Pet Food Australia Dog Food Review

Aussies love to buy Australian Made, so calling a brand Pet Food Australia is a very smart way to attract Australian buyers. But is the food any good? Is it better than other Australian brands?

In our Pet Food Australia dog food review we’ll take a look at the marketing, ingredients, and guaranteed analysis, and you can decide for yourself if this is what you want to feed your dog.

Pet Food Australia dog food review

What the marketing says

One of the key qualities the Pet Food Australia company boast about is hemp oil, which is a novelty when it comes to dog food formulations. It’s actually a great inclusion for skin, coat, heart health, and anxiety, and is rich in omega fats.

On the Pet Food Australia website they claim to be different from other manufacturers by tailoring their dog food to specifically help dogs with a range of conditions – chronic itchy skin, anxiety & stress, dry & dull coats, digestion & stomach issues, joint inflammation & pain, weight problems, gunky ears, ear infections, and anal gland issues.

Truth is there are many dog food brands in Australia which address most of the above health issues simply by having a species-appropriate formula, although anxiety & stress definitely hails more to the hemp oil in the food.

Most of the above conditions can be addressed by switching to a better dog food, and in the case of itchy skin and ear infections simply avoiding wheat and cereal grain dog foods will work wonders.

Pet Food Australia Dog Food Review

Pet Food Australia state the Australian pet food industry has “gotten away with its profit hungry attitude” for far too long by using sub-standard ingredients and fillers. This is definitely something we agree with, especially as Australian dog food is essentially self-regulated by the industry with standards which are laughably voluntary.

We also find on the Pet Food Australia website a list of consumer reviews of which many say the health of their dog has vastly improved since being introduced to this dog food. That’s a good thing and shows the dog food is working, but none of those reviews account for what the dogs were fed previously, which was likely some cheap and nasty wheat-based crap from the supermarkets.

What the ingredients really say

We often find the marketing bares very little relation to the ingredients, but it has to be said this doesn’t happen to be the case with the Pet Food Australia dog food formulas.

Let’s take a look at the Grain-Free with Turkey, Chicken, and Ocean Fish formula with included Hemp Oil…

We find a trio of meat ingredients (turkey, chicken, and ocean fish) at the top of the ingredients list. This is great to see given dogs really need meat to thrive. They’re all protein-dense meal ingredients which means water has already been cooked off, so you can be assured the meat content in this dog food is significant.

Meat meals are, however, inclusive of carcass. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but is worth considering.

We find potato and peas as the 4th and 5th ingredients, but it’s possible these are included in the same portion size as the three meat ingredients. Along with chicken fat as the 6th ingredient that would make the food 4 parts animal ingredients to 2 parts vegetables – that’s pretty good.

The composition of all Pet Food Australia dog food formulas is decent, boasting a minimum 30% protein (from meat but also peas) plus minimum 16% fat. This ensures a minimal amount of carbs (possibly one third of the product). Compare that to most supermarket brands and you’ll see it’s a lot better, and more so when you consider most protein is coming from meat ingredients.

Pet Food Australia Dog Food Review

Even the smaller ingredients inclusions show this is a decent dog food. We mentioned the benefits of hemp oil earlier, and this should benefit your dog in numerous ways.

We also find kelp, coconut oil, alfalfa, plus a range of fruits and veggies. Although minor inclusions, these should still offer your dog health benefits. You won’t find ingredients such as this added to cheaper dog foods (i.e. the cheaper foods that may have given your dog itchy skin, poor coat, and gunky ears).

Consumer feedback

We note a number of negative reports about Pet Food Australia dog food since mid-2020, as well as the company not honouring their 30 day money back guarantee. If you have had a positive or negative experience with this brand please leave a comment below as this is useful information for anyone considering purchasing this brand.

Is Pet Food Australia suitable as a puppy food?

We find no mention of AAFCO compliance on the Pet Food Australia website. AAFCO is an American standard for minimum nutrient profiles for growth and adult dogs (Australia does not have it’s own standard in this respect). The website does mention the Turkey formula will be suitable for 6 months+ as a general recommendation.

Based on this information we would not recommend feeding this to a puppy younger than one year.

A summary of Pet Food Australia dog food

Pet Food Australia dog food has a very respectable meat content, good choice of other main ingredients (peas and potato in moderation), and a nice selection of smaller inclusions chosen for their individual health benefits.

All in all Pet Food Australia dog food seems pretty good, but are slightly deterred by consumer feedback.

Where to buy Pet Food Australia

Similar Australian dog food brands

We feel Pet Food Australia is comparable to other Australian brands including Stay Loyal, Black Hawk, and Ivory Coat. Being a private label pet food it’s likely made in the same facility as other Australian brands of dog food.


Ingredients of Pet Food Australia dog food (Turkey, Chicken, and Ocean Fish with Hemp Oil formula):

Turkey Meal, Chicken Meal, Ocean Fish Meal, Potato, Peas, Chicken Fat (preserved with Mixed Tocopherols, a source of Vitamin E & Citric Acid), Hemp Seed Oil, Carrot, Dried Kelp, Dried Egg Product, Coconut Oil, Calcium Carbonate, Apple, Alfalfa Meal, Beta Carotene, Blueberry, Rosemary Plant Extract, Spinach, Vitamins(A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, D3, E, K3, Biotin, Folic Acid, Niacin), Taurine, Minerals (Copper, Iron, Manganese).

Guaranteed analysis

Guaranteed analysis of Pet Food Australia dog food (Turkey, Chicken, and Ocean Fish with Hemp Oil formula):

Protein(min) 30%
Fat(min) 16%
Crude Fibre4%
Carbohydrates *Estimated 36%
* May be estimated. Read how to calculate carbohydrates in a pet food.

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7.8 Total Score
Pet Food Australia Dog Food Review

It's nice to see an independent Aussie manufacturer producing such a decent food.

  • Decent meat content
  • Hemp seed oil - rich in omegas.


David D'Angelo

David D'Angelo has worked as a scientist since graduating with a BSc (Hons) in 2000. In addition, David holds a CPD accredited Diploma in Pet Nutrition as well as being CPD accredited VSA (Veterinary Support Assistant). However, his experience and involvement in the pet food industry for 15+ years has given true insight into pet food, formulations, science, research, and pet food marketing. Facebook | LinkedIn | Instagram | Pinterest

  1. Certainly overpriced for kibble that’s not any different from any other product out there nor does it really have any high end ingredient that warrants such a price, so became a very wasted $50 on something that smelled exceedingly strong for what it was making itself out to be.

    Bought a 2kg bag of the puppy formula for a puppy with smell and texture issues, intended to use it as a supplementary feed (for topping up vitamins and minerals).
    She liked it less and less as the days went on thus by day 3 she wouldn’t touch it all, but one day 1 she was exceedingly farty and that was with only a sprinkle of the stuff over her regular food.

    For those with sensitive tummies I would suggest to stay away from this one.

    • I was on Royal Canin species specific shih tzu , my dog used to get the runs a lot on that , changed to pet found Austrslia and found his tummy issues or runny number twos had all pretty much vanished , I’d recommend this for dogs with sensation stomachs

    • Can anyone please tell me I’ve made a good choice ordering this product for my dog who suffers greatly from allergy.
      His kibble I usually purchase is now this is what I was recommended

  2. Reply
    Brett Collingwoof May 15, 2023 at 4:47 am

    This food is highly overrated and doesn’t hold up to scrutiny. The results and improvements they claim are completely anecdotal and there is no correlation between the food and improvement in dogs.
    The quality of ingredients is below par and equal too what you find at most supermarkets.
    They claim to be ahead of the game yet they aren’t supported by Vets nor are they recommended by any. Most reputable pet stores won’t stock their product, and that says volumes. Their website and story seems more like a drop shipping site then an actual major brand site.
    I firmly believe their lack of range and “hot topic” style food (I.e. their implied benefits aren’t backed by any tests) just shows this brand to be disingenuous about their product.
    If you are concerned about your pets health then see a professional and use brands that have put in the research into their products, there are so many industry leaders whom are making better quality food at substantially more affordable prices.
    Just cause a brand claims Australian sourced ingredients doesn’t by default make those ingredients better. It’s like saying scraps and offcuts from Australia are better than a steak from America, it’s stupid they are claiming high quality ingredients just cause they are made in Australia, but they don’t disclose what those ingredients are so claiming Australian sourced Kamgaroo etc could mean they are just getting the scraps not suitable for humans etc… and to be frank most other major brands are made in countries such as America etc which actually use higher quality ingredients etc.
    Australian made in pet food doesn’t hold the same weight that it does with other products.

    To put a long story short, this stuff is ridiculously overpriced and doesn’t hold up to its claims. The quality of this food is on par with supermarket brands and is not worth even half the price.
    You will find more negative reviews for this product than you will positive, but it seems this brand is spending alot of money on sponsored search results and paid reviews/articles, which to me shows how rubbish this brand actually is.
    You don’t need a flashy website and all the fluff pieces if your product was actually any good.

    All I have to say to this brand is “Do Better and stop trying to play on people’s emotions for their pets”

    • Spoken like a true Veterinarian!
      Brett, which is not your real name, your group of people in the last 2 weeks are aiming to attack at least two grain free companies. Stalking on Linkedin, sending emails, messages, quite amusing. All the accusations above are 100% incorrect. Any claim made, is done so by customers. Not us. If our food has done (XYX) to a dog, it’s a claim made by a customer. One of them being “Cut the vet bills by half, or something along those lines. Then you vets are now jumping up and down about comments like these. They were just happy they didn’t pay $18,000 more and never solved the issue. We’re offended that you didn’t send us a Thank You card (Sarcasm). And yes, the food was the only change that was made & has every correlation between improvement & diet.
      See, as a veterinarian, we would see that as a great thing. The dog isn’t coming every week for skin issues, or whatever the case may be, and focus on operations, vaccinations, blood tests and so on.
      Pet Food companies don’t go complaining about what vets do. We certainly don’t. But we don’t agree entirely with what you sell. Not all. But that’s what you are trained to do as you have specific people coming in for training on how to sell the product. And it’s impressive. One example is that one particular clinic is showing that 25% of the clinics insane income is purely food. Explains why you guys are in attack mode. But we don’t go attacking you for this. In addition, we don’t attack veterinary clinics for offering free puppy classes so they come to that clinic instead. So a proffesional dog trainer which they need to pay doesn’t recommend anyone else. Or simply talk them out of vaccinations.
      Going back to food, and that you are 100% incorrect, and we’re saying this as you have zero knowledge on how our food has improved the lives of literally thousands of pets. Our foods aren’t overpriced whatsoever. In fact, cheaper than a lot of brands. Short/long term. Some companies are passionate about supporting their own country (Australia) and that would include consumers. Yes, the pet food industry in Australia is great and taken a big chunk of the market in the last 8-10 years. So, that proves that the “Grain Free” Australian companies are doing something right. And the website look feedback, goes to prove you’re just a veterinarian. You have no idea on E-Commerce and we’ll leave it at that. While there’s a broader range of people reading this, this is a reply to so called Brett. Brett has no idea the graditute our customers have towards us. As they are attacking at least two companies, the style of response is targeted purely to Brett. Apart from a frienship, and that we’re in the same field we have zero connection from a business point of view. Owned by two different poeple with different states. And please stop the nonsense of articles being published every week on how bad raw food is.

  3. Hello,
    I bought Cat Dry Food – 3KG (1 Bag) (#PFA-C1) for cats with allergies. My cat ate 2 small pieces and started scratching himself. After this he is running away from this food. I asked them if it’s possible to return the food and money. They refused to do it. On their website you can find – 100% no risk, money back guarantee -it is a lie. Don’t buy from this terrible company. Customer service just trying to make you a new story why they will not return your money. Last time they said – We do offer a 100% no risk money back guarantee on all 4kg bags of dog food purchased. I did not find it in their policy. And they lied that this food OK for pets with allergies.

  4. I came across this product as I was searching for an Australian made dog food. My Cocker Spaniel religiously had ear infections every couple of months and he was being fed royal Canin. I swear…… he has been on this for months and has not had one more ear infection. I now have a cocker puppy as well and she is being fed this and no problems at all

    • Reply
      Pet Food Reviews (Australia) October 11, 2022 at 4:45 pm

      Hi Julie, that’s good to hear, and a clear sign to me the previous dog food was the cause of the ear infections. May I ask what brand it was?

      • We had an elderly cat and were hanging out for the release of pet food Australia’s cat formula! I purchased right away hoping to see some benefits for our kitty. In true cat fashion she turned her nose up completely and wouldn’t have a bar of it, preferring to starve than eat it. I wasn’t too fussed as I figured she was just set in her ways. I passed the remaining food on to family members with cats and all of them enjoyed it without issue. Recently we got a BC pup, and sought advice on decent food (happy to pay, just wanted something good) we went with a reputable well known brand and had nothing but issues, after 6+ weeks of trying to transition with nothing but diarrhoea and food aversion I decided to give pet food Australia another chance. From the first meal it was a remarkable difference. Pup has loved this kibble from day one and stools improved immediately! We are friends with the breeder and take her back to mum regularly for play dates and even they commented on her coat and over all health asking us what we were feeding! So there you have it, a mixed review – every animal is different and I suppose it’s normal to have to find one that works for you! My advice would be, get the small bag first before committing to the 15kg even if it isn’t as economical at first.

  5. Negative comments? Rubbish! My dogs love this food and have more energy since they have been eating this. Their bathroom habits are not a problem since the food seems to make them produce compact solid stools. I recommend this food to everyone. I got 4 small Chihuahuas and they love it

  6. We have been feeding our German Shepherd and Cattle Dog PFA for 3-4 years now. PFA have been excellent to deal with and highly value their loyal customers, often sending treats such as their jerky or chews along with our order. Previous to this, our dogs were getting Black Hawk grain free however our GSD would have a lot of skin issues, hot spots etc which was likely from the chicken.

    Since this review was conducted, they do also offer a specific Puppy variant as well as a Low Fat formula.

  7. I went on a limb and brought the 20 kg puppy food formula for my kelpie puppy after reading all the tremendous reviews and how it’s the best food out there and yes I got sucked into to it.

    Started transitioning my puppy over to it as per the instructions given on the back of bag from his old food and have had nothing but stomach issues since starting the transition.

    He has gone from being constipated to having diarrhoea since stating the transition. He’s been to the vet twice since having this food and the vet has narrowed it down to being the food as he is extremely healthy in all other aspects.

    I have contacted the company asking for assistance and have been told to keep trying or by adding steamed veggies with it or even mixing 25-50% of this food with his current food which I have been doing (as instructed on the back of the bag) and have had nothing but issues.

    I’m now stuck with a near full 20kg that I paid $190 for and which is now $190 going into the bin.

    I wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone even though they make it out to be the best food ever for your pet!!

    • Hi Michelle, I feed my 3 dogs this brand and thought have no issues with the food. If you still have the opened 20kgs bag, I can take it from you if you like? I am located in Narwee 2209. You can email me at to discuss more about this.

    • You could try selling it on marketplace. There is 1 other person selling that brand. Yes you can sell opened foods, just gotta drop the price cause it’s opened and used. I do this for foods my dogs don’t like, sometimes I sell it, sometimes I well don’t. But don’t know if you don’t try. I keep the food in a very dark and cold place when selling it.

      • I can’t even sell this crap dog food on market place. Nobody wants it, I guess they have read all the bad reviews about it making dogs sick. They won’t give refunds on 20kg bags because they are the ones that make the dogs sick.

  8. I have fed my three dogs, (2 Dobermans & a standard Fox Terrier), 3 types of kibble all their lives. I started with Ivory Coat. They used to be an Australian owned company and I was very happy with it. But then it changed hand and consumers wondered if standards would drop. Yes they did. Next I went to Meals for Mutts. I was happy with this food but at that time they only had a 14kg option and I had to order multiples. I moved to Pet Food Australia next and haven’t looked back. My two Dobes had flaky skin and the idea of Hemp Oil option was attractive. They no longer have this dandruff or itch. They have thrived on PFA food so I am happy and so are they. I should add that each time I feed them I mix in a 385gr tin of No Name tuna, (in Springwater not oil). The No Name tins cost only $3 at Woolies and it adds a bit more protein plus taste.

  9. We have been feeding our Staffy cross this dog food for almost two years with not one problem at all. His stools are 99% consistent, no irritation of skin and he continues to love it. Hence why we have kept feeding him this. Very happy customer.

  10. I use the adult kibble for my Labradoodle and have had no issues but recently bought 3 bags of the puppy kibble for my 4 month old new puppy Labradoodle and found a piece of green rubber embedded in 1 biscuit and have found numerous grains embedded in other biscuits. I messaged Pet Food Australia about the green rubber and sent photos and info on the use by date and batch number to which they responded with a message saying that they would send a replacement bag and that the rest of my bag was fine to feed my puppy. I responded with photos of the grain in the biscuits and that I would not be feeding my puppy anymore of their food until I was guaranteed that there was no foreign objects that my pup could ingest and that they could also guarantee that their food was indeed grain free as marketed. After 10 days I sent a follow up message saying I was concerned that they hadn’t responded and I thought they should take the issue more seriously, they came back with the excuse that they were short staffed and they would send a pre paid satchel to me so I could send them the contaminated biscuits. I fear that if I send them that’s the last I’ll hear of it and they’ll keep on selling food that is obviously not grain free and has possible foreign objects embedded in the biscuits. In the meantime the replacement bag arrived, it has the same use by date and batch number as the bag with the problems. They obviously have not taken my issue seriously and I wish there was some way I could get these biscuits tested myself (I’ve kept them in separate zip lock bags) or have the company investigated.

    • Reply
      Pet Food Reviews (Australia) December 30, 2021 at 1:14 am

      Hi Krystyne, would you have a photo of the green rubber?

      It seems standard practice for a company to request the affected product is returned. Whether they investigate it or not is often open to speculation, and it also means the affected product can no longer be used as evidence. I’m sure Pet Food Australia will take it up with their manufacturer. It’s also interesting to hear about the grains – often with extruded kibble you won’t see grains, even in a grain-based food. It’s possible they got into the bag along with the kibble, perhaps at the end of the production line.

      • I have sent part of the green rubber and some of the grain embedded kibble back to Pet Food Australia,however they only requested this after I sent a follow up message 10 days later (after hearing nothing from them) expressing how concerned I was that I had heard nothing from them and that I thought it was a issue that should have been taken more seriously than what they seemed to be doing

  11. We have been buying this brand for a while now. In one of the recent bags, we found that there was a strange fibre sticking out of the pieces of kibble. They informed that it was probably raw material from the supplier but they would not be able to get to the bottom of it. I thought that was strange. If there was a contaminant in the food, wouldn’t you want to do a thorough investigation?

    • Reply
      Pet Food Reviews (Australia) December 17, 2021 at 7:29 pm

      Hi Amanda, I suspect it was hair from an animal. Was it fairly translucent, firm, and perhaps wire like? If so it’s actually fairly common in dry foods and often gets dubbed “raw material” or “natural fibre”. Thankfully it’s harmless, so it’s a shame pet food companies feel the need to conceal the truth.

      • Yes! That’s exactly how it was. At first I thought it was string or wire but what you said made sense. This was from the kangaroo variant. So maybe kangaroo hair? They replaced a bag after I told them about it. I still felt doubtful but now I feel more assured that it’s safe. Thank you!

  12. I brought this product as it sounded like a great kibble and the marketing kind of pulled me in but I have since stopped feeding both my BCs this kibble as they weirdly both started incessantly scratching and biting and when I looked they had wee red welts. They have been on antihistamines for five days and they are coming right now that I have stopped feeding them it. I am sure it is a good kibble and maybe there was just something a bit off about this bag but i guess I will never know! Just wish I had brought the small introductory bag instead of going all in!!!

    • Hi Sharee we took our 12 year old staffie cross kelpie off this food as she was having regular gut flare ups and red welts. Our vet has put our dog onto a couple of prescription dogs food like hills z/d but her got is worse. Have you found another grain free food that your dog is doing better on?

      • Reply
        Pet Food Reviews (Australia) November 29, 2021 at 11:24 pm

        Hi Keryn, that sounds like a possible food sensitivity but it’s possible your dog’s microbiome is somewhat disrupted which can take time to rectify. Usually Hill’s z/d would show an improvement as it doesn’t contain common allergens from grain or meat proteins, so it’s hard to know what to suggest and it might be worth feeding a home cooked elimination diet to see if it helps. For kibble recommendations the Canidae PURE and Taste of the Wild PREY ranges may work, or some wet/barf brands have formulas with novel proteins – Big Dog, Frontier Pets, Prime 100 etc to name a few.

    • There was a post on this recently this is what 2 people said about it.

      Very dishonest company.. I wouldn’t feed it. 
      Any company that uses fake reviews and removes all bad reviews and blocks people that have a genuine issue with the kibble wouldn’t get me as a customer. 
      I had a issue with a sample bag and they blocked me LOL.


      Won’t touch them with a 10ft pole! 
      They delete anything negative and remove you from their pages. 
      I bought serval bags and found heaps of random kibble that looked like friskies or pedigree and they stayed it was “single protein kibble” regardless they should have resolved the issue but instead they ignored it and blocked me. 
      Other people have had similar problems with them.

      • Yes they have deleted my 2 star review and I have just asked for a refund as my vet took one look at the kibble and said it is covered in mould and it is probably why my two dogs had a reaction. I felt so silly that I had not noticed. My poor dogs have almost gone crazy with the itching! Not a transparent company if they are deleting negative reviews. I very disappointed given that it is an Aussie company!

        • Pet Food Reviews (Australia) November 9, 2021 at 9:04 pm

          Mould is a tricky issue. In terms of pet food formulations many brands use artificial preservatives and antioxidants such as BHA and BHT which are known carcinogens. They are, however, effective at preventing mould. Other brands opt for more natural and healthy alternatives such as rosemary, but these foods seem to be more susceptible to mould. Personally I’d opt for the latter, but the affects of mould can be very harmful. From a manufacturer’s standpoint they can do their best to prevent mould from the factory, and in some cases it’s caused by a poor seal on the bag, issues with transport, temperatures, moisture in the air, and also occurs once the bag is opened and how it is stored by the consumer.

          All that said, what you’ve both said about transparency is very apt and really shows the ethics of a company. Many companies remove negative reviews on their own Facebook groups or websites simply because they can – it’s their platform. That’s why it’s best to leave reviews on independent sources (such as this website 😉 ). Frontier Pets by far have had the best ethics and been absolutely up front and issues and how they’ve handled them – so lots of respect there. Veganpet were also very up front about their issues with corn and megaesophagus last year, and if anything they deserve respect for that.

          As Edanna said – we definitely need proper regulation, a logging system for pet food issues, and a recall system. No brainers really.

        • I was disappointed with Frontier lying to a friend though, he had been asking them about the cat food for 3 years and he kept getting lied to. I had to go on Facebook and make up a post, just to get the truth. Which I did, but it should never have been that way in the first place. She should of been honest from the very start about what’s going on with it and the timeframe.

        • Pet Food Reviews (Australia) November 10, 2021 at 9:18 pm

          Frontier Pets have hoped to offer a cat food for quite some time but I think the success and demand of the dog food has made that their primary focus. Hopefully it will happen at some stage.

        • I still don’t condone lying of any kind, was it really so hard to say it’s a machine issue and will be coming in 2022? because I don’t see what the problem with saying that is. I think it’s an issue of food trials though, I think their still trialling it. Could be both though.

          Can you tell me why I cannot edit my older comments? I’d like to edit something, but the button won’t appear. I can see it here, but that’s it.

        • Pet Food Reviews (Australia) November 11, 2021 at 6:58 pm

          I imagine the machine issue is more a capacity issue, and I believe they are in the process of acquiring another freeze drier (huge machines). Possibly also a formulation and regulation issue, I don’t know, but I’m sure the reason is genuine and I know they’ve had the intention to release a cat food for some time.

          I’ve tweaked the comment settings so you should be able to edit.

        • That’s the problem with no regulations, they can put what they want into the food, market it however they want and delete reviews if it suits them. Meals for Mutts deletes and blocks as well. Australia needs regulations ASAP.

          We could honestly use percentages like in the UK as well, so we can see if the stuff we buy is truly quality or trash.

          Mould that causes itching, how interesting, I thought there was only the one type. Like I know there’s many moulds, but I thought 1 type as in makes you sick. Interesting that there’s itching moulds out there.

        • Well it could have been an ingredient they reacted too, the vet just thought it was interesting that both dogs reacted! All I know is they almost back to normal now they back on their old food!

        • Update – they may delete reviews but they did give me a full refund and deal with the issue professionally.

        • So much bad publicity, maybe they’ve changed who knows. But honestly they should remove the bulls**t claims and be real about their food. Like one claim they made is their food replaces your vet, umm what?

  13. I have a very fussy dog who rejects just about everything except chicken necks but he is very happy with this product but I don’t feed it exclusively. Additionally one of my other dogs had itchy skin which has cleared up since he started on this. They get small amount for breakfast and normal raw meat diet for tea. Happy with the product, no problems at all.

  14. I have a whippet that suffers from an irritable bowel so thought this food would be good after reading reviews.
    I have 2 whippets and switched both dogs onto this food and after a month I had to stop feeding them this food due to serious heath concerns with my whippet that suffers from IBS. She started to shake, pant heavily and appeared to be in alot of pain every 4 hours after eating this food. Both dogs also went from having normal stools to smelly mucusy ones. I have switched back to my old food that I was feeding them and all symptoms have stopped. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS FOOD

    • Hi what is your old dog food brand?

    • There are specific foods that just do not work with IBS or IBD, foods often high in fat or the wrong types of fats, certain carbs as well, especially legumes due to causing a lot of gas and gas can be very painful.

      I’d say it was the latter in this case, the fats used are not suitable for your dogs. I’d also use lower fat foods, around 12-14% instead. Using digestive enzymes and probiotics will help too.

      Inside Out is a good probiotic with digestive enzymes, could get the 40g to try out, if it doesn’t work that’s okay cause it was only 40g.

      One thing I hate the most with this food is the marketing hype, not every dog will do good on every food, they market it like this is the best food in the world.

      Just because it contains hemp oil, doesn’t automatically mean it’s the best food in the world. Lots of dogs react badly to hemp oil, they remove all the bad reviews as well.

      What a great company huh? load of bs like most other companies in Australia, all marketing and profit and deleting comments that don’t support them.

      The food is also grossly overpriced for those ingredients. Nothing in there not even the hemp oil, is that expensive.

      • yup i totally agree with you my dog reacted badly to this food and I thought the reviews were amazing so I bought the 20kl bag at $190 of which i could not get a refund.

        • They wouldn’t refund you? what?!? that’s insane, do they think that everyone can just dish out their dollars and have plenty in reserve. I mean some live pay check to pay check, imagine them loosing $190, disastrous.

          If it was human products you could report them to the ACCC I think was their name. For refusing a refund. Did you perhaps use PayPal, they might refund you, people said they do that.

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