay loyal and i’ve noticed that on stay loyal he has VERY bad smelling farts and does them very frequently compared to other dogs i’ve had before. He also currently has diarrhea currently which he has randomly. He also poos very frequently 4- 6 times a day… I’ve previously fed him boiled chicken rice and veggies which definitely helps with his farts and diarrhea. I’m wondering if the farts could be from too much protein for him? Wondering if you have a brand you think I should switch to or any intolerances he may have? He’s on their chicken lamb and fish and he is a very fit and muscular dog, very healthy weight

  151. When I got my rescue greyhound from the RSPCA in March she was very thin, anxious, listless and her coat was a very dull, flat black.
    I was feeding her on top quality dry food from my vet which she ate without much enthusiasm,then I saw Stay Loyal whilst researching dry food so decided to try it as I liked the fact that it was all Australian.
    Tina loved the taste from the first mouthful and always looks forward to her cup for breakfast and another cup for dinner.
    Her coat is now a shiny, glossy black and I tell everyone she is getting younger every day as she is now so frisky.
    The cost of Stay loyal is the same as any premium dry food, and it is delivered to my door. No having to carry heavy bags home is a bonus.
    I’m very impressed with all the support available from Stay loyal as well.
    Jo and Tina clements

  152. I have a 2 year old Australian cattle dog X. She was about 10 weeks old when we got her as a rescue. She had continual problems with allergic eyes which required drops and very itchy skin – she’d scratch the fur off repeatedly. After some research I thought I’d try grain free and went with Stay Loyal. She has never looked back. All allergic symptoms gone and people are constantly telling me how shiny and soft her coat is. As an added bonus she never has bad breath! The auto delivery makes it cheaper and I don’t have to think about it – just turns up every 6 weeks. Highly recommend this product.

  153. Great service with good quality food delivered that my dog loves. Very appreciative of assistance with resolving pet issues probably caused by previous grain diet. Enjoy the informative newsletter too.

  154. I have been feeding Stay Loyal to my dog for almost 2 years and I would never change to anything else. We had her on other premium dog foods before Stay Loyal and she seemed to get quickly uninterested in the other foods and also was very itchy. Since changing she is always excited to have her food and she hardly itches at all. The auto delivery service makes things so much easier. I could not be happier with this dog food. Best thing I’ve ever done for our dog

  155. I have been using Stay Loyal for about a year now. My dog has had 2 Cruciate Ligament operations and I find the
    food is easy to maintain her weight and she really enjoys it. The reason also I choose grain free it creates less arthritic symptoms, this is from my own personal research. The auto -delivery is great, cheaper than just ordering
    randomly. I find it is competitive to other grain free dog foods but I prefer to buy Australian and the owners are
    very good with follow up, by e-mail and phone. I highly recommend this product!

  156. I’ve been feeding Stay Loyal to both my dogs for almost two years now and am extremely happy with both the product and the customer service. My Staffy X was suffering from a very itchy irritated skin condition which cleared within a few weeks of commencing the Stay Loyal. My Wolfhound X is quite a fussy eater and would often leave kibble un eaten, but loves the Stay Loyal and finishes her meal every time. Price wise I find it far more cost effective than comparable holistic brands, and am also happy to be supporting an Australian made and owned business.

  157. When could I switch my dog to this. He’s 10 months old, and is on Applaws puppy, but the auto delivery would make life easier. We’ve been told by the breeder he’s full size (has only put on about 300grams in the last 3 months)

    He’s a fairly well exercised working dog, so hopefully the higher fat content won’t be an issue.

  158. I don’t think the price is high. Premium dog food imported from the states is about the same price and I think stayloyal kibbles having been made in NSW, would be fresher. My dogs loved the sample they sent me and once I run out of Artemis I’ll be ordering the big pack without the auto delivery.

  159. My German Shepherd has been mainly getting Stay Loyal from age 5 months to 13 months & I am very happy with the product & the service.

    The review shows a rating of 4 stars. This appears to be an error as the text says “it’s deserving of a 5 star rating”.

    Also, I assume the reference to the high price does not take into account the lower auto-delivery price.

    • I have an 11 year old Toller who we switched over to Stayloyal around 4 months ago. Also have a 1 year old Finnish Lapphund which has been on Stayloyal 4 months. Both dogs love it and had no problems in transitioning from their old food, and the older dog has lost a little weight (which she needed to do). They both have good healthy coats. The delivery system is very good and a monthly newsletter is an added bonus. Certainly not the cheapest dog food, but if you order on automatic reorder the price is reasonable.

    • Reply
      Pet Food Reviews (Australia) January 27, 2015 at 3:31 am

      Hi Alan, yes – I made an error in the original review and have now revised it to 5 stars. The auto delivery price is worth considering as a cost-saving option.

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