Woof Dog Food Review

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Woof dog food is one of the premium offerings imported from New Zealand, in a similar freeze-dried style to K9 Natural, and ingredients similar to ZiwiPEAK. In our Woof dog food review we’ll take a look at the beef formula, which boasts an astounding protein and fat content and very few carbs whatsoever (seriously, we calculate approx. 4%). The other formulas in the range differ greatly in protein and fat percentage, but all are extremely low in carbohydrates.

Woof dog food review

What the marketing says

On the Woof website (The NZ Natural Pet Food Co) they make a number of claims about using the highest quality ingredients, using a gentle freeze drying process which protects all the natural enzymes and nutrients so none of the wholesome goodness is cooked out. They say over 90% of the ingredients are meat, organ, and bone, and the food is gluten and grain free.

There’s no mention of whether the meat is human grade or pet grade, but they do state ingredients are sourced from NZ local farms.

One issue of note is many will be put off by the price $$$.

What the labelling really says

Most of the time we find the marketing doesn’t tally with what it says on the label, but thankfully with Woof dog food it definitely does. None of the ingredients are bad. In fact they’re excellent! Freeze drying is probably the best way of preserving a food without harming the nutritional makeup of the ingredients, and it extends shelf life dramatically. Adding clean water to reconstitute the food is also beneficial as it ensures your dog is getting clean, fresh water (although more beneficial with cats who aren’t proactive drinkers).

Woof Dog Food Review

The majority of the ingredients are beef (inclusive of heart, kidney, liver, and ground bone) combined with the excellent inclusion of lamb green tripe. This is exactly what a dog should be eating as the bulk of their diet, and green tripe is a wonderfully nutritious inclusion. Being freeze dried takes out all the effort of feeding such a diet by buying all the individual ingredients, and green tripe is both hard to get in Australia and painfully smelly to feed.

There are no fillers in the food whatsoever. No grains, no potatoes, no ramped up protein from peas, nothing. Each ingredient has purpose and nutritional value. How many dog foods contain manuka honey? Not many! We also find green lipped mussels (a telltale sign of a quality NZ food) as an excellent ingredient to support joints, heart, and wellbeing.

In many dog foods we find cheap oils such as canola or sunflower oil. In Woof we find two oils which absolutely scream quality – organic virgin coconut oil and hoki liver oil.

Seriously, if you feed this food to your dog, their diet which most likely be far better than yours.

Woof Dog Food Review

Where to buy

Woof dog food review summary

If the price puts you off (which I’m sure will be the case for many), then it’s well worth buying a bag and using it as a topper or a treat meal every other day. This is a fantastic way of adding quality nutrition to a base diet of kibble. The ingredients in Woof dog food are nigh on flawless.

We hope our Woof dog food review has given you enough information to decide what to feed your dog. We welcome any comments or feedback (comment section below!). Thanks!


The ingredients of Woof dog food:

Beef, beef heart, lamb green tripe, beef kidney, beef liver, ground beef bone, broccoli, carrot, apple, kale, chia seeds, kelp, New Zealand green lipped mussels, New Zealand manuka honey, rosemary, organic virgin coconut oil and hoki liver oil.

Guaranteed analysis

The guaranteed analysis of Woof dog food:

Protein(min) 68%
Fat(min) 14%
Crude Fibre(max) 2%
Carbohydrates *(max) 4%
* May be estimated. Read how to calculate carbohydrates in a pet food.

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9.4 Total Score
Woof Dog Food Review

Decent Freeze Dried Dog Food

  • Fantastic ingredients
  • Over 90% from meat, offal, and bones
  • Very low carbohydrates
  • Expensive

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  1. Our calculations tell us, based on Woof’s feeding guide, that it would cost us approx $14,000 per year to feed our two x 25kg dogs…. Surely we’re miscalculating???

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