FurFresh Dog Food Review

FurFresh Dog Food Review
9.3 Total Score
  • 100% human grade dog food
  • No fillers
  • Lots of meat
  • Freeze dried

FurFresh is arguably the swankiest dog food available at PetbarnFurFresh Dog Food Review. It even features a cute little “paw” above the u in “Fur” to make it extra swanky.

But is this freeze dried dog food made from 100% human grade ingredients any good? Read our FurFresh dog food review to find out!

FurFresh review

What the marketing says

The bag says “Food you’d feed yourself”, which is a little odd as not many of us would be daft enough to eat raw chicken (😬), but my guess is they’re referring to FurFresh being made from “100% human grade ingredients”.

In terms of Australian standards human grade dog food is a good thing. Pet grade meats can be somewhat shoddy, which is something I’ve seen numerous times with other brands.

FurFresh Dog Food Review

There’s a few claims on the bag such as “#1 Ingredient Real Australian Chicken”, which actually looks to be true for this dog food! You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve seen such a claim when the reality is the bulk of the food is something like corn or wheat (yep, looking at you Royal Canin and Hill’s).

“100% Australian Meat & Veggies” will appeal to many who love to support Australian produce.

“0% Preservatives” is good to see (one of the numerous benefits of freeze-dried dog foods), and “0% Grain” is great to see too.

It’s worth mentioning freeze dried foods have some great benefits. Shelf life is one, but another great benefit is the process of freeze drying locks in the nutrients. This means you get more “bang for buck” compared to kibbles. A downside is price, but keep in mind freeze dried foods are more densely packed with nutrition.

As far as the marketing goes FurFresh freeze dried sounds really good, so lets take a look at what this dog food is made from and how good it might be for your dog…

What the ingredients really say

For this review we’ll take a look at FurFresh Freeze Dried Australian Chicken & Chia recipe, but will mention fundamental differences with the Beef and Salmon formulas through the course of the review.

The best nutrition for a dog is what they would intuitively eat – animal ingredients. That’s why, and you’ll be pleased to know, that FurFresh dog food is made mostly of meat. In the Chicken & Chia recipe we find the bulk of the food to be chicken and chicken offal 👌

FurFresh Dog Food Review

The chicken recipe is really high protein but low in fat. Alternatively the beef and salmon recipes are lower in protein, but the Salmon is higher in fat. You could mix and match, but which would suit your dog? All dogs need protein, but if you have a lazy lap dog perhaps opt for chicken or beef rather than the higher fat salmon recipe.

Moving on from the meat ingredients we find carrots and spinach 3rd and 4th respectively. Pictures speak a thousand words, and it’s nice to see these two healthy inclusions amongst the freeze dried meat:

FurFresh Dog Food Review
FurFresh freeze-dried dog food

The goodness doesn’t end there. We find flaxseeds (linseed) as a decent source of omega fatty acids (omega 3 and 6) for heart health, skin and coat. Next up comes the wonderfully nutritious kelp, and right near the end the other half of the recipe name – chia seeds.

All you healthy smoothie drinkers will know the numerous benefits of chia seeds, and they’re just as nutritious for dogs. They’re another great source of omega 3 and 6, boost brain function, help protect joints, support bones, as well as being high in fibre and protein. In FurFresh dog food they’re only included as a small moderation, but they’re a nice inclusion to boost your dog’s health.

The rest of the ingredients make up the vitamins and minerals required to make the food “complete and balanced” as per the AAFCO pet food standard.

So, should you feed FurFresh to your dog?

The FurFresh freeze dried dog foods seem really good and worth feeding. It would be great to see the types of offal listed specifically as they are with other “raw”/”barf” brands, but nevertheless this is much much better than others on the shelves.

The recipes differ slightly in composition (i.e. the Salmon recipe has more fat, and the Chicken recipe more protein). Unless your dog has a specific condition (such as pancreatitis) it’s well worth feeding a variety.

Another great product is the FurFresh bone broth, which is definitely worth adding to your dog’s bowl. Check that out too, even if you decide against FurFresh freeze dried.

If you want to compare FurFresh with like for like products then refer to our list of alternative dog food reviews.

Hopefully our FurFresh dog food review has been enlightening and helpful! If it has, tell others! 🙏

Where to buy

You can order FurFresh freeze dried pet foods direct from PetbarnFurFresh Dog Food Review or directly from FurFresh.

Get some of the bone broth as well – wonderful stuff!

Did this review help?

I’d love your thoughts and feedback, and others would to. Please comment if you have anything to add! Pet Food Reviews takes up huge amounts of my time, so if these reviews have helped you, please tell others! The small commissions from the “where to buy links” really help, so please use them! Thank you 🙂


Ingredients of Fur Fresh freeze dried dog food (Chicken & Chia Recipe):

Chicken, chicken offal, carrots, spinach, linseeds (flax), king island kelp, chia seeds, vitamin supplements (A, D, E, C, K, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12, Biotin), trace mineral supplements (Zinc, Iron, Copper, Manganese, Iodine, Selenium), L-Carnitine, Taurine.

Typical analysis

FurFresh use a typical analysis rather than a guaranteed analysis and may vary in composition. A guaranteed analysis specifies an absolute minimum protein and fat, whereas typical figures can be less than what is stated.

Typical analysis of Fur Fresh freeze dried dog food (Chicken & Chia Recipe):

Protein36% (Beef is 28%, Salmon is 28%)
Fat10.7% (Beef is 10%, Salmon is 19%)
Crude Fibre3.5%
Carbohydrates *Minimal
* May be estimated. Read how to calculate carbohydrates in a pet food.

FurFresh dog food recalls

There are no known recalls at the current time.

Previous recalls:

  • None.
9.3 Total Score
FurFresh Dog Food Review

It's great to see a freeze dried range from FurFresh, and it's very welcome on the shelves of Petbarn. Modern dog owners are more aware of healthy dog food and willing to pay a little more to better the health of their dog. If Petbarn is your store of choice then FurFresh dog food is a great choice.

  • 100% human grade dog food
  • No fillers
  • Lots of meat
  • Freeze dried

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1 month ago

hey! I’m thinking of getting this brand since it’s at petbarn, but I’m really curious why it’s rated less than frontier pets!

1 month ago

Amazing! Thak you so so much, I can definitely see how that would make you feel better about it!

2 months ago

It would be good to add cost per 100 grams to these reviews to give readers the opportunity to balance cost vs quality. E.g FurFresh is more than double the cost compared to Lyka and slightly more expensive than Ziwi Dried.

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