Raw dog food delivery

Raw dog food delivery

Yep, it’s a thing! Raw dog food delivery is available in all Australian urban areas, and even some rural areas may benefit from such a service.

Raw dog food can be much healthier than processed biscuits or corn in a can coloured to look like meat. Most raw diets (or BARF) take the pain away from making it at home, without the risk of getting it wrong.

It’s a costlier option, but also very convenient. Handy for those who work long hours and don’t fancy chopping up lamb heart and liver when they get home from work. Especially when MAFS is on.

On this page I’ll jot down options Australia-wide and per city. If you have any local recommendations please comment, as there are many raw dog food companies springing up all over the place.

Due diligence on raw dog food deliveries

When choosing a raw dog food, especially from local companies who plaster stickers on all the bins in the dog park, it’s worth doing due dilligence.

Here are some pointers:

  • Is the meat human grade or pet grade? In Australia there’s a vast difference in quality between the two, so opt for human grade if at all possible. Pet grade meats have resulted in numerous problems in Australia such as excessive sulphite preservatives, foreign object contaminants, and as recently as 2021 saw toxic horse meat sold as raw dog food (labelled as beef).
  • Is the diet formulated as a complete raw dog food diet, or is it just “mince”? Local butchers often sell pet mince which is a churned up mash of leftovers – fine in moderation, but likely won’t cover all nutritional requirements. Properly formulated raw dog food will contain a ratio of 80/10/10 (80% meat, 80% bone, 80% offal), which will be inclusive of liver, and often a few extras such as oils, pre/probiotics, turmeric, garlic, and so forth.
  • What is the reputation of the company? Honestly, reputation goes a long way. I hear terrible stories about many dubious offshoot raw sellers, and given our lack of regulations it’s possible for these companies to bend the rules or outright lie.
  • Transparency. If a company won’t disclose their ingredients, or grade of meat, then avoid. Simple as that.

Raw dog food delivery – Nationwide

At the time of writing only a few pet food companies have managed to implement logistics to deliver nationwide. With fresh raw food it is nigh on impossible to ship to rural areas unless you opt for freeze-dried or air-dried raw, so I’ll list those too.

All these dog foods are available in all Australian metro areas – Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney.

Raw dog food delivery nationwide:

  • Lyka (🇦🇺 Fresh raw) – available direct from their website (20% off first order with link).
  • Petzyo (🇦🇺 BARF) – available direct from their website (20% off first order with link).
  • Frontier Pets (🇦🇺 Freeze-dried raw) – available direct from their website.
  • Balanced Life (🇦🇺 Air-dried raw) – available from multiple retailers.
  • K9 Natural (🇳🇿 Freeze-dried raw) – available from multiple retailers.
  • ZIWIPeak (🇳🇿 Air-dried raw) – available from multiple retailers.
  • Woof and Meow (🇳🇿 Freeze-dried raw) – available from multiple retailers and some supermarkets.
  • Raw Meow (🇦🇺 Freeze-dried raw – only for cats) – available from their website.

All the above should be readily available. It’s common these days for raw dog food companies to ship direct, cutting out the middle-man retailer to offer you a better product for an affordable price.

Air-dried and freeze-dried raw foods should be available via a regular delivery service, usually including rural areas.

ZIWIPeak and K9 Natural are big brands worldwide, with a lot of great consumer feedback. Being “dried” means they’re not raw par-se, but as dried raw offer a great deal of convenience.

The remaining dried raw brands should also be readily available.

Raw dog food delivery – By local area

The following are in addition to those listed under “Raw dog food delivery – Nationwide”.

As it is harder for me to track raw dog food companies in individual metro areas feel free to add suggestions in the comments.

⚠️ Please note: Refer to the due diligence section above. I have little to no consumer feedback on many of these brands.








Recommend a raw dog food delivery company!

Raw dog food delivery companies spring up and disappear all the time, so please comment if you have anything useful to add.

If you speak with any of the above companies, or work for them, and can provide further info then please do.

If you can clarify human grade or pet grade meat with any of the above, please do so.

Hopefully this raw dog food delivery guide is useful!!

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