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True Blue Dog Food Review

True Blue dog food is targeted at rural areas to those who simply can't afford the premium products fed by Sydney's investment bankers to their toy poodles ...

Frontier Pets Dog Food Review

Frontier Pets is one of the best dog foods money can buy. Read our independent Frontier Pets dog food review to find out why...

Eureka Dog Food Review

You've heard of ZIWI Peak? Is Australian air-dried dog food Eureka even better? Find out in this review!

Be Frank Dog Food Review

Is Be Frank dog food as honest and transparent as they tell you on the packaging? Let's find out!

Game On Dog Food Review

Your working dog needs a healthy meat-based diet, and the packaging of Game On dog food suggests just this. But how true are these claims? Let's find out...

WolfIt Box Dog Food Review

WolfIt Box is a fresh/raw food delivered to your door, much in the same way as Lyka - a brand which has won hearts in Australia in recent years. WolfIt is ...

Talentail Dog Food Review

Talentail dog food is a decent Australian brand using Australian and New Zealand ingredients. In this review we look at both Talentail Premium and Talentail ...

Leaps & Bounds Dog Food Review

Our Leaps & Bounds dog food review looks at this home brand of Petbarn and City Farmers. Is it any good? Let's see...

Animals Like Us Dog Food Review

It's great to see brands like Animals Like Us on the supermarket shelves. They give a better and healthier alternative to others on the shelves. Many will see ...

4Legs Dog Food Review

4Legs dog foods are popular, but why? Do you really know how these products are made, or how healthy they are for your dog?

Raw & Fresh Dog Food Review

BARF is great for dogs (mostly), and Raw & Fresh dog food is really good - if you live in the Eastern States. Read the review of the dog food!

Advance Dog Food Review

Advance dog food is super popular in the breeder and show dog community, and the marketing is like one of those tennis ball launchers, but what do the ...

Pet Food Reviews (Australia)
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