Australian Made Dog Food
XP3020 Dog Food Review

Looking for an Australian dry dog food which is open and honest about their ingredients?

K9 Natural Dog Food Review

A fantastic raw dog diet, freeze dried for convenience. K9 Natural is very good.

Performadog Dog Food Review

Performadog is an Australian high protein dry dog food. Read our unbiased review to determine if this could be the right food for your dog.

Delicate Care Dog Food Review

Is Delicate Care the new and improved generation of vet-endorsed dry dog food? Read our review to find out more.

Cherish Dog Food Review

Cherish dry dog food is a decent mid range affordable dog food. How does it stack up against other brands of food?

Hypro Premium Dog Food Review

Hypro is the manufacturer of Meals for Mutts, so it's expected Hypro Premium dry dog food is similar.

Vetalogica Dog Food Review

Vetalogica have shown to be one of the better Australian brands. They formulate their foods with one important consideration in mind - dogs are essentially ...

Instinctive Bite Dog Food Review

Instinctive Bite is Pet Circle's answer to a decent home brand. Don't let the words "home brand" put you off, it's pretty good.

Balanced Life Enhanced Dog Food Review

Is kibble + air dried pieces better than kibble? Find out in our Balanced Life Enhanced dog food review!

Scratch Dog Food Review

Scratch is a mail order dry dog food. Read our review to see if this would suit your dog and your convenience needs...

Advance Sensitive Skin Dog Food Review

WebsiteAdvance Sensitive SkinCountry of originAustraliaAvailable from:Pet Circle:, :My Pet Warehouse: This formula is targeted at dogs with allergies. ...

Supercoat True Origin Dog Food Review

Nestle Purina make some poor foods, this one included. Lots of grain, high carbs, and not as much meat as you think.

Pet Food Reviews (Australia)
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