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One of our original 5 star rated dog foods, Australian brand Stay Loyal has stood the test of time. They have one of the most loyal followings of all our pet foods, and for good reason.

Lets take a look at the Chicken, Lamb, and Fish recipe…

Firstly, the food boasts a very respectable 32% (min) protein and 18% fat, which makes it lower in carbohydrates compared to the majority of dog foods available – that’s a really good thing.

The main ingredients are the top two, a combination of chicken meal and lamb meal, followed by chicken fat to make up the majority of the food. This ensures your dog is getting easily digestible protein from meat, not cheaper alternatives like peas which you find in competitor brands. Further down the ingredients we find fish meal and marine fish oil as a rich source of omega-3 to support your dog’s well being, skin, and coat.

After chicken fat we find a combination of potato, tapioca, peas and beans, all used in a nice moderation. The food is rounded off with fruits, veggies, and turmeric which has shown to have a number of excellent health benefits. The food is preserved naturally rather than chemicals you find in many supermarket foods (simply listed as ambiguous “antioxidants” or “preservatives”). It really is a nice, well-rounded formula, and grain free to boot.

If you’re not convinced already, the ingredients are all Australian grown produce.

Great food, highly recommended.

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Where to buy?

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Chicken Meal, Lamb Meal, Chicken Fat (preserved with mixed Tocopherols), Potato, Tapioca, Peas, Beans, Natural Chicken Flavouring, Sugar Beet Pulp, Fish Meal, Marine Fish Oil (preserved with mixed Tocopherols), Fruit and Vegetables (Apples, Broccoli, Blueberries, Carot, Kale, Spinach, Tomato), Turmeric, Rosemary, Inulin, Methionine, Potassium Chloride, Vitamin Supplements (A ,D, E, K, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, Biotin). Trace Mineral Supplements (Zinc, Iron, Copper, Manganese, Iodine, Selenium), Natural Antioxidants (Mixed Tocopherols and Rosemary Extract) Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Yucca, Taurine.

9.1 Total Score
Excellent Australian Dry Dog Food!

5 stars under the old rating system, still just as good.

  • Excellent meat content.
  • Well rounded.
  • No fillers, grain free.
User Rating: 3.22 (122 votes)