My Dog Dog Food Review

My Dog Dog Food Review
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The slogan for My Dog is “Love them back”, suggesting that you’re returning their love by feeding them “delicious meals” that give “the very best nutrition”.

Don’t be fooled by marketing.

I’ll start off with a few key points, none of which are positive, but they are factual. For this review I’m looking at the With Prime Beef dry food recipe. The key word here is with – we often see this on poor quality foods and it simply means there has to be some form of beef in the food. It doesn’t mean the food is based on beef, it just means it requires some trace amount of beef. In layman’s terms that means the beef will be insignificant.

My Dog Dog Food Review

The natural canine diet to provide the very best nutrition is meat. This food is predominantly cheap cereal grains. They’re not even decent grains. How can they justify this food is nutritional? It isn’t.

If a dog has allergies or itchy skin then the main culprit is cheap grains, especially wheat, which is what we find here in the top spot. These grains – corn, wheat, and rice – provide little nutritional value. Corn inflates protein, but it’s not a protein easily digested by our dogs. They’re much better off with a decent meat source.

Thankfully we find meat as the second ingredient, but it’s in the worst form possible. When I see Meat and Meat By-Products on a label I read this as meat wastage. It’s guaranteed to be the worst parts of the animals that have been thrown in the pot, minced up, and cooked. Not nice. Also, once cooked into a kibble we’ll find most of it cooked off, making the next ingredient more significant. That ladies and gentleman, is yet another cheap grain ingredient – cereal protein. That tells me they’ve purposely inflated the protein in the food because the meat content is severely lacking.

Poultry digest is gross. It’s a broth from cooking up our cheap meats and by-products. Dead, dying, diseased animals, tumors, cysts, and who knows what else. Lucky dip?

Beet pulp is found in a lot of foods. It’s high in sugar, but also artificially hardens stools to give the impression a food is good quality. Feeding significant amounts of beet pulp over a long period of time can cause colon problems. If you love your dog then why would you do that to them?

I’ll finish off this review with glycerol (glycerin). It’s an ingredient not found in many foods, and a simple rule to take home is this – If a dog food contains glycerol, don’t buy it.

Oh hold on, we also have food colourings. Why on earth would your dog care what colour their food is?

It’s also very low in fat, ensuring your dog will be lacking in energy and lust for life.

So there you have it. If you love your dog, don’t feed My Dog.

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Selected Wholegrain Cereals (corn, wheat, rice & barley), Meat and Meat By-Products, Cereal Protein, Poultry Digest, Beet Pulp, Glycerol, Vegetable Oil, Vitamins & Minerals, Salt, Vegetables, Taurine, Flavours, Preservative, Food Colourings, Marigold Meal and Antioxidants.

2 Total Score
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