What does the Queen feed her Corgis, Dorgi, and Cocker Spaniel?

It’s hard to keep track of the Queen’s dogs. Did you know she’s had about 30 since her first Corgi Susan on her 18th birthday?

I thought they were all Corgis. Didn’t you?

But they’re not…

The Queen’s Dogs (2022 lineup):

According to the British tabloids (rag mags), The Queen currently has two Corgis, Muick and Sandy, a Dorgi called Candy, and a Cocker Spaniel named after The Queen herself – Lissy.

The Queen’s Dorgi (yes, I spelt that right) is a Corgi Dachshund cross, a descendent of one of the Queen’s late Corgis and her sister Princess Margaret’s late Dachshund Pipkin.

Perhaps the dog sitter wasn’t very careful that night?

It’s unusual for the Queen to have a Cocker Spaniel, but Lissy is actually her first champion show dog having won the Kennel Club Cocker Spaniel Championship 🏆

I think it’s fair to say The Queen’s a huge dog lover, and that makes her alright by me.

What does The Queen feed her dogs - Jubilee Corgis
Source: makemine_adouble (Instagram)

I found myself wondering what The Queen feeds her dogs, so I did a bit of digging. Are they fed kibble or filet mignon?

What’s your guess?

What does The Queen feed her dogs?

Surprisingly I found two conflicting stories. I’ll cover both for brevity, but I think one is the more likely truth.

#1 According to “The Sun”

The Sun, one of Rupert Murdoch’s tabloids, reports The Queen’s dogs were fed a supermarket home brand from Tesco, the Brit equivalent of Coles.

What does the Queen feed her Corgis, Dorgi, and Cocker Spaniel?
Are The Queen’s dogs fed a supermarket brand?

The source was a British broadcaster Daisy McAndrew who was working on a documentary Inside Waitrose (another British supermarket).

McAndrew states “We do know that the Queen feeds her dogs Tesco basic dog food.”

Perhaps it’s true, but my guess is The Queen feeds her dogs something a little posher than a home brand costing less than a dollar?

#2 According to “Hello Magazine”

Hello Magazine, a British publication which loves covering the Royals, offers a totally different story.

Their report, written by journalist Ainhoa Barcelona, states no dry kibble for these cared-for canines!

Having interviewed former royal chef Darren McGrady, it seems The Queen’s dogs really do have a gourmet diet!

In fact, it seems they had a strict rotation of rabbit (royally poached on the Windsor Estate by various princes), beef, chicken, and liver.

Now this looks like a diet fit for The Queen’s dogs:

What does The Queen feed her dogs - A royal menu
Source: Hello Magazine

According to McGrady, the meat would be cooked and very finely diced to ensure no cooked bones were fed to the dogs.

Some days, depending on the dog’s poo-consistency, cabbage or rice would be added.

So not full raw then.

The dogs would be fed to a strict routine, between 2pm and 3pm every afternoon. The Queen’s footman would collect the food and take it upstairs, where the dogs would be fed in their own individual bowls.

“This afternoon’s menu, dear dogs, is succulent freshly-poached rabbit with beef. Enjoy!”

I’m sure, at times, The Queen’s dogs are fed wagyu steak and caviar omelet, but note I haven’t had this fact-checked by The Queen herself.

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