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To say Frontier Pets cat food is evolutionary may sound a bit far-fetched, but I wholeheartedly think it is.

Many years ago, before I knew better, I fed my cat what I was told was “the best cat food”. I was given the recommendation by my vet, and I trusted the recommendation. In hindsight it seemed crazy I fed hard kibble made of corn and rice to my carnivorous cat to treat his diagnosed renal failure.

Two decades on and that vet-recommended cat food hasn’t changed very much, neither have most cat foods.

What that means is we’re still nutritionally abusing our cats with commercial products which factually aren’t appropriate. It’s debated with dogs, but it’s undisputed in the science world that cats are carnivorous. The diet of carnivorous animals is also factually undisputed. So why are most cat foods made mostly of grain, potatoes, or other starches?

For these reasons I consider cats more abused than dogs in terms of inappropriate pet foods. We have many better options for dogs these days, and better awareness, but cats are mostly overlooked.

That’s why I consider Frontier Pets cat food evolutionary, because it’s made from ingredients your cat really needs, and I’m sure the benefits to their health will be unmeasured.

What’s the real lifespan of a cat when fed a nutritious, true-to-form, carnivorous diet?

Frontier Pets cat food review

What the marketing says

You probably know already I like to pick holes in marketing spiel, but I can’t do that with Frontier Pets – it’s all honest, and all good.

What I love most about this Aussie company is they’re completely against factory farming. One of their key goals is to support Australian free-range farmers, and they’ve done just that with the dog food to date, contributing over $6 million to sustainably farmed produce.

That’s what I call supporting real Australian farming.

I’m sure you can imagine the conditions in factory farms, and I don’t want to paint a picture, so buying free-range produce is so much more ethical, don’t you think?

The Frontier Pets cat food is designed by a practicing Holistic Veterinarian, Dr. Kathy Cornack, using 100% human-quality natural ingredients. 100% of the free-range, fresh ingredients used in Frontier Pets foods are Australian.

Being freeze-dried means nutrients in the food will be unharmed, which is far better than cooked foods/kibble, and adding clean water is a wonderful benefit to your cat. Did you know many cats suffer from lack of moisture intake? As desert animals they depend on moisture from prey, and you don’t find much moisture in regular kibble.

Let’s take a look at the ingredients so you can decide if this is something you want to feed your cat, and why. Even if you decide not to buy this food, I’m sure you’ll pick out some key facts which will benefit the health of your cat!

What the ingredients really say

When you realise how much grain (and other substitutes) is pumped into our cats on a daily basis in the form of what Aussie Vet Dr. Tom Lonsdale refers to as “junk pet food”, you’ll really appreciate the main ingredients in Frontier Pets cat food:

  • Grass-fed beef meat from free-range beef – an excellent source of proteins and fats for your cat.
  • Grass-fed beef tripe from free-range beef – very nutritious and very natural for an ancestral cat’s diet, being rich in all manner of nutrients, omega fatty acids, digestive enzymes and probiotics. Tripe will benefit your cat’s health and wellbeing in many ways.
  • Grass-fed beef liver from free-range beef – one of the most nutritious organs a cat will naturally digest, being packed with vitamins and minerals, protein, and fatty acids. Sadly lacking in almost all cat foods, liver will work wonders for your cat’s health.

This is from the Free-Range Beef formula, and you’ll find the Whole Fish & Lamb formula being very similar but obviously different animal sources.

The above ingredients are true to your pet carnivore’s dietary requirements. Very much so.

The benefits to your cat from eating a food they are biologically designed to digest should pay dividends. I often wonder what the true lifespan of a cat may be, with current cited averages based on a cat population fed inappropriate food.

How long may your cat live on a better, more natural diet?

We’ve covered the main ingredients, so what about the rest?

I’ll forgive you if you skip this next part and go off and buy a bag. For completeness I want to cover the less prominent ingredients as well.

When I first mentioned the release of Frontier Pets cat food on the Facebook page, somebody made a bizarre comment on how terrible this food is because it contains vegetables and fruits.

I have to say I rolled my eyes a little, but you have to expect this stuff on social media. I’d be more against cat foods containing 50% carbs from wheat and cereal by-products, with protein from corn rather than meat. The same would be true for cat foods using fruits and vegetables in excess, which is not the case here.

The carbs in the Frontier Pets cat food recipes sit around 3.5% (freeze-dried), and 0.7% when reconstituted with water. That alone tells you fruits and vegetables have been kept to a beneficial amount.

Fruits and vegetables are mostly carbohydrates and fibre, and there has been numerous research articles which suggest fibre in a cat’s diet can support nutrient utilisation, stool quality (and digestion), and possibly aid hairball management.

A study funded by Purina, had unexpected results that vegetables in a feline diet could aid weight loss.

Let’s skirt over the fruit and vegetables in this food so you can see the benefits:

  • Apple – high in calcium, vitamins C and K, pectin, and high in phytonutrients if you included the skin.
  • Carrot – as well as being a source of fibre to firm up your cat’s stools, carrot is rich in vitamins A, K, B6, and potassium as well.
  • Broccoli – can support digestive function and a healthy bowel in cats.

I see these beneficial in small moderation, so to me Dr. Kathy Cornack has included these with complete consideration for your cat.

The next ingredient, free-range eggs, is excellent for cats – a natural complete protein source. When you think about the purpose of eggs, it’s easy to understand why they’re so nutritious.

The only remaining ingredient is an inclusion of vitamins and minerals, although it’s very likely the main ingredients have covered these completely.

A quick summary

Frontier Pets is an excellent choice for your cat.

Add some chicken necks or carcass to their diet to help keep their teeth clean (and keep them happy) and I’m pretty sure you’re onto an absolute winner.

If only cat foods like this, with your cat in mind, were the norm rather than the rare exception. I’m sure we’d have a far healthier cat population, and lots of vets twiddling their thumbs with little to do.

Trying to decide on the Beef or Whole Fish formulas? Why not rotate between the two? Consider variety a good thing!

If you can’t justify the cost of Frontier Pets (it seems expensive compared to cat foods made of wheat and corn!), then feed it as part of the diet or a “topper” – your cat will still benefit from this!

Where to buy?

Frontier Pets is available to buy direct from their website. Here’s a link:


Ingredients of Frontier Pets cat food (Free-range Beef formula):

Grass-fed beef meat from free-range beef, Grass-fed beef tripe from free-range beef, Grass-fed beef liver from free-range beef, Certified organic seasonal fruit and vegetables (including apple, carrot and broccoli), Free-range eggs, Added vitamins and minerals


Typical composition of Frontier Pets cat food (Free-range Beef formula):

Carbohydrates3.5% (0.7% rehydrated)
Note: These are specified as typical Freeze-Dried values.

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9.8 Total Score
Frontier Pets Cat Food Review

If supporting an Australian pet food company isn't your thing, or supporting ethical Australian farming, then the fact Frontier Pets is an excellent choice for the health of your carnivorous cat may sway you into trying this wonderful cat food.

  • Meat, tripe, liver - excellent for your cat!
  • Ethically farmed from Australian farmers (no factory farming)
  • 100% Australian, from human-quality ingredients
  • Freeze-dried keeps nutrients intact, and adding clean water is fantastic for your cat


David D'Angelo

David D'Angelo has worked as a scientist since graduating with a BSc (Hons) in 2000. In addition, David holds a CPD accredited Diploma in Pet Nutrition as well as being CPD accredited VSA (Veterinary Support Assistant). However, his experience and involvement in the pet food industry for 15+ years has given true insight into pet food, formulations, science, research, and pet food marketing. Facebook | LinkedIn | Instagram | Pinterest

  1. I almost ordered after reading your review until I saw on their website vitamin K3????? That’s a definite nope from me

  2. Hi,
    I have 8 cats ranging in age from 3 – 11yrs. Ilways come here to check your reviews & try & find the most cost affective way to feed my cats & 3 dogs. Dogs are sorted as only small breeds & get kibble with frontier or those little natural balls from 4 legs on top as most cost effective for them.
    I am finding it hard to find good quality cost effective dry & wet food for the cats. Currently feeding leaps & bounds grain free dry & wet food. Not sure its the best option for them being all indoor cats. ( Im working on a cat enclosure).
    Any suggestions would be great.

    • Reply
      Pet Food Reviews (Australia) October 3, 2023 at 12:06 am

      Hi Jos, a good starting point might be this page .

      Indoor cat foods can be higher carbs, and given cats don’t need carbs they’re not ideal. Personally I would feed a more meat-based kibble even if it’s for “outdoor cats” and your cats are indoor. Cats eat to satiate, so rarely overeat. In fact the only reason they overeat is when consuming a kibble with a lot of carbohydrates, because they’re forced to to get enough meat to satiate on. If that makes sense? (Writing this late at night!)

  3. Thought I should add my tale as caution.

    I bought this food (both the lamb/fish and beef) based off this website review (I use HEP dry and Applaws wet and was looking for a replacement). It seems good and reasonably priced per meal. However I had issues with it:

    1. The website video and food bag says add water for 10-30sec. After 20mins of waiting, it had barely absorbed any water. After enquiring, they sent me an email with a picture of pellets sitting in a pool of water saying that is what it should be – quite different to what I expected of food rehydrating and not how it looks on the picture on back of the packet.

    2. The food has a strong smell of offal/liver. My cat, similar to Lizee above, took a sniff, meowed unhappily and walked away. (The website says “At the time of writing this, no pet has been unhappy with our product.” Maybe it was written before the cat food was created.)

    3. Eventually she ate her old food with some of the new food mixed in (hunger and time will eventually do that). Over the night she vomited 9 times. I won’t feed it to her again, and it hasn’t happened again since.

    I emailed them to enquire about a refund for the other 890g in the bag. They told me to keep trying it but I won’t. They said the vomiting was maybe my cat unable to digest raw food, rather than anything to do with their food itself. I can’t refund so it’s now (like Lizee) donated to a dog.

    Not saying don’t get this, but be aware before you invest.

    • Reply
      Pet Food Reviews (Australia) July 17, 2023 at 4:32 pm

      Hi YM, thanks for offering feedback of the Frontier Pets cat food.

      My thoughts on what you’ve said would be:

      1. Yes, I think many expect the freeze dried pieced to fully reconstitute but they don’t. Warm (but not hot) water helps, but admittedly that’s a bit of a faff. Nevertheless you’re still giving your cat vital clean water which is something kibble doesn’t offer – I see lack of moisture in a cat’s diet to be very harmful over the long term, so even if it doesn’t fully reconstitute it’s still very beneficial.

      2. A cat’s natural diet includes offal and liver. In fact these ingredients are the healthiest inclusions in a cat’s diet, so really this is a smell you want. I think the issue might be your cat’s not used to it, and cat’s being habitual and slightly autistic fail to recognise a new food as food. With kibbles these nutrients are often added after the kibble is extruded as a “vitamin/mineral pack”, which is why many cat foods contain inappropriate ingredients like grain and then “fix the issue” by adding essential vitamins and minerals back in.

      3. The vomiting is more a concern, and there may be various reasons for this. As Frontier Pets have said, if you keep trying you may find the sickness subsides within a day or too. It’s common for cats and dogs to become sick on a new food, which can be more from being fed a limited diet previously for many months. However, prolonged sickness would be more a concern, and an underlying condition like pancreatitis may be a cause – this is something which should be considered, particularly if your cat is middle aged to senior years, and consulting your vet may be worthwhile if you believe this is a possibility. It may well be a reaction to the newly introduced Frontier Pets, or it could be one of these other causes.

  4. Hi there! Thanks for your review! I just read your review on Feline Natural. Being both freeze dried, they seem pretty similar in terms of nutrition and quality. Do you have a preference between the two of them? Frontier Pets is cheaper but would you say one is more complete or better than the other? thank you!

    • Tried this on our cat with both types and the cat does not like it at all. Started throwing up as well with it. Now I need to find a cat to give this away to as it wasn’t a cheap trial.

    • Reply
      Pet Food Reviews (Australia) June 20, 2023 at 4:36 pm

      Hi Claire, both are good, and both are “complete and balanced” in terms of nutrition. Frontier Pets have less overheads from selling directly, and it’s made in Australia as well. Feline Natural has import costs and retailer costs which is likely the reason it costs more, and neither matters to your cat. That said, both are really good choices. Personally I would feed some raw chicken necks, wings, drumsticks as well as these are both good for your cat’s teeth as well as good for keeping them mentally stimulated and occupied.

  5. Our royal cat family of 5, His & Her highnesses, took a whiff of Frontier’s Fish & Lamb and decided it wasn’t good enough for them however our Kelpie absolutely loves it, as soon as she can smell the bag open she is seated and ready. My only annoyance is having to wait for the water to absorb, takes a little while longer than I had expected. Otherwise the product is clearly of good quality ingredients.

  6. So great to find this review as we are about to try Frontier’s new cat line. Any chance you’ve tried Sosa ( They claim to be complete and balanced but haven’t found any reviews online…

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