Earthborn Holistic Grain Free Cat Food Review

Earthborn Holistic Grain Free Cat Food Review
8.5 Total Score
  • Lots of meat
  • Lots of fish
  • High protein
  • High fat
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Earthborn Holistic Grain Free Cat Food Review

05/05/2022 – Consider this a cautionary alert. Earthborn issued a voluntary recall in 2021 which was investigated by the FDA. The FDA has now terminated the recall alert, but a list of recalled batches can be found here.

The recall is in relation to elevated levels of aflatoxin, with a particular reference to corn.

More information from the FDA can be found on the alert here and the investigation here.

View our best rated list for alternative suggestions.

This review is for the Grain Free Wild Sea Catch recipe from Earthborn. They also offer a chicken-based Primitive Feline and a lower protein/lower fat Meadow Feast which is a lamb recipe. All recipes are as good as this one, so it depends on what suits your requirements.

Earthborn Holistic Grain Free Cat Food Review

I’ll start by pointing out the protein level in Wild Sea Catch is an astonishing 44%. This is the highest level of protein I’ve seen in a dry cat food available in Australia, and I consider that a good thing. A cat’s natural diet is predominantly protein, so this food is in good keeping.

The top two ingredients are both named fish meals, salmon and herring, which will constitute most of the protein in the food. It’s a really nice combination to see. There’s also chicken meal and turkey meal in the food which really gives this a fishy/meaty punch.

Canola oil is the third ingredient which is unusually high for a pet food. It’s rich in omega 3 and 6 which is great, but I’ll point out it’s a slightly controversial oil for a pet food. Some people are for, others are against, with little evidence suggesting it’s bad for cats. Fish oils are better, which I’m sure are catered for in this food anyway. As an interesting fact, the word “canola” stands for “CANadian + Oil + Low Acid”.

Earthborn Holistic Grain Free Cat Food Review

Potato is a decent inclusion for carbohydrates, and peas for extra protein and fibre. As with other Earthborn recipes we find their trademark range of fruits and veggies – cranberries and blueberries, apples, carrots, and spinach – which really round off this food and give testament to the holistic in the brand name.

I consider this a 5 star food, one of the best available in Australia. Recommended.

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Salmon Meal, Herring Meal, Canola Oil (preserved with mixed Tocopherols, a source of Vitamin E), Peas, Potatoes, Chicken Meal, Pea Protein, Turkey Meal, Dried Egg Product, Pea Fiber, Natural Flavor, Ground Flaxseed, Blueberry Fiber, Cranberry Fiber, Choline Chloride, Apples, Blueberries, Carrots, Spinach, Cranberries, Taurine, DL-Methionine, L-Lysine, Vitamins, Minerals, Probiotics.

8.5 Total Score
Earthborn Holistic Grain Free Cat Food Review

  • Lots of meat
  • Lots of fish
  • High protein
  • High fat

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4 years ago

Hi, I want to thank you so much for your absolutely outstanding work in providing information and sharing your opinions to us, it has been so helpful as I had so much trouble educating myself on the ingredients and the benefits of different formulas and words cannot say how much I appreciate everything you have done. I’ve looked up more grain-free dry foods on the Earthborn site and found two more kibbles (feline vantage and primitive feline) and both of them didn’t have the controversial canola oil. Would you be reviewing them sometime soon in the future? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Sending you my Best regards!

5 years ago

Hi, do you recommend this one for 3months old Ragdoll kitten? Do you have other options maybe? I would like to order some dry food from My Pet as i live in a remote area without proper pet shop, but unfortunately the only kitten dry food is the not good/cheap stuff. Can you please advise which one to order for my new Ragdoll baby boy?
Thank you
PS: Thank you for all the great review for dog and cats. I ordered EARTHBORN HOLISTIC PRIMITIVE NATURAL for my 2 years old beautiful Cocker Spaniel after reading all your review! Great help 🙂

6 years ago

My cats switch from black hawk to this brand. They accept this food immediately but my ragdoll seems to prefer larger kibble. The kibble is very tiny and to me it is too small. It falls everywhere when my cat eat and it’s all over the floor near the food bowl. However their coat seems to have improved quite dramatically after eating this for one week. I’d love it better if the kibble size increases.

I’m running out of cash atm but may consider combining this to wellness core later (even more expensive!) as they have actual meat ingredients on top of meat meal.

Kathy F
6 years ago

This review is for The Primitive Feast Variety.

With an Australia wide shortage of Canidae Pure Elements, which is my Cats usual food; I was on the hunt for it’s equal. After exhaustive Googling & Review reading I settled on the Earthborn Grain Free (Primative Feast) as she is not a FISHY cat.
I was shocked to find that she did not touch it.
She actually ran away from the bowl.
She flat out refused to eat it, this stand off went on for two days.
She would keep running me over to the bowl to show me that she just couldn’t do it. I was dismayed and needless to say saddled with two 2.7kg bags of the stuff. I’d stocked up because it was on sale at My Pet Warehouse. Whyyyyyyyy, whhhhyy, didn’t she like it.
Has anyone experienced this problem.
I was thinking it could have been the smaller kibble size she didn’t like, but I’ll never really know

My kitty will only eat her Canidae Grain Free Pure Elements and Black Hawk Grain Free Chicken, although the Canidae is our first choice, as she has excessive thirst when eating the Black Hawk, so I try to give her that as a back up if I can’t source the Canidae, having said that she does scoff both of those right up.

She just wasn’t having a bar of the Earthborn!!! Big Shame.

Kathy F
6 years ago

Thank you for that feedback, I appreciate it.

6 years ago
Reply to  Kathy F

You should always introduce a new food by mixing it with their old food for about 5-7 days before changing to 100% new food. I’d try doing that and see if she eats it. If not My Pet Warehouse may give you a refund on the unopened packet of food.
Good luck 🙂

6 years ago
Reply to  Kathy F

Kathy F, you are not alone. My two female cats also refuse to touch Earthborn Holistic grainfree Primitive Feline.
Unfortunately, I bought two 2.7kg bags because it was on special.
Guess I will have to donate this to the local cat home and go back to Wellness Core grainfree which they absolutely love.

5 years ago
Reply to  Kathy F

My cat id very picky she mostly ate raw chiken and meat ( fat free) cuz she hated any cat brand food.

6 years ago

Hi to the wonderful team at Pet Good Reviews.
Can you tell me about the amount of Calcium in the Earthborn grain free range for cats ?

6 years ago
Reply to  Fiona stokes

Oops that was meant to be Food not Good lol

7 years ago

Hi just read review on dry dog food grain free . Can you please tell me, are any grain free dog dry food in this review suitable for my puppy? Kind Regard Margaret

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