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BARF is a great way to feed your dog a far more natural diet than processed kibble, or even wet food for that matter.

It’s not without drawbacks, and I’ll cover the risk with the most impact to health later (which applies to most dog foods, not just Raw & Fresh).

Raw & Fresh dog food works on a delivery service, arriving fresh (not frozen) at your door. That’s if you live in the Eastern states that is, and if you don’t check out brands like Lyka, Frontier Pets and Eureka who do deliver nationally – all of which are very good.

I’m a big fan of raw dog foods such as this. There seem to be many of these companies springing up all over Australia, and it seems Raw & Fresh have become very popular.

Let’s take a look!

Raw & Fresh dog food review

What the marketing says

I’ll skirt over the marketing with what I consider the key points – the points which may matter to you. I’ll work on the basis you already know the benefits of raw dog food seeing as you’ve come to this review.

  • Only human grade produce – I consider this the biggest plus when it comes to a raw/BARF brand, as the standard is so much better than pet grade (trust me on that!)
  • Hormone-free, free range, and fresh from the farm – this is far better for your conscience, and more ethical, than buying a dog food made with factory farmed animals.
  • All ingredients are sourced within Australia – which I know will win hearts with many of us. We love to support Australian businesses, don’t we?

When it comes to the formulas they offer a variety – two are AAFCO compliant, which means “complete and balanced” to cover all the nutrition your dog needs, and these are the Complete Beef and Complete Roo formulas. You may decide to opt for both, because variety is good(!), although the Roo formula might work well for weight management or allergies.

There’s also some more basic formulas (“essentials”) which work well as part of a diet, or perhaps a great way for you to break into full raw feeding, or save you some preparation!

If you have a cat, keep in mind there’s Raw & Fresh cat food as well.

For the sake of the Raw & Fresh dog food review we’ll focus on the Complete Beef formula.

What the ingredients really say

The last raw food review I wrote was The Nosh Project, which serves as an excellent comparison to show why Raw & Fresh is better. You see, with that raw food, also “human grade”, you’ll find there really isn’t much meat in it, which is deceiving.

With Raw & Fresh, however, you’ll find ingredients which really do matter to your dog – beef meat, chicken meat, chicken bones (ground), chicken heart, beef liver, beef kidneys, lamb heart, and beef spleen.

You can see a good visual representation of Raw & Fresh dog food here:

Raw and Fresh dog food sample
Image source: Raw & Fresh

Some of those may sound gruesome to you, but these are where the real nutrition is, the nutrition your dog needs to thrive.

If you have a lot of time on your hands, get hold of the ingredients of one of those scientific vet-endorsed dog foods, and start Googling the names of some of the more minor ingredients after the cereal grains.

Here’s some examples:

  • Biotin – Sourced from organ meats, eggs, fish, meat, etc.
  • Niacin – Sourced from fish, beef, chicken, turkey, etc.
  • Thiamin – Sourced from meat, fish, etc.
  • Taurine – Meat, dairy, fish, etc.

Granted, there are alternative sources of these nutrients in grains, vegetables, and other alternatives, but you have to assume your dog will readily digest these better from animal ingredients.

The conclusion you can draw, is most nutrients required in dog food (as stipulated by the AAFCO standards), can naturally be source from animal ingredients – so why not just feed those to your dog?

What else is in Raw & Fresh dog food?

I’ve covered the important of animal ingredients in BARF enough (much more than I planned!), so lets look at the rest of the formula.

Some BARF foods, like Proudi, are all animal, whereas many include other ingredients like vegetables and superfoods. I consider these beneficial to a dog in moderation, which is the case in Raw & Fresh dog foods.

In the Complete Beef formula we find the following, each being a source of vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids, and fibre – and all should help boost your dog’s immune system, wellbeing, skin and coat health, and hopefully lead to much better health than they would get from a processed kibble:

Vegetables: Spinach, sweet potato, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, carrot, broccoli.

Superfoods: Sunflower seeds, chia seeds, wheat germ oil, cod liver oil, omega oil.

I realise die-hard raw feeders see these ingredients as non-essentials, but when it comes to a canine diet I see all these as beneficial for all manner of reasons. I estimate carbs to be 2.9% (based on wet values), which isn’t much at all in the way of carbs.

A quick summary

I have to say I really like Raw & Fresh – dog foods and cat foods. I like the company ethics, the fact it’s all human grade, and I wholeheartedly believe a food as good as this will really benefit your dog (or cat).

Being delivered to your door, for most of us busy people, is also a huge benefit. Preparing raw yourself is a huge chore, so why not have it delivered in convenient-sized packets easy to feed to your pet?

Where to buy?

Buy directly from the Raw & Fresh website.

The main problem with BARF

I think my next post will cover the problems with BARF as a feeding style, although it’s a problem with most dog-feeding styles period, is this:

Wet foods do not provide a natural way for a dog to retain good dental health, which wild carnivores achieve from chewing and gnawing flesh and bone of prey.

BARF food contains ground bones, which don’t serve this purpose. Dr Ian Billinghurst, the Australian pioneer of BARF, knows this, and writes about it, so it’s a shame this oversight remains so unconsidered.

The best suggestion I have is to feed raw meaty bones alongside a BARF diet, but keep in mind if your dog devours too much bone, along with the bone in the BARF, this can cause an excess of calcium – not good.

If your dog chews a bone, but doesn’t actually consume it, then that’s fine. You’ll just need appropriate bones, as chicken necks, wings, and carcass will easily be consumed.


Ingredients of Raw & Fresh dog food (Complete Beef for Dogs formula):

Beef Meat, Chicken Meat, Chicken Cages, Chicken Heart, Beef Liver, Beef Kidneys, Lamb Heart, Spinach, Sweet Potato, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Kale, Carrot, Beef Spleen, Sunflower Seeds, Broccoli, Chia Seeds, Wheat Germ Oil, Cod Liver Oil, Omega Oil

Please note: I’ve noticed ingredients may vary, so the above may not be the current ingredients.


Typical composition of Raw & Fresh dog food (NOTE: These are from the Beef Essentials formula as the Complete Beef AAFCO formula does not have these figure on the website):

Ash1g per 100g
CarbohydratesEstimated 2.9%
Note: These are wet weight values so cannot be compared to dry foods.

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9 Total Score
Raw & Fresh Dog Food Review

  1. Only problem that has me not yet repeating an order is that it’s stated to use it within a day of opening. I’m not sure if that’s to encourage people to get the smaller, substantially more expensive single day packets, or unlike the much cheaper Premi-yum, it’s simply what happens if no perservatives (I note Premi-yum adds Thiamine and Taurine to cater for its bisuphite’s effect on them.)

    But still, human chicken mince isn’t even vacuum packed and survives a week. Maybe it’s the offal?

    • The only reason Id say to eat the raw meat within 1 day of opening, is because the meat isnt the freshest, & when they get it, it might only have a couple days life left, they buy cheaper raw meat??
      It wouldnt be human grade raw meat, like you said human grade meat last 7 + day life..
      I want to try Raw & Fresh but Im worried its very high fat, looking at pictures I cant see heaps of fat, alot of raw dog meats are very high fat to get their weight up & make more money the leaner the meat the dearer the meat is in Supermarkets for us humans, so it would be the same for dogs..
      Best to make your own raw, thats what I’ve been doing, buying human meats when on special & she eats her kibble aswell.

    • Reply
      Pet Food Reviews (Australia) September 27, 2023 at 8:32 pm

      Interesting observation, and I could only guess myself at the reason why – precautionary, slower processing, offal, or like you say a way to sell smaller packets. It’s possible they would last a week anyway – not that dog’s have much issues with smell meat – and better not to have preservatives as well.

  2. Raw & Fresh is the BEST:
    – human grade
    – made fresh weekly/delivered weekly
    – delivered in bulk at v reasonable prices OR via portions to be frozen
    – the pets LOVE it
    – fantastic customer service
    Love this company – fan for life.

  3. LOVE this company/food is SO high quality!
    We have been using raw and fresh for over a year – after trying Lyka, Frontier, Organic Paws, Big Dog, Proudi as well as making our own. This company is FANtastic.

    First – you must order weekly – its literally farm to table.
    Second, you can get it in Kilo form and divide up yourself MUCH cheaper – OR – already put into meal sized portions. We prefer to get the kilo to cut down on plastic – but the other is nice to have. Dogs LOVE ALL – the beef, the chicken – we get the complete/with veg & offal. Finally – last but never least – the people who work/run the company are WONDERFUL. I’ve had several stuffups and they are quick to find solutions, friendly and very customer oriented.
    Best of the best, this company 🙂

  4. I have been using Raw & Fresh for 1 year now and the product and delivery service is excellent. the convenient pouches are very handy

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