Alternative dog food reviews

Alternative dog food reviews

Pet Food Reviews originally only covered dry dog foods (kibbles), but over time many brands of dog food sprung up which were neither dry nor wet.

This collection of “alternative dog food” reviews covers the following types of dog food sold in Australia:

  • Air-dried dog foods
  • Freeze-dried dog foods
  • Made to order dog foods

Generally the quality of these types of dog food is better than kibble, but may also cost more. Many are deterred by the price of alternative dog foods simply because they compare them to kibble, but these cannot be compared like for like – most kibbles contain a great deal of carbohydrates which serve to fill the product and keep the cost down, but often provide little nutrition for your dog.

Alternative dog food reviews

Most of the alternative dog foods on the following list are formulated more appropriately for your dog and their nutritional requirements.

It’s also worth noting variety is a very good thing in a dog’s diet. There is no reason you should feed any of the following products as the only food for your dog.

Alternative dog food reviews

Air and freeze dried foods are generally more expensive due to their higher quality, so take advantage of offers from Pet Circle or My Pet Warehouse or use Sniff Out to find the best prices on pet products in Australia.

Would you like us to review an alternative dog food not on this list?

If there’s an alternative dog food not reviewed then let us know via the Facebook page or leave a comment below. Please keep in mind with dog food brands constantly changing or being introduced it may take a few weeks for a review to be added! I do my best!

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I’d love your thoughts and feedback, and others would to. Please comment if you have anything to add! Pet Food Reviews takes up huge amounts of my time, so if these reviews have helped you, please tell others! The small commissions from the “where to buy links” really help, so please use them! Thank you 🙂

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5 months ago

Would love to see you review “Proudi”

6 months ago

I would be interested to see a review on Big Dog raw Food.

6 months ago

Wonderful!! Thanks.
I couldn’t find it in the other reviews.

6 months ago
Reply to  Sharelle

Sorry, I just noticed the (freshly written).

6 months ago

What’s your opinion on the FürFresh freeze dried food based in Australia? 🙂
(Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask)

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