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Catpro Plus Cat Food Review

In our Catpro Plus cat food review we'll find out why not to feed this Australian product to your cats, because wheat and corn aren't species appropriate.

Taste of the Wild PREY Cat Food Review

Read our Taste of the Wild PREY cat food review to find out why this limited ingredient diet could be good for your cat, especially if they have symptoms of ...

Purr Cat Food Review

Gourmet? In our Purr cat food review we'll find out why cereals and ambiguous things aren't gourmet inclusions in a diet for an obligate carnivore.

Elevate Cat Food Review (Coles)

In our Elevate cat food review we'll look at the Australian brand cat food sold in Coles, not the American namesake which benefits from glowing reviews.

Orijen Cat Food Review

Country of originCanadaAvailable from:VeryPet: Orijen is an astounding "premium" Canadian brand thankfully shipped to Australian shores. Made by reputable ...

Nood Cat Food Review

WebsiteNood Cat FoodAvailable fromColes Nood cat food is an American brand manufactured in Thailand, and sits as one of the pricier (and better) brands in ...

Trilogy Cat Food Review

Country of originAustraliaAvailable from:Petbarn: You may think "Oh look, a brand new cat food", but truth is this is just another offering from Australian ...

Purina One Cat Food Review

Purina (owned by Nestle) make some terrible cat foods. In our Purina One cat food review we'll take a look at the Adult healthy weight dry food.

Hill’s Prescription Diet Cat Food Review

With so many grains in Hill's Prescription Diet cat food for our carnivorous cats, it really makes you wonder why such a diet would be prescribed or endorsed ...

Meals for Meows Grain Free Cat Food Review

Meals for Mutts, but for Meows. One of the better Australian brands of dry dog and cat food.

Royal Canin Cat Food Review

Mars brand of rice and maize for carnivores. An example of clever marketing. Read our review of Royal Canin for cats.

Ivory Coat Cat Food Review

Ivory Coat had a loyal following before being bought by The Real Pet Food Company. The products have seemingly worsened since then.

Pet Food Reviews (Australia)
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