Australian Made Dog Food
Frontier Pets Dog Food Review

Frontier Pets is one of the best dog foods money can buy. Read our independent Frontier Pets dog food review to find out why...

Bugsy Dog Food Review

One of the best Australian dog foods, Bugsy's is an air dried raw dog food packed with nutrition and no fillers. Read more in this review.

Big Dog Dog Food Review

Our Big Dog dog food review takes a look at these readily available frozen raw dog dinners and whether they are any good.

Raw & Fresh Dog Food Review

BARF is great for dogs (mostly), and Raw & Fresh dog food is really good - if you live in the Eastern States. Read the review of the dog food!

Applaws Dog Food Review

If you're looking for a decent dog food which is both easy to get hold of and affordable, then Applaws might tick your boxes. It's not the most premium dog ...

Ivory Coat Grain Free Dog Food Review

Ivory Coat started as a dog shampoo company before releasing a dry dog food. The company is now owned by Real Pet Food Co. Australia.

True Blue Dog Food Review

True Blue dog food is targeted at rural areas to those who simply can't afford the premium products fed by Sydney's investment bankers to their toy poodles ...

WolfIt Box Dog Food Review

WolfIt Box is a fresh/raw food delivered to your door, much in the same way as Lyka - a brand which has won hearts in Australia in recent years. WolfIt is ...

Leaps & Bounds Dog Food Review

Our Leaps & Bounds dog food review looks at this home brand of Petbarn and City Farmers. Is it any good? Let's see...

Healthy Active Pet Dog Food Review

Country of originAustraliaAvailable fromDirect - 20% off with this link! If you want to feed your dog a really high quality dog food, would like the food ...

Supercoat Dog Food Review

Supercoat is great value for money, but understanding the ingredients can really help you boost your dog's health. Find out more in the Supercoat dog food ...

SavourLife Dog Food Review

Looking for an Australian dry dog food? SavourLife is really good, and a donation is made to dog rescue with every bag.

Pet Food Reviews (Australia)
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