4CYTE for Dogs (4CYTE Canine) Review

4CYTE for dogs is the leading dietary joint supplement in Australia.

I’m guessing you’re here because your dog is displaying some form of joint discomfort or injury, or perhaps you wish to take precautions for your senior dog, working dog, or agility dog?

In this review of 4CYTE Canine we’ll take a look at the marketing, ingredients (there’s actually only four), and hopefully give you an idea if this supplement is right for your dog.

There are two varieties of 4CYTE for dogs – a dietary supplement which you add to your dog’s regular food, and a liquid form you can squirt in their mouth. We’ll focus on the former – 4CYTE Canine, but from researching it seems the liquid form doesn’t need the loading dose.

If you decide to go ahead with 4CYTE click here to see where to buy it the cheapest in Australia.

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A few words on joint health

Dogs can’t verbally tell us if they’re in pain, and it’s sadly often overlooked. Sometimes joint pain only shows as “being a little depressed”, or “not his usual self”.

More severe symptoms show as stiffness of joints, limping, difficulty standing, walking, running, or jumping.

Nobody knows your dog like you do, so pay attention to the signs!

Important: Before addressing a condition with supplements, always assess diet as a possible root cause.

With the abundance of poor quality dog foods sold in Australia, it’s not surprising joint pain and arthritis is rife in the Australian dog population.

If your dog is displaying joint pain, even with a senior dog, ask yourself if the food you’re feeding meets their needs. Is it rich in meat proteins, fats, oils, or ingredients rich in omega fatty acids, or is it one of those cheap feeds made from wheat or ambiguous cereal grains?

If you want information on your brand of food, read our reviews.

4CYTE for dogs review – 4CYTE Canine dietary supplement

What the marketing says

There’s an emphasis on epiitalis in the marketing of 4CYTE for dogs, which is a plant extract used for controlling arthritis in dogs and horses. It’s a patented ingredient produced from the oil extract of Biota Orientalis seeds.

As an interesting side note, the plant is also used in oriental medicine for male pattern-baldness, hemorrhoids, abnormal menstrual periods, and also pain relief!

4CYTE for Dogs (4CYTE Canine) Review

Epiitalis, the key ingredient promoted for the product, aims to promote cartilage cell regrowth.

4CYTE Canine is marketed as a 100% natural daily supplement, said to be safe to use long-term to promote healthy joints.

What the ingredients say

There’s actually only 4 ingredients in 4CYTE for dogs, and it’s worth assessing the benefits of each. Apart from Epiitalis you can actually get these ingredients in a variety of forms and supplements, and they’re all beneficial in their own right.

Let’s start from the top:

Green Lipped Mussels

If you’ve read the reviews of top New Zealand brands ZiwiPeak, K9 Natural, et al, you’ll already be familiar with the wonderful green lipped mussels. When it comes to joint health omega fatty acids are king, and these mussels are very rich in these.

Green lipped mussels are the primary ingredient in the 4CYTE Canine supplements, and well worth feeding your dog even if they aren’t displaying joint issues. They’re an excellent preventative for poor joints or arthritis in later years.

Shark Cartilage

Another key factor in tackling joint problems is glucosamine and chondroitin, and shark cartilage is excellent for both. As natural anti-inflammatories this should serve to reduce joint pain for your dog, easing mobility, and hopefully leading to better wellbeing.

Biota Orientalis Seed Oil (Epiitalis)

We spoke about this earlier, but the crux of 4CYTE Canine (i.e. the big marketing sell) is Epiitalis, or in more factual terms Biota Orientalis Seed Oil. In layman’s terms, the oil from the seeds of a certain evergreen.

Assuming the marketing is correct, this may encourage cartilage regrowth.

If you’re like me, then you may be tempted to try it yourself to encourage hair growth – delay the toupee!


I imagine abalone is the final inclusion as a source of omega-3, as well as calcium, phosphorus, and potassium.

I’ve seen a few consumer reviews which have suggested a reaction or side effects to 4CYTE Canine. This is potentially from abalone being a trigger for allergies in some dogs. If your dog does have a side effect to 4CYTE then stop feeding it immediately.

Cheapest 4CYTE for dogs in Australia!

It’s an expensive product, so here’s a price compare from some top retailers in Australia:

4CYTE Canine is also sold at Petbarn

Should you use 4CYTE for dogs?

If your dog is displaying signs of joint pain, injury, or arthritis, then 4CYTE for dogs may offer a cheaper solution than an expensive operation. With older dogs it may be a more viable solution, offering them less pain and discomfort in their later years.

It’s always worth considering their main diet as well, as often poor quality pet foods are the root problem in the first place.

Here are some conditions which may benefit from the application of 4CYTE:

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Luxating patellas (kneecaps)
  • Cruciate ligament rupture
  • Arthritis

If you’ve used any of the 4CYTE for dogs products, then we would appreciate your honest appraisal in the comments below. This not only helps us, but other dog owners in the same situation.

4CYTE Canine dietary supplements come in 50g, 100g, and 200g packets, so you can try the smaller size and monitor results over a 2 to 3 week period.

Testimonials from real dog owners

I asked a few genuine dog owners who have used 4CYTE for their dogs, and here are their testimonials:

Honestly I believe it saved our girls life. We use the liquid in her food once a day and have never looked back! Saw significant improvement in just 2 days with back and hip issues.

Michelle P.

I love this stuff! The gel is more ethically sourced and doesn’t require a loading dose! We give it to our pups when they pull up lame after running too much! Also I work at the zoo and lots of our animals are on it!

Amelia K.

We started with these, then went onto the liquid/gel, which was much better for our old fella as he didn’t always eat all of the granules in his food bowl. I think it made a big difference to his arthritic pain and he lasted until 15 yrs

Fiona H.


Antinol and Antinol Rapid are similar products.

How to use 4CYTE for dogs

Each packet comes with a scoop which holds 7 to 8 nuggets of the supplement (small kibble sized).

4CYTE for Dogs (4CYTE Canine) Review
4CYTE for dogs

For the first month (considered the loading dose) you will give your dog 2 x scoops for every 10kg of your dog. So for a 20kg border collie or kelpie you would feed 4 x scoops for the first month.

If you have a Great Dane… well… any scope for extending the loan on your house?

Thankfully once you’re through the loading dose phase you can drop to the maintenance dose which is only 1 x scoop per 10kg.

Further material

The following video discusses how 4CYTE Canine showed a turnaround in joint health for 6 year old Beagle “Gus”. Note it’s a marketing video, but it’s an interesting overview of how the product helped with Gus’s degenerative bone disease in his spine, hips, and slipping patellas.

Gus’s owners were faced with $10k in vets bills to operate or have him put to sleep. Thankfully they found 4CYTE Canine as a cheaper alternative, and the following video discusses this:

I honestly don’t know what to make of this further video from Intepath who make 4CYTE Canine. It’s kinda hilarious!

Here’s a video from Vet N Pet Direct discussing 4CYTE Canine:


4CYTE for dogs side effects?

Some consumers have reported side effects when 4CYTE for dogs products are initially introduced. It is possible the ingredient abalone may be a sensitivity trigger for some dogs. If your dog has a side effect to 4CYTE for dogs then we recommend you cease the supplement immediately.


Ingredients of 4CYTE Canine:

Green Lipped Mussel, Shark Cartilage, Biota Orientalis Seed Oil, Abalone

I hope this 4CYTE for dogs review has helped (and also helps you find the cheapest 4CYTE for dogs in Australia!)

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  1. My 8 year old Maltese cross was diagnosed with a mild hip dysplasia in one back leg that he started holding up. He had a course of Cartrophen with no effect at all so started him on 4Cyte and he is like a new Dog. Hasn’t limped on the leg since. We are both very happy.

  2. Yeah my dog had side effects so we moved onto Antinol which has been great. Unfortunately it made him lethargic, nauseous (off his food and just not himself) and sad.

  3. No real benefit that rest and normal treatments wouldn’t provide. Also the GEL is half empty when you buy it, the 100ml had about 60Ml in it, lasted 6 weeks on our border collie. My advice is to save your money.

  4. I’ve used 4cyte for about 8 months and its brilliant! My retired greyhound has athritis in her shoulder and she had a slight limp and would get worse if she had a puppy burst and ran around. She was not playing and running around like she use to (she’s 9). After a month on 4cyte she had her bounce back and her limp has gone. I recommend 4cyte if you buy the 100g bag the cost is reasonable. For my 30kg dog it works out to about $25 a month.

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