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ZIWI Peak Dog Food Review

Fantastic air-dried raw meat diet with the convenience of kibble! Read our ZIWIPeak dog food review to find out why you need to buy a bag right now!

Phoenix Dog Food Review

For our Phoenix dog food review we'll use the Turkey, Duck & Chicken formula as a benchmark. There are four varieties in the range, all being grain free and ...

Woofin Good Dog Food Review

For our Woofin' Good! dog food review we'll take a look at the Chicken, Rice & Vegetables formula, but the ingredients are similar in Beef, Rice & Vegetable as ...

Meals for Mutts Dog Food Review

Australian brand Meals for Mutts have established a loyal following. Read our Meals for Mutts dry dog food review to see if it's good for your dog.

Woof Dog Food Review

In our Woof dog food review we'll take a look at this wonderful New Zealand freeze dried food.

Stay Loyal Dog Food Review

As Aussies we love Australian made & owned dog foods, especially the good ones. In the Stay Loyal dog food review we'll find out if this is a good choice for ...

Drover Dog Food Review

Looking for a terrible food at PetBarn? This cheap and nasty product with a cute dog on the bag is your answer. Don't buy it.

SuperVite Dog Food Review

Looking for a cheap and nasty "dog food"? Look no further than Hypro budget offering SuperVite. Not for a Happy Dog.

Uncle Alber’s / Great Barko / Dib’s Premium Dog Bites Dog Food Review

Uncle Alber's, Great Barko , and Dib's Premium Dog Bites are made by Laucke Mills, a milling company based in the Barossa Valley.

Diamond CARE Dog Food Review

Peas. More peas. Does that sound like a healthy canine diet? Sensitive skin (and stomach) dog foods make an excellent profit, but get great feedback. Why?

ProBalance Dog Food Review

ProBalance is a home brand of Petbarn and City Farmers. The packaging would suit the shelves of your local vet, but is it any good?

Pedigree Dog Food Review

Read our Pedigree dog food review to find out whether this really is a quality pet food...

Pet Food Reviews (Australia)
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