Woolworths Smitten Cat Food Review

Woolworths Smitten Cat Food Review
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  • It's cheap (but expect to pay $$$$s in vet bills down the track).
Country of originAustralia
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Smitten could lead to the premature death of your cat. Products such as this are likely the reason many cats die of conditions such as renal failure. There’s a simple factual reason why 👉 Cat’s are obligate carnivores, and this product is mostly cheap grains and grain by-products.

Baxters, the equivalent home brand offering for dogs, has solidified itself as the #1 most problematic dog food reviewed on this website, with numerous reports of sickness and death.

It doesn’t say so on the packet, but Smitten is a glorified version of their Woolworths Essentials brand for people who (sadly) can’t afford real cat food (or seriously don’t know any better). Just compare the boxes – they’re the same box, just different graphics.

Woolworths Smitten Cat Food Review

All “flavours” in the Smitten range are really just cereals and cereal by-products as the main component. The short digestive tract of a cat isn’t designed to process grains, let alone cheap nasty grains, so this would likely overwork their digestive system and kidneys to the point of failure. Products such as this are designed for profit, not keep your pet healthy.

Take a look at the ingredients for the Chicken and Salmon with Natural Tuna Flavour formula. Can you find “salmon” or “tuna” listed? I can’t. So why have they written it in CAPITALS on the front of the box? In truth, the meat and fish content of the food is a concoction of various rendered meats and meat by-products, whatever can be sourced cheaply at the time of manufacturer. If you picked up the keyword “rendered”, then you’ll have an idea of how nasty this ingredient may be.

There’s such a discord between what they say on the box and what’s listed in the ingredients. If the real ingredients were pictured on the box you definitely wouldn’t buy it. It’s amazing they’re allowed to market it so deceivingly, but that’s Aussie pet food regulations for you.

Woolworths may sell this stuff as “cat food”, but that doesn’t mean it’s good, species appropriate, or healthy. It may be cheap, but the real cost will be in vets bills and heartbreak down the track.

We do not recommend you feed this to your cats, or any other cereal and cereal by-product “cat foods” for that matter. Avoid.

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Wholegrain Cereals and/or Cereal by-products (derived from Wheat and Rice), Meat and Meat by-products (derived from Chicken, Beef, Fish, Lamb), Tallow (derived from Poultry and/or Beef), Natural Flavours, Salt, Potassium Chloride, Whole Canola, Sodium Tripolyphosphate, Choline Chloride, DL Methionine, Essential Vitamins & Minerals, Taurine, Natural Colours, Natural Antioxidants

2 Total Score

  • It's cheap (but expect to pay $$$$s in vet bills down the track).
  • All of it.