Winning Edge Dog Food Review

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I think this is the worst “dog food” reviewed on this website. Very low in what is essential to a dog’s health – meat protein, and extremely high in what’s bad for a dog’s health – carbohydrates/sugars.

Winning Edge Dog Food Review

When you feed this food you’re feeding wheaten meal pretty much in entirety. If this is all you feed, day in day out, then I can’t imagine your dog will retain good health. Being scavengers they’ll eat it if you put it in their bowl, but is it what you should be feeding a carnivorous animal? Even if they were omnivore, like us, does this sound like a healthy diet?

12% protein is terrible. Carbs are estimated at 77%. Absolutely shocking. You’d be better off feeding your dog waste product from a grain mill. It wouldn’t be much different to this.

Winning Edge Dog Food Review

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Wholegrain wheaten meal, meat meal (from beef & sheep registered abattoirs), di calcium phosphate, salt brewers yeast, garlic & kelp, vitamins A, D3, E, C, B12, B6, B1, B2, Folic & trace minerals including potassium, selenium & chromium.

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  1. Poor dogs that have to eat this food, breakfast cereals like Nutri-grain would probably be healthier & have higher protein % (Plant Protein) then Winning Edge has, the amount of carbs in this food is disgusting 77.3% & only 12% protein meat that comes from abattoirs, fly blown meat scraps yuk, poor dogs…. Foods like Winning Edge should be taken off the market..

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