Buyer’s Guide: Coles Dog Foods

I’ve often found Coles dog foods better on average than those in Woolies, which is good for you if it’s your supermarket of choice.

That said, some of the Coles dog food brands are worth avoiding, and many unsuspecting Aussies fall for clever marketing and feed their dogs unhealthy dog foods. Don’t be one of them!

Hopefully the below list of Coles dog foods + reviews + ratings will help you make a better choice for your dog’s health.

Personally I feed all my “carnivorous” pets a mix of foods, including fresh and raw. The first step in feeding your dog a healthier diet is understanding what’s in the dog food you feed, and go from there!

Most dog foods in Coles can also be found on Pet Circle or   which can actually be cheaper, and saves lugging a heavy bag of dog food home. They also offer better brands.

If there’s a dog food in Coles not on this list, please mention it in the comments below! Thanks!

Coles Dog Food Brands

1 Supercoat Dog Food Review

Supercoat Dog Food Review

Supercoat is great value for money, but understanding the ingredients can really help you boost your dog’s health. Find out more in the Supercoat dog food review!
2 Applaws Dog Food Review

Applaws Dog Food Review

The best thing I can say about Applaws is it offers a great mix of quality and price. Most of us can’t afford the crazy prices of top brands, especially if we have a larger dog or multiple dogs. With over 50% meat and no warning signs in the …
3 Optimum Dog Adult Chicken Rice And Veg 15kg

Optimum Dog Food Review

Optimum from Mars is the budget Advance, full of grains and ambiguous ingredients. Makes you wonder why Dr Chris Brown endorses it.
4 Farmers Market Dry Dog Food Adult Beef Vegetables 2 X 6.8kg

Farmers Market Dog Food Review

If you’re limited to buying dog food at the supermarket, then Farmers Market dry dog food is possibly one of the better options.
5 Natures Goodness Dog Food Review

Nature’s Goodness Dog Food Review

In our Natures Goodness dog food review we’ll find out if “grainfree nutrition” is good for your dog or just marketing.
6 Natures Gift Dog Food Review

Nature’s Gift Dog Food Review

Not a great dog food by all means. Deceivingly very high carbohydrates from wheat, rice, and potato. What would you expect from a supermarket brand?
7 Pedigree Adult Beef 20kg

Pedigree Dog Food Review

Read our Pedigree dog food review to find out whether this really is a quality pet food…
8 Goodo Minis

Good-o Dog Food Review

No no no no no. Not goodo. Goodo is a Mars brand, and too be honest you’re better off feeding your dog Mars Bars.
9 My Dog dog food review

My Dog Dog Food Review

Is My Dog good for your dog? As one of the cheapest Mars brands, it’s actually more coloured-cereals than anything meaty, even if it says “gourmet” on the bag. Read the My Dog review.
10 Woofin Good Dry Dog Food Review

Woofin Good Dog Food Review

For our Woofin’ Good! dog food review we’ll take a look at the Chicken, Rice & Vegetables formula, but the ingredients are similar in Beef, Rice & Vegetable as well as the puppy formula.
11 Purina Lucky Dog

Purina Lucky Dog Dog Food Review

Unlucky Dog would be more apt for this terrible product labelled as “dog food”. By-products of cereals are waste products not dog food.
12 Coles Complete Balance Dog Food Review

Complete Balance Dog Food Review

Are poor quality grains damaging for a dog? Find out more in our Coles Complete Balance dog food review…
13 4Legs dog food review

4Legs Dog Food Review

4Legs dog foods are popular, but why? Do you really know how these products are made, or how healthy they are for your dog?

What are your thoughts on Coles dog foods?

I would really love your thoughts on Coles dog foods. Do you shop in-store or online? How have you found them for price, reliability, and customer service?

Coles dog foods
Coles dog foods

Let me know in the comments, as it helps me, and it helps other Australian dog owners!

Alternative Retailers

The retailers I personally recommend based on my experience of reliability and price are Pet Circle (online retailer) and   (online and store).

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  1. Hi, Thankyou so much for your extremely helpful & informative website. We currently feed our two moodles, Applaws, because of your 8/10 review. We were buying Blackhawk but with two it’s gets expensive. We may still buy it every so often. Coles has 2.7kg bags of Applaws for $21 & it is on special at times. We have bought it online but usually instore. Our dogs eat it with no worries. We add a bit of moist food to the Applaws, boiled chicken, 4 legs & Optimum tins (but might forgo optimum now!). I’ll look at some other moist options. We do buy Woofin good dog treats too at Coles plus greenies online where ever we can get a good price. Thankyou again,
    Erica from SA

  2. Coles sells 2 very cheap solid dog foods (3kg for $7 total)One labeled With Beef, the other With Chicken and a picture of a Border Collie.Both 22% protein. My dog will eat it..

  3. My Standard Poodle just loves his GoodOs more than anything else. He has other food to go with them of course but GoodOs, a small amount is all he wants . Turns his nose up and will not eat Royal Canin, and lots of the very expensive dry foods. He is very healthy and happy. So nothing wrong with Some GoodOs. if I took notice of every thing I read on feeding my dog, he would starve.

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