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Next Generation Holistic Dog Food Review

RatingWebsiteNext GenerationCountry of originAustralia Next Generation Update 30/05/2018 - Formula changed for the worse. Reduction in protein from 25% ...

Nature’s Gift Dog Food Review

Not a great dog food by all means. Deceivingly very high carbohydrates from wheat, rice, and potato. What would you expect from a supermarket brand?

Ivory Coat Grain Free Dog Food Review

Ivory Coat started as a dog shampoo company before releasing a dry dog food. The company is now owned by Real Pet Food Co. Australia.

Nature’s Goodness Dog Food Review

In our Natures Goodness dog food review we'll find out if "grainfree nutrition" is good for your dog or just marketing.

Meals for Mutts Grain Free Dog Food Review

In our Meals for Mutts dog food review (grain free) we'll see how this Australian brand stacks up compared to other "premium" brands?

Winning Edge Dog Food Review

WTF comes to mind when you realise this "dog food" is essentially waste product from the grain industry. Definitely not recommended.

True Blue Dog Food Review

Terrible product labelled as "dog food". Grains and grain by-products of various kinds aren't a nutritious canine diet. Avoid.

Boomer Dog Food Review

By-products of grain aren't a healthy diet for a dog. The reason this is cheap is it's not a nutritious canine diet.

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