Good-o Dog Food Review

Good-o Dog Food Review
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Alright, Good-o, let’s see what’s so good-o about this food…

I’ll give it credit for being colourful. The packaging’s colourful, and the food’s colourful too given they use colourings. Sadly your pooch doesn’t get any nutritional benefit from eating food colourings, so it’s a moot point.

Good-o Dog Food Review

The packaging states quality meat proteins and wholegrain cereals for healthy digestion, but the ingredients show these to be in reverse. Wheat is the main ingredient in this food, being better known as a cheap allergenic filler more than an ingredient for healthy digestion. The meat proteins aren’t screaming quality to me either, being by-products of poultry.

What really screams out to me is the overall analysis – 16% protein is very low, as is a mere 7.5% fat! How will your dog maintain muscle mass? How will your dog find energy? If you find your dog to be lethargic on this food, then I’m really not surprised.

Humectants are used to retain moisture, and it’s likely the real ingredient is glycerin. It prevents nutrient absorption, which is drastic in a food that contains so little nutrition as it is. I wonder what they mean by palatant. What are they using to make the food palatable? Why aren’t they telling you what it is? It should be the meat that makes it palatable for crying out loud. By palatant they mean digest, a nasty broth created from processing 4D animals in a meat rendering plant. 4D stands for Dead, Dying, Diseased, or Down.

They don’t list the amount of salt in the food, but it’s horrible seeing it in the top 5 ingredients.

Good-o Dog Food Review

You may save money buying this food, but you’ll fork out much more on vets bills later when you’re nursing a seriously sick dog.

The Mars company needs to stick to making Mars Bars, they’re healthier.

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Wholegrain cereal (wheat), meat and meat by-products (poultry), humectants, palatant, salt, minerals (including potassium, calcium, phosphorous, iron, zinc, & copper), preservatives, vitamins (including A, B6, B12, D3, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin,folic acid), flavour, methionine, citric acid, colours, antioxidants.

2 Total Score
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Mandy Orchard
4 years ago

Hi I have been buying good os Minis for a few months now and it is quite funny as I mix other biscuits with the good os and my little dog would dig the good os out and leave the rest so happy with the good os I will only buy them from now on. wish I could show a picture of how her bowl is left some days as all the good os are gorn and the other dog biscuits are left

4 years ago
Reply to  Mandy Orchard

Wouldn’t believe the reviews left for moist and meaty on Amazon doesn’t make it a good food.
Drinking a lot or smoking and dying old doesn’t mean it was healthy, same difference.

Joan Furtiere
5 years ago

I have been buying “good os” as a breakfast snack for my dogs for a few years now. The packaging has changed and so has the recipe, my dogs will not eat them at all!, I now find myself with a large bag of mini ones that will not be eaten! Thanks Mars

5 years ago

Funny thing is on the very occasional times this dog food has made it into my house my too little dogs get so excited and wolf down the Goodo like a couple of kids being given Mars bars for the first time.

6 years ago

I actually fed this food with our first chihuahua its probably why he died so young and we were also super dumb and fed cooked bones.

Thing is though there’s always plenty of comments saying “can’t people read?” But if you would of asked my kid self if this dog food was ok to feed I’d have told you “yes” because until I was around 21 and started learning stuff about dog food I actually looked at plenty of dog food ingredient labels and I didn’t see anything wrong with any of them.

6 months ago
Reply to  Veronika

My little chihuahua only ate Good Os and she lived to ripe old age of 17 , she was a very small dog only weighing 1.5 kegs so I do t think there was anything wrong feeding them to her and her parents , they loved them.

6 months ago
Reply to  Veronica

Well he died at age 2. The thing is loads of foods can be bad for dogs, even the best brands. Every dog in the world all 900 million of them, 1 has died from every single food that exists.

Rusty number 1 was a very sick dog, he was never healthy. We gave him all sorts of rubbish, including this food.

It’s fine if you don’t think it’s rubbish, but I’m not about to lie to make someone feel better. I feed 6 foods right now, mostly air dried, a kibble and freeze dried. Oh and like cooked homemade.

My dogs actually look and act healthy, nothing like Rusty. I give supplements for certain ailments mostly joints and yeah, I’d never change a thing.

Even if money was ever an issue I’d still buy Cherish and air dried lol. I mean coming off these anti depressants, I hardly eat, so I could certainly skip a couple things. To get my dogs the best of the best, cause they are so totally worth it.

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