K9 Natural Dog Food Review

Country of originNew Zealand
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Kiwis are leaps and bounds ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to raw and freeze dried pet foods, also offering us ZiwiPEAK. Freeze dried diets are expensive but more in keeping with a natural canine diet – great, if you can afford it.

The K9 Natural Freeze Dried range come in the form of dried “raw” pellets which you add warm water to to re-hydrate before feeding. It’s a novel idea but it’s a good one, especially for cats (the Feline Natural range). This food offers a raw diet with the convenience of a dry food – that’s something not to be sniffed at! There’s also a frozen raw range which is even more in keeping with a natural diet, so check that out too.

The comments I hear most about this food are the cost per kilo which seems excessive compared to other kibbles, so it’s worth understanding a bit about freeze drying to put this into perspective. Your average chicken breast or piece of beef is mostly water, around 70%. Freeze drying will extract the water content and leave the important part of the meat with all nutritional content intact. What that means, with K9 Natural being mostly meat, is 1 kilo of this stuff was significantly more in weight prior to freeze drying.

K9 Natural Dog Food Review

Let’s take a look at Beef Feast, and assume the Lamb and Venison formulas are on par with the rating. The beef and lamb formulas are moderate protein and high fat, and the venison formula is very high protein and moderate fat.  Sadly the Chicken formula isn’t available in Australia.

The first ingredient is beef, a meat that provides all 10 amino acids necessary for a dog to sustain life. The company makes a bold statement that all meat is fit for human consumption, which suggests a very high quality inclusion. We find beef bloodbeef bonebeef tripe, and beef liver making up the bulk of ingredients – they may sound unappealing to us, but these are excellent ingredients for a dog, providing a range of nutrients and natural calcium. Beef heart and  beef kidney are found further down the ingredients list, ensuring this really is a beefy diet.

Eggs are included as an additional source of protein and are easily digestible.

K9 Natural Dog Food Review

We find a range of highly beneficial vegetables, including cabbage which is high in anti-oxidents, broccoli which is anti-carcinogenic and rife in vitamin C. Chard (silverbeet) is not often seen in a pet food, but is exceptionally high in vitamins and minerals. Another wonderful inclusion is the New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel which work wonders for joint health and preventing osteoarthritis. It’s a great source of glucosamine and omega fats. Great inclusions.

The minerals in the food are proteinate, which is the best, most expensive inclusion of minerals. This is excellent to see. Beta Carotene strengthens the immune system, helps prevent allergies, and slows the effects of ageing.

There’s nothing bad in the food. No grains or fillers, and I estimate the percentage of carbs to be very low which is fantastic. It’s worth noting the food is high in fat, but due to low carbs I’m sure your dog will be utilising the fat for energy. If you’re concerned about high fat then consider the venison formula. Not many foods are so much in keeping with a natural canine diet.


Beef, Beef Blood, Beef Tripe, Eggs, Beef Liver, Beef Heart, Beef Bone, Sunflower Oil, Brown Kelp, Flaxseed Flake, Beef kidney, Cabbage, Broccoli, Chard, Carrot, Cauliflower, Dried Kelp, Calcium Carbonate, Apple, Pear, New Zealand Green Mussel, Beta Carotene, Vitamin D, Vitamin E Supplement, Zinc Proteinate, Iron Proteinate, Copper Proteinate, Manganese Proteinate, Thiamine Mononitrate, Folic Acid, Selenium Yeast

For more information view the K9 Natural website.

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9.4 Total Score
Represents a carnivorous diet!

So much meat, blood, and organs - rich in nutrients Tripe! Carbohydrates? What are carbohydrates? No fillers!

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David D'Angelo

David D'Angelo has worked as a scientist since graduating with a BSc (Hons) in 2000. In addition, David holds a CPD accredited Diploma in Pet Nutrition as well as being CPD accredited VSA (Veterinary Support Assistant). However, his experience and involvement in the pet food industry for 15+ years has given true insight into pet food, formulations, science, research, and pet food marketing. Facebook | LinkedIn | Instagram | Pinterest

  1. Another great review!! Just as I was about to order some Frontier for my two 18 week old Cavalier King Charles Spaniels you have shown me of yet another option.

    I too was surprised to see how comparable it is to Ziwi but once again no puppy formula.

    If you’ve seen my comments on the Ziwi Peak review you will know I am a huge fan. However even though I was told by someone at Ziwi Peak their foods are fit for dogs over 6 weeks of age their lack of a specific puppy food forced me to reconsider my options.

    Also love to hear your thoughts on this higher fat % food for breeds like mine where heart disease is almost inevitable.

  2. Another detailed and informative review. Thanks you!

    I reckon this is a great product for all the reasons slated in this review.
    Additionally, I love that the K9 Natural website is so informative regarding nutritional analysis.
    For example, if you visit the website and look at freeze dried “Hoki and Beef”, then click “nutritional information” you find a Guaranteed Analysis.

    Here you see a table showing (amongst other things) minimum crude protein = 46% and minimum crude fat = 35%.

    Below this table is a sentence which says “View full nutritional information here”. Selecting the “here” opens another table which provides nutritional information for all the freeze dried dog food recipes. This information is provided on a “dry matter basis” and on an “as fed” basis, which is as it comes out of the bag.

    Here the Hoki and Beef is 50.1% protein and 36.2% Fat from the bag and 51.3% and 37% on a dry basis (difference obviously due to small amount of water remaining after freeze drying)

    Other than the fact these numbers are pretty impressive, its great that there remains no ambiguity about how the nutritional information arises or is presented. Kudos to K9 Natural.

    Also note that since this review was written, K9 Natural “Venison” appears to be no longer available. Also note that product coming to Australia no longer contains egg (I’m guessing for quarantine reasons but unsure).

    • Ziwi also has a further analysis page, listing every amount of everything vitamin/mineral and amino acid related. I wish more foods did that honestly.

      They always had issues with the venison, I was told one time there wasn’t enough venison and another time cost was an issue. I remember venison from both them and Ziwi disappearing for a few months even. Than when it came back the price soared.

      At the time of them being new to the market, they were the number 1 producers of venison foods. So they could meet demand, but as time went on overseas producers started to use venison. Treats started to use it as well and suddenly there was more using it than there was venison available.

      Seems like since than they’ve rectified whatever the issue was as I haven’t heard of any venison related issues lately. I did hear of kangaroo issues though, but that didn’t last long. I guess cause of demand.

      Cause truthfully kangaroo is used in a lot of things and there’s many treats from nearly every body part. A lot of the kangaroo stuff is nearly always sold out. So they couldn’t hold off culling them for long.

      Oh yeah than Ziwi added yet another venison food from the new Provenance series and that added yet another extra supply of venison.

      I wonder if Ziwi will end up having issues again or if it’s simply a case of “it wasn’t selling well enough”, rather than “stock issues” or “price issues”.

  3. Both Ziwi and this brand have been bought by a Chinese investor. Investors are not the inherent bad guy, like being bought up by actual companies. However I have zero faith in any sort of buyouts nowadays.

    They’ve all ended in tragedy for the brands. I’m hoping this one will be different as feeding an air dried and freeze dried variety, will be impossibly difficult without these brands.

    I’m going to go and take pictures of every formula and make an album for them. I will be checking to see if any changes happen over the months and years in the future.

    • Hi Edanna, have you noticed a difference with the formula? I am looking to get k9 natural and even ziwi peak as toppers for my pup because she’s becoming more picky.

      • I have not no, so far it seems operations are as usual. My two did get sick on K9 freeze dried, but take into account this was the rich lamb and salmon not rehydrated.

        So I reckon the issue here was simply it was too rich for them, as the other flavours went down without a hitch. Lamb and salmon are notorious for causing issues honestly and especially if you don’t rehydrate with water.

        The cans still appear to look and smell the exact same as I remember.

        If your interested in cans, you can get single ones from Habitat. I get the cat ones to try, cause I want the can to only last 1 serving. But the single dog cans are better priced. Could buy a couple of flavours to test.

        Ziwi Provenance appears to be better for picky eaters that I’ve personally noted. The other softer air dried foods are particularly good for picky eaters as well, they smell heaps better.

        These are Absolute Holistic, Providore, Kiwi Kitchens and a similar to Ziwi one is Urban Ancestral. There’s also one that’s hiding, cause it’s incredibly unknown by most. But it’s called Bugsy’s air dried.

        I’ve also taken note based on my own dogs of course so that’s a bit biased. But Zignature was liked, Artemis was loved today, Cherish is a good picky dog kibble, True Colours is another good one, Nutrience may be good, I’ll test it someday.

        Your in luck that I’ve been testing so many new foods lately. I was able to give a much more thorough report.

  4. I when on to the K9 Natural website to read the Freeze-Dried feeding guide but I am still confused. When they say to use one cup of food, do they mean one cup of dry food or one cup of rehydrated food?

    • Here is a better version, there appears to be a link to another feeding guide and it says this.

      To feed as a complete and balanced meal, use a standard 8oz (240ml) cup and fill with food / water to the measurement indicated below and with serving methods above.

      Are you looking for a way to boost your dog’s water intake? When adding water to our Freeze-Dried diets, we recommend rehydrating equal parts food to warm water e.g. 1 cup food = 1 cup water.

    • Usually the way it’s interpreted is 1 cup dry to 1 cup water, I never used the guide cause it wasn’t a main meal, but I’d do 1 cup of dry and than add as much water as you feel is needed to it. Making it too watery will dilute the flavours, unless you have a gobble guts, who will eat till they drop lol.

      One good thing I learned and am finally doing actually and doing it a lot, is if I don’t know the answer, I’m asking the company. Either via messenger or email, they’ll know best.

  5. Why do all these companies have to up the protein with seafood byproduct, I have a dog that is highly allergic to most seafood, drives me crazy and really limits what I can feed her.

  6. http://truthaboutpetfood.com/k9-natural-voluntarily-recalls-chicken-feast-raw-pet-food/

    This is interesting, their first recall? thankfully I don’t use their chicken, it’s fat % was too high for my liking.

  7. K9 Natural raw frozen lamb made my dogs sick! I’m spreading the word because I tried this product and didn’t make it through the entire bag before my dogs became sick and one ended up in the hospital and is still sick and not getting better. I did the proper transition to the new food did a half cup first day with old food then another half cup following day with old food and all he’ll broke loose. It’s been about a month and she’s been on a few prescription meds and now on a blan prescription diet. When I contacted the company they opened an investigation to see if it came from them. The vet said it came from the new raw food but since she didn’t specify that it came from k9 natural raw food the company said they’re not going to do a single thing about it. They refused to talk to the vet directly because they’re afraid that she will say it came from the bag of raw food I bought from k9 natural. It’s about a month now since she went to the hospital and she’s lost a serious amount of weight with no improvement. When the company emails each other at head quarters I don’t think they realize that I’m still in the email list and can see everything they write. I’m spreading the word because they claim they are about the pets but ended up screwing my dog and myself over pretty hard and I hope this never happens to any other pets!

  8. […] a look at K9 Natural and Frontier Pets (in […]

  9. The packet raw one, and I served it at room temp. I’ve got a sample packet of the pork Frontier Pets to try on him, he doesn’t even really like his Ivory Coat kibbles to be honest. The only food he’s ever liked is Ziwipeak dried but he’s quite a big boy and I can’t really afford it 🙁

    • It seems he may be similar to Andzia he likes gummy foods more then watery or raw foods, I know that Wellness Core has a gummy food but think it’s USA only, Nature’s Gift also but the ingredients are pretty gross.

      Because you see and I’m not sure if I mentioned it or not she loves Ziwi and the gummy Canidae treats the most and will only eat other stuff if she has to, if she doesn’t it’ll lay there until it’s binned or Rusty gets it.

      We should have more gummy food choices here, with varying and better ingredients, maybe one day.

  10. Sadly my 10 month old labradoodle pup won’t eat this food for love nor money, he won’t even eat other food that has been touching it. Not really sure why as he eats pretty much any random thing that falls on the floor (lettuce, carrot etc). He does love Ziwipeak air dried but then they changed pack sizes and ingredients so now he’s on Ivory Coat kibble and Ziwipeak canned with eggs from my free-range hens, he’s a stunning looking individual too 🙂

    • It’s strange how fussy dogs can be!

    • Well maybe they changed sizes which when feeding a chihuahua is not a big deal since I buy the 454g packs anyways, but at the very least it’s higher meat now, the salt feels unecessary to me as I’m sure meat has enough of it but whatever.

      Your pup reminds me of Andzia she won’t take what you give her but if something she loves drops on the floor hell be it for her not to take it haha
      She’s also not a fan of K9.

  11. Rusty’s achy joints appear to be coming back, I realised that it was likely due to the fact that I stopped giving him canned or raw food with mussel, so I went to Petbarn and bought the last bag of K9 Venison and this will allow me to use more than just 1 piece in his daily meals.

    The next time I order online I’ll have to buy some Ziwipeak cans again he did really well on those and use up the last of the K9 cans I have also.

    I figured coconut oil and fish kibble would prevail but I guess in his case he requires something a little stronger.

    • Yes, I buy the K-9 Green Lipped Mussels & give 1 mussel as treat every day but someone told me Patch would need to eat 1/2 the K-9 bag of green lipped mussel treats to have any effect & work, Patch doesn’t have any Arthritis yet he’s 8yrs old but I suffer with Arthritis & brought the Blooms Green Lipped Mussel and Turmeric with BioP capsules from MY Chemist Warehouse, you have to take 2 capsules daily with food, it can give a bit of acid reflux but that’s me…. I also looked into Rose-Hip Vital the dog formula is the same as the human Rose-Hip vital, I emailed Rose Hip Vital & a man rung me back & made a few offers cheaper & explained how you need to take so much then you see results after 3 weeks… There’s a few supplements for dogs joints on the market…

      • sardines human grade in spring water or olive oil are the best thing to give to dogs.

        • Hi yes I always recommended Tin Sardines in spring water but cause my boy has IBD & Pancreatitis he doesn’t do well on sardines, & when you need a quick healthy treat the Green Lipped mussels are great, but I just learnt the other day as soon as you open the green lipped mussel bag they only have a 2 week life, I didn’t know that..

      • Just added more info to the Green Lipped Mussel page in the FAQ – https://www.petfoodreviews.com.au/blog/green-lipped-mussels/

      • With freeze dried products many people complain about the price per kilo, but that’s from not understanding the freeze drying process. All the nutrition remains, only the water content is removed. So a 50g bag of mussels doesn’t look like much for the money, but it would be five or 6 times heavier if you weighed those mussels before freeze drying.

        A mussel a day will certainly have an effect on overall health. Perhaps the person who told you that wasn’t accounting for density.

        I found a recommend dose formula for green lipped mussel “powder” here – http://www.musselfordogs.com/dosage/

        Powder is technically the same as freeze dried so lets say it’s on par weight wise. I’m sure there are countless other studies and formulas, but let’s take a look at that one.

        My Border Collie is about 20kg. According to that formula I’d need to feed him 0.66g. That means a 50g bag should last 75 days, and my dog is bigger than yours. That’s much less than one mussel per day ;o)

        Most dogs aren’t fed green lipped mussels at all!

        • Yes I thought that myself, 1 of the K-9 Green Lipped mussel is heaps bigger then one of my green lipped capsules I take….. My kitten goes nuts when she see’s me getting Patch a mussel, I might tell K-9 Natural can they bring out the Green Lipped mussels for cats as well make the smaller mussels for cats & the bigger mussel for the dogs….. K-9 Natural also have Blue Mussels but I’ve never tried the blue ones, what’s the difference between green & blue mussels.???. .

      • Rusty had no idea what to do with the mussels and Anja turned her head several times, eventually I added water and Rusty simply left it in his bowl still unsure what to do with it, I picked it up and asked him to eat it he grabbed it tasted it and spat it back out :p, I gave the bag to a friend who has a pitbull I think and I know bigger dogs prefer mussels over smaller dogs (based on forum posts and YouTube).

        I’m not a fan of using supplements as our entire family dogs included have had issues with certain ones, we prefer to simply get what we need naturally from real whole foods, except iron for me which I need to supplement.

        I’m certain that over time the K9 will help again, as it helped the first time.
        I also want to be able to give him more of it and I wasn’t able to do that with the beef.

        I hope you eventually find something that works for you without the side effects, turmeric helps me with my back but I’ve noticed I do better on organic turmeric than the regular one from Coles.
        There’s a shop here who sells it I’m going to have to buy it next time and anytime my mum makes soup or I make ravioli in broth I will add it.

  12. Created a plate for Rusty today hehe, had so much fun making it that I had to take a picture, it’s not going to be extravagant like some of those internet plates I’ve seen but then Rusty isn’t exactly a healthy chihuahua so portion control and because it’s a treat again gotta be careful.

    When I saw this plate on special at Coles I just knew I had to have it, it makes it much easier for Rusty to get his face into it unlike the previous baby bowls I used.

    It’s basically the usual just the yoghurt is outside and added ricotta cheese.


  13. My pet warehouse now has the cans in stock, 3 varieties of the big ones are already sold out, I put my order in too earlier darn it, I’ve already ordered and received my order yesterday, I missed it by a thread…

    They also have just the 1 can versions, so you can test before you buy a whole pack.

    I still had time on my coupon I should of saved it until today, I acted too hastily, now I’ve got to wait until I can order again which will be awhile as I have a huge amount of food.

    • Hi, gee our Newcastle Pet Barn doesn’t have the dog or cat Freeze Dried K-9 Natural or their treats no more, they have the Frozen K-9 Natural in freezer…people up here aren’t feeding their dogs healthy foods & buy the cheap crappy kibbles, even the Holistic Select kibbles are disappearing most of the formulas are gone……Did you look at the Wellness Complete Grain free new range?… it’s like the Wellness Core grain free but lower in Fat & Protein %…. Patch & I visited our Pet Barn weekly, I weight Patch then he looks at all the toys & tries to grab one then we look at the RSPCA cats & I ask is there any new foods??

      • That’s sad how many people are still buying the cheapest kibble and thinking it really is the best and cheapest option, when Blackhawk has 20kg bags on special almost all the time for $90.

        Saw two advance bags yesterday bought by two different men, advance is like 13kg for $90 I think so in their case Blackhawk would work out much cheaper and it’s much more nutrient dense meaning you use less.

        I’ve tried wellness in the past, Rusty reacted to it really badly, besides like I’ve said before I have a rotation kibble plan and I love k9 natural and Sunday pets and Ziwipeak, Artemis, Ivory coat and Totw.
        So all in all I’m fine with rotating these kibbles every time I run out of the old one, that way Anja gets new ones and Rusty gets new ones and it’s not the same old kibble over and over.

        • I ended up getting the new Artemis Turkey & Garbanzo beans & Patch had real bad diarrhea & vomiting, I started adding 1/4 cup with his TOTW Sierra Mountain Lamb for 2 days then he was so sick, now I’m too scared to give him anymore, maybe it wasn’t the Artemis but that was the only new thing he ate in those 2 days… I originally ordered the old Artemis Duck & Sweet Potatoes but Pet Circle ran out it wasn’t ment to be, I should of just got a refund when the girl rung me.. 🙁 I was going to email Artemis & ask is their kibble money back guaranteed…

        • Turkey can be both a weight loss food and a rich food, of course your patch is on Totw’s lamb formula so I fail to see the reason that maybe it was too rich and likely it was another ingredient that caused it.

          Maybe the coconut oil, maybe the pumpkin, maybe something completely different, Rusty is doing very well on the one I bought and he continues to improve weekly, he’s even started to not smell doggy anymore, considering how long it’s been since we washed him I’d say that’s a very good thing indeed.

          I guess just ask them and hope you can get a refund.

          I also ordered two samples from the new Blackhawk grain free line and told pet warehouse to stock the new formulas, if all goes well with the samples I’ll be rotating that kibble as well.

        • H think it’s the Garbanzo beans, Peas, Lentils, Patch has never eaten all these ingredients…. Gee, I have to bath Patch weekly in Spring/Summer, he gets environment allergies I have to wash off any allergens/pollens, he starts to itch & have red paws when it rains….I use Malaseb medicated shampoo its excellent, it kills any bacteria on the skin, gets rid of that smelly yeasty smell & the Malaseb softens his fur he feels so soft…

        • Yeah could be, the foods these days are very starch heavy, if it’s not grains it’s starch, something does need to hold the kibble together after all and not all companies want to use meat for that, also you can’t have a very meaty kibble without the price tag, because meat ain’t cheap.

          I don’t see why Orijen uses so much hold it together ingredients, the meat mince should hold just fine even with less.

  14. I’ve noticed Pet Barn has stopped selling K-9 Natural treats & freeze Dried formulas for Cats & Dogs, I’d say they won’t be getting in the K-9 cans.. Pet Barn sold Ziwi Peak 4-5 yrs ago then stopped selling, must be people don’t want to pay for quality foods…..

    • Petstock sells Ziwipeak though as per my request and they say that it’s very popular.

      I haven’t been to pet barn in ages so I didn’t notice the k9 disappearance.

      • Was in Petbarn today mum wanted to look at some beds, anyways still loads of K9 Natural, in fact they have the freeze dried venison that no one online has (that I shop with) and the 200g of green tripe, I’ll definitely be back once I run out of pet warehouse stock and buy the venison and tripe.

        Also bought a few different types of cookies all gluten free and free from ingredients I know Rusty can’t have.

    • Unfortunately brands like K9, ZiwiPeak, and even Black Hawk aren’t big sellers in stores and end up sitting on the shelves collecting dust. The average consumer knows very little about pet nutrition and sees these foods as “expensive” compared to other foods on the shelf. That’s why Petbarn are pushing their Leaps & Bounds food, because it’s easier to sell and make profit from.

      • Funnily enough their leaps and bounds food was full on the shelf it was sitting on, no one had bought a single bag, unless they restock the shelves constantly throughout the day.

        Or maybe it’s simply my Petbarn and people using online as their buying choice, most of the foods were full shelved, with only k9 natural and the treats isle not been 100% full.

  15. Pet circle now has the cans!
    Tripe 12 cans already sold out haha
    I guess my suggestion was a good one.
    Wow 12x 170g cans of venison $85, that’s crazy the others are like $70.

    • Wow, that’s really expensive considering Ziwipeak cans are much cheaper, even for 12 x 370g cans – http://www.sniffout.com.au/Search?q=ziwipeak+370+G+12

      It’s interesting Dog Food Advisor has lowered the rating so much. Granted it’s high in fat, but dogs process fat much more efficiently than us humans do. I’d rather feed a high animal fat food than a high carbohydrate food. They also make a point about AAFCO nutrient profiles being absent on the website, but it’s worth noting the K9 full diets are AAFCO approved.

      It brings us back to the old chestnut that rotating and mixing foods is the sure fire way of balancing out a diet. I feed K9 to my dogs, but on average they get 2 or 3 bowls a week.

  16. So my pet warehouse has got the toppers in for awhile now, but I didn’t want to say anything until I actually tried them.

    I ordered the beef one and tripe one and even the lamb green tripe because it was more value for money than the 57 gram bag but unfortunately despite me being first to buy it someone else received it and they ran out…
    The beef topper is pretty greasy even when reconstituted likely due to the new sunflower oil and eggs at the top end of the list instead of bottom end, I guess I’ll find out tomorrow if Rusty slept all night or if he kept my mum up with diarrhoea or vomiting lol.

    The tripe smells not bad upon first opening but the longer it stayed open the worse it became haha, it’s however not greasy and both dogs loved it.

    So all in all if you have a dog who has issues with fat, the beef might not be for you, at the very least if you want to try it, give a very small amount and hope you don’t walk into a mess.

    It’s too bad they didn’t stock up on the venison one, maybe they couldn’t maybe K9 didn’t have any to sell to Australia who knows, I would of much preferred it though.

    • I’m tempted to give the tripe a go. I’m sure it’s a much less smelly alternative to regular green tripe! 🙂

      • It’s pretty expensive compared to their normal bag of lamb green tripe that’s also freeze dried though, that bag is 200g and this one I have is 57g and it costs $13 and the other is $21, so to get roughly the same amount it would cost around $52 so as you can see much more worth it.

        But they run out of that one a lot, every time I’ve looked at it, it always had a small number and there’s always that chance you won’t get it.

    • Going to need to take a picture of his new bowls that I’ll be making for him, but here’s a picture of an older one I made, with Ziwipeak dried and rehydrated hoki fish in its own water.

      These bowls based off of YouTube are absolute garbage for kibble, but not homemade, you can really press it in there and it’s very hard to scoop out, Rusty just kind of licks it out which is why it takes him so long to eat it.

      • That looks really tasty!!

        • Another picture.
          Half his food, half Ziwipeak beef can, freeze dried beef and tripe as a soup on top and 2 teaspoons of organic bio-dynamic yoghurt.

        • Didn’t have my iPad anywhere near me and Rusty had been waiting for his food so I’ll take a picture next time, but I made him a yoghurt, hoki, k9 and Ziwipeak can food today together with his food, it looked amazing but it was too much he ate it all because he has no stop sign lol and he was lying around all day likely gave him a stomach ache my bad 🙁

          I’ve got to be more careful in the future with portions yikes!

          Also don’t want to make him any fatter than he already is, I took it too far today that’s for sure.

  17. Hi, great review, thank you very much for sharing. We are looking at switching our dogs to a more natural option as our whippet suffers from skin issues and we are hoping that leaning more towards the natural will help that settle a bit. He is currently eating Ivory Coat grain free which has helped a bit. But as we have three dogs we would be looking at mixing the K9 Natural with kibble to cut costs a bit. I notice that you said you do this which is great, I’m just wondering if you have a suggestion as to the ratio of kibble to k9 Natural, is it half half? or weighted more towards the K9? Thanks so much for your help!

    • I would personally try a more K9 weigh and see if the skin issues get fixed, as K9 has virtually nothing grain of carb and skin issues are usually fixed when on a virtually no carb diet (take into account it doesn’t work for all dogs, but it might work for yours).

      It can take a few weeks to notice anything though.

  18. Oh wow k9 natural has cans? They’ve updated their website thank goodness! But now I see cans here like omg, if they come to pet circle or warehouse I am totally going to be trying them, because omg k9 natural cans!

    • I can’t wait to see them for sale in Australia, they look excellent!

      • Yeah the cans are simply the freeze dried variant but in a can instead which is super awesome, it’s likely it will make them expensive though.

        I would love if they stocked their green tripe topper as I’ve had great success with it for the old guy, whenever he feels sick or starts scooting I give him some if I have any on hand and immediately everything just stops.

        I guess we’ll find out in the weeks or months to come if they added it or not, I’ll keep checking pet circle and pet warehouse as its like a full time job haha, I love to check for new additions.

        • Pet Food Reviews August 8, 2016 at 4:59 pm

          It sounds like My Pet Warehouse will have them in stock within a few weeks. Pet Circle are looking into it too.

  19. K9 Natural still appear to be having problems stocking the venison formula, do they use boat loads of it or what?

    Ziwipeak is still happily selling their venison foods without running out of venison, hopefully by the time this bag of Ziwipeak ends, K9 will have restocked I really did like their freeze dried.

  20. Hi, I starting feeding this to my Toller after trying a few different kibbles that were all giving him diarrhea (Taste of the Wild, Earthborn Holistic). He’s doing so well on it that I changed my Labrador to this also (from Royal Canin) and she’s doing so much better too but the price has been difficult to meet. Do you have any suggestions for a VERY easily digestible food to mix it up with to make it a bit cheaper?
    Thank you

    • Reply
      Pet Food Reviews (Australia) July 14, 2016 at 1:01 pm

      Hi Anne, many feed K9 Natural combined with a kibble to keep costs down, and also human grade meats and mince which are often reduced at the supermarkets. If Taste of the Wild and Earthborn were causing diarrhea then perhaps try Canidae, Ivory Coat, Stay Loyal, or Meals for Mutts – all seem to be good with digestion. It’s common for a dog to get diarrhea when a new food is introduced which will subside after a week or two at the most.

  21. Hi Petfoodreviews,
    Love reading your reviews, thank you for the work:)

    I have two boxers. One is 16 months(32kg) and one is 5 months(12 kg). Both are full with energy, they are active( we walk 5-10km, every second day and dog park or beach at least 4 times a week for 1,5-2 hours each time) My older one developed yeast infection. he is on Royal Canine boxer food, the little one is on the same but for puppy. Neither of them jumping from joy for the food though:(
    I want to change their food and I am very undecided between K9 Natural or Ivory Coat. I know the price difference, yes. Ivory coat has sweet potato/potato which is perfect for yeast to feed on. Which one would you recommend? Your reviews of both food are good. I am just not sure of potato in the food… And they are so picky already:(
    Thank you

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      Pet Food Reviews (Australia) June 2, 2016 at 3:57 pm

      Hi Kinga, easy answer – feed both ;o)

      I always recommending varying and rotating foods, mixing them together, and supplementing them with fresh meats, veggies, and anything else healthy.

  22. HI there,
    I posted a comment previously, asking how to improve a dogs or cats kibble by adding raw meat such as barf. I just wanted to ask your opinion about a new food called “Leaps & Bounds” the ingredients of the “Beef & Vegetable are
    Meat meal (beef, poultry and/or lamb), Wholegrain cereals (white rice), wheat middlings, vegetable protein (soya bean), linseed and/or canola see, fish oil (containing omega 3 fatty acids), minerals (including potassium, zin, iron, copper, manganese, iodine, selenium) chicory root inulin (prebiotic) vitamins (E, B3, B5, B2, B6, B1, B9, B12, A, D3), chlorine chloride, yucca extract, carrots, garlic, kelp meal, natural antioxidants.

    I check out the other flavours and they all appear to be identical

  23. Got a box of this the other day and the dogs really like it. Great list of ingredients way beyond what most kibbles will offer. I make a lot of the dog food myself ( meat and vegetables) and I use this as just another ingredient, stirred into the pot. I add some coconut oil, hemp oil and a few other things such as nutritional yeast for vitamin B’s and Braggs raw apple cider vinegar and some Augustine’s approved supplement ( which has things such as flax seed and barley grass powder in it..a good boost for raw based diets) . And some diatomaceous earth which is great for skin and coat, plus another help for arthritis and joint repair. We are on beef feast but would like to give the venison a try as well.

  24. Received this today but the venison version of course and the ingredients have changed by the way, they’ve gone and added vitamins and kelp and flaxseed flakes, not a concern to me as this is fed as a healthy treat not an actual meal, the only concern I’d have is because of something I read with vitamin premixes for pets and been made in china, however I guess your pets need to get their vitamins somehow and sometimes fruits and vegetables just don’t give enough.

  25. I give mine Chicken feet to keep her teeth clean

  26. Hello I am a fan of this food and highly recommend it as we have had some amazing health results with a dog of ours that was very close to being euthanized. He is now a further 2 years on with his life and medication free. But my question is I have a 4 month Dachshund puppy that is a LITTLE flat on his pasterns would it be a good idea to feed this diet with or without any chicken wings or necks added. I like to give them something to chew on to help with their teeth but I do not want to disturb the balance of nutrients. Hope you can help.


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