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Sosa Pet Cat Food Review

Are the ingredients as cool as the marketing, and appropriate for your meat-loving kitty? Let's take a thorough look at Sosa Pet cat foods (dry and wet).

Frontier Pets Cat Food Review

Why is Frontier Pets cat food so good? Did you know most Australian carnivorous cats are fed grains? In this review we'll take a thorough look at this ...

Hill’s Prescription Diet Kidney Care Cat Food Review (k/d)

Did you know cats are desert animals who source moisture from their food, which means dry food isn't great even for a cat without kidney problems?

Weruva Cat Food Review

Why is Weruva a great choice for your cat? This family owned brand is made in a human food facility, wo surprisingly high standards. Read the Weruva cat food ...

Farmers Market Cat Food Review

You love your cat, and you want him to eat well. But is Farmers Market cat food meat, or vegetables? What's the real deal with this supermarket option?

Felix Cat Food Review

I bet you think Felix cat food is good! In this review we'll find out what's really in this wet cat food for carnivorous cats, and whether you should feed it ...

ACANA Cat Food Review

I've personally found ACANA cat food to be a great choice for my cat. In this review I'll cover the ingredients to show you why this is such a good cat food.

LifeWise Cat Food Review

Looking for a reliable Australian cat food? LifeWise might be a good choice for you, and your cat.

Paw & Spoon Cat Food Review

Paw & Spoon wet cat food is an affordable brand, so in this review we'll take a look at the ingredients and analysis. Is it a contender to keep costs down?

Vetalogica Cat Food Review

For our Vetalogica cat food review we'll take a look at Biologically Appropriate as a decent product, but also the cunning marketing from the company.

Zealandia Cat Food Review

If you want super premium, then read this Zealandia cat food review to find out what your cat really should be eating, why, and why this fits the bill!

Catpro Plus Cat Food Review

In our Catpro Plus cat food review we'll find out why not to feed this Australian product to your cats, because wheat and corn aren't species appropriate.

Pet Food Reviews (Australia)
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