Coffee Wood Chews for Dogs – What’s the bark?

The coffee wood chews for dogs really surprised me. They’re tough, long lasting, and can really help save your furniture from a destructive teething puppy.

But what’s the deal with this new trend in chew toys?

Let’s take a look:

What are the benefits of coffee wood for dogs?

Dogs love to chew. Especially puppies.

If you don’t direct their chewing antics to something like raw meaty bones, meat-based chews, or coffee wood chews, then they’ll turn to chair legs, sofas, and slippers.

It may sound crazy forking out hard earned dollars on what is basically a stick of wood, but it’s actually money very well spent.

These chew toys are long lasting and give your dog a great way to fight tartar and plaque, and also boredom. If your dog likes chewing, coffee wood can keep them occupied for ages.

They’re also natural, being, well, wood.

What is coffee wood?

Despite the name, coffee wood doesn’t contain any caffeine – something your hyperactive dog doesn’t need (or any dog for that matter)

Before you ask, they don’t contain sugar or artificial ingredients either.

I did some digging and found the coffee wood chews in Australia tend to come from the highlands of Vietnam (nice place to hike if you get the chance!). The wood is sourced from trees over 20 years old to ensure the chews are solid.

Are coffee wood chews safe for your dog?

A key benefit of coffee wood (or Java wood) is it’s very hard, and it won’t splinter like the sticks your dog finds in the park. It won’t splinter, and won’t pose the same risks of regular sticks, but they still seem to be as appealing for our stick-loving dogs.

According to some marketing spiel I read, the fibres in coffee wood are digestible in small amounts, and act as a natural source of fibre.

Whether that’s true or not, we’ll probably have to wait for a scientific study to be conducted, and we might have a long wait.

Thankfully, in my experience the coffee wood chews really are very robust, and can be chewed for ages.

Unless your dog is a super aggressive chewer who could chew through steel, you should be okay. If you have any doubts at all, I highly recommend monitoring your dog until you know they can chew sensibly and responsibly!

Why do dogs love coffee wood?

Most of us dog owners know how much our dogs love sticks, and I expect this is more to do for their natural love of bones.

Or maybe it’s the natural aroma of the coffee?

Being a coffee lover myself, I would fully understand if my dog was drawn to that very same aroma.

In our society many pet owners turn their noses up at feeding their dogs raw meaty bones. Some vets proactively advise against it. There are risks of feeding raw meaty bones, but I feel it’s a shame we’re so against it. Coffee wood might prove an appealing alternative, also with dental health benefits.

If you’re not keen on feeding bones, and you want something to help your dog keep their teeth clean, then coffee wood could be a great choice for you.

Where to buy coffee wood chews in Australia

Below are some options for coffee wood chews in Australia:

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