ALDI Julius Gold Dog Food Review

ALDI are great for being cheap, but cheap rarely equals quality. They label their Julius Gold home brand (ok, technically a phantom brand) as premium, when the truth is that word is a meaningless marketing word.

In our ALDI Julius Gold dog food review (also applicable to the Puppy & Lite formulas) we’ll find out what the ingredients really say about this dog food.

Julius Gold dog food review

What the marketing says

Allegedly the Julius Gold dog food is formulated by an animal nutritionist. Not a dog nutritionist, just an animal nutritionist.

Seeing as pictures say a thousand words, below is an excerpt from an ALDI magazine which highly praises their glorified home brand dog food. After all, they’re not going to slate it, are they:

ALDI Julius Gold dog food review
ALDI Julius Gold Dog Food Marketing

Let’s play a game! Take a look at the packaging in the image above. The main ingredient in this dog food is shown graphically, but can you guess what it is?

Having read the marketing spiel above it seems ALDI Julius Gold dog food is pretty good, right? After all, Dr Cameron Sell PhD seems highly qualified so must have a thorough understanding about the nutritional requirements of dogs?

Well, it turns out Cameron Sell is an owner of a company called Premier Pet Foods (aka The Great Australian Petfood Company), so we can only assume he benefits lucratively from making this dog food for ALDI.

They also manufacture some of the most poorly rated dog foods on this website – Boomer, True Blue, and Winning Edge, although their more premium BIOPet brand is arguably the best of that bunch.

What the ingredients really say

I’ll focus on Julius Adult for this review, but will mention the Puppy and Lite recipes as a tragic anecdote at the end.

A natural canine diet is meat, so it’s a good start to find meat as the main ingredient. Sadly it’s cheap meat churned up with by-products (offal, skin, cysts, tumours, and who knows what else). It’s weighed before cooking so will become less significant in the finished product, so in all likelihood isn’t the main ingredient in this food.

Did you guess earlier that meat (or chicken) was the main ingredient in ALDI Julius Gold? If so, read on…

When it comes to non-nutritious grains, wheat is arguably the worst. It’s a cause of canine atopic dermatitis and very likely the reason your dog may scratch a lot on a food such as this. Wheat is listed second on the ingredients list (or at least a combination of wheat and/or sorghum).

Sorghum isn’t that great either, being starchy and less digestible than rice grains. Wheat and sorghum are very cheap, which is why they’re in this food.

ALDI Julius Gold Dog Food Review

Next up we find the real truth about the main ingredient in this dog food. The third listed ingredient is wheat bran

Hold on a minute, wasn’t wheat our 2nd ingredient as well?

What we have here is a cunning marketing trick called splitting. Ingredients are listed in order of percentage, so splitting a cheap ingredient (such as wheat) into two parts makes the meat appear as the main ingredient when it’s not.

You’re being duped, and the reality is wheat is the main ingredient. It’s one of the cheapest, most allergenic grains available, and given this dog food was formulated by an animal nutritionist you would have to wonder why they think wheat is good for an essentially carnivorous animal.

Vegetable protein is the fourth ingredient, possibly in the same quantity as the first three ingredients (making it one part meat, two parts grain, and one part vegetable). This is likely added to ramp up the protein from a cheaper and less digestible source than meat.

ALDI Julius Gold Dog Food Review

Tallow is a by-product of meat rendering, being the fatty residue from cooking up “meat” in a big vat. This accounts for the fat content in the food and isn’t the best or healthiest.

I’ll give them credit for linseeds and/or linseed oil (otherwise known as flaxseed). Where all other ingredients fail, this will give your dog some nutritional benefit and go some way to provide necessary omega fatty acids for health and coat.

Some vitamins and minerals are added too, because it’s a minimum requirement, but to me it’s on par with feeding your kids McDonalds every day and slipping in some budget multivitamin.

A summary (and better recommendations)

To summarise our ALDI Julius Gold dog food review we would have to recommend you pass on this.

Your dog may eat it, and in the short term they may even appear to enjoy it, but the excessive wheat in this product is just one reason why your dog may develop poor health in years to come.

If ALDI is your store of choice then opt for ALDI Natural Elements which is much better, or refer to our best rated list.

Julius Gold Puppy

Julius Puppy is formulated in the same way as Adult, but appears to have a more significant amount of meat & meat by-products, and likely more vegetable protein. That doesn’t mean I recommend feeding it to a dog in their early crucial stages of life.

Julius Gold Lite

If your dog’s overweight then the best thing you can do is feed him a decent meat-based diet. What they’ve done here is the opposite, they’ve practically removed the meat altogether and stuffed it to the brim with cheap grains. Your dog will have to eat much more to get the nutrients he needs, filling his belly with worthless crap. How will that help?


Ingredients of ALDI Julius Gold dog food:

Meat and Meat By-Products (from Chicken and Beef), Wholegrain Cereals (Wheat and/or Sorghum), Wheat Bran, Vegetable Protein, Tallow, Whole Linseeds and/or Linseed Oil, Beet Pulp, Salt, Prebiotic, Mixed Tocopherols (Vitamin E), Rosemary Plant Extract, Vitamins (A, D, E, K, B1, B2, B6, B12, Niacin, Folic Acid, Biotin, Choline, Pantothenic Acid), Minerals (Iron, Zinc, Copper, Manganese, Selenium, Iodine, Cobalt), Lutein, Garlic, Kelp.

Guaranteed analysis

Guaranteed analysis of ALDI Julius Gold dog food:

Crude Fibre?
Carbohydrates *Estimated 58%
* May be estimated. Read how to calculate carbohydrates in a pet food.

ALDI Julius Gold dog food recalls

Australia has a voluntary recall system which means public recalls rarely occur. We note, however, that numerous consumers have found their dogs to have adverse reactions to the Julius Gold dog food products.

Calling Aussie pet lovers – join the mailing list!

3.2 Total Score
ALDI Julius Gold Dog Food Review

Cheap meat and a double whammy of Wheat and Wheat doesn't come across as a premium food for dogs

  • Wheat is a problematic grain for dog health
  • Wheat bran is also a problematic grain for dog health
  • Cheap and unhealthy ingredients

  1. I brought the Julius Chicken Eggs with carrots and peas for my purebred Staffy as his hasn’t been eating his raw mince. His sister from the same litter eats it and loves it, so did my dog. That same night I noticed he had a few raised bumps on his body straight after eating it we didn’t think much of it and went to bed with him as he sleeps with us. As we were watching tv my husband said is Floki’s eye swollen and it did look like it but he had also just gotten over a bout of conjunctivitis from the boarding kennel. 2.30am he woke me up to go outside and he had the runs, when he came inside he was covered in hives and his poor eyes looked like a Shar Pei dogs they were so swollen he was scratching like mad. I have a stepdaughter who is a Vet nurse and she advised to give him a antihistamine which I did and it cleared up after a day.

    I’ve always fed him grain free after having a Pug who had skin issues, so perhaps it was that his on Applaws kibble as are my cats, but it was really scary on how suddenly it happened.

  2. bought a 1kg pack Julius Gold Meaty bites (Lamb) from Aldi, but when weighed it was only 750g. What a rip-off!!!

  3. Bought the 8kg Julius Chicken flavour dry food. My 6 y/o Lab/staffy Xdog eats almost anything. She eats Cat poo but she won’t eat this Julius stuff. Went on a 3 day hunger strike before i got something better. Seriously if your Dog food product loses out to Cat poo, you should really re-think your purpose in life. Now what do i do with 8kg of this stuff? It’s been out in the yard for a week now, stray animals won’t touch it, birds won’t eat it, even the ants won’t touch it. Would it be any good as a fertiliser?

    • Julius is CHEAP didnt you wonder WHY??
      Take kibble back to Aldis or throw it in bin.
      Always leave your dry dog food-Kibble in a cool dry place away from heat & light in a sealed container.
      As soon as you open a new fresh bag of Kibble the air/oxygen slowly starts to make the oils go rancid so keep kibble in air tight kibble bag it came in + air tight container in a cool place,no hot places.

      What I cant understand WHY would you let you poor dog STARVE for 3 days?? would you do this to your child??
      When a dog/cat refuses pet food something is probably wrong if the dog normally eats everything except the pet food.

      Dogs eat Cat poos for a few reasons, 1 Cat poo is high in protein dogs smell the meat also cat poo is high in salt, iCAt poo is a treat for a dog, start her on dog Probiotics, pick up cat poo.

      Feed your dog 2-3 meals a day, so she’s content & wont be hungry to eat cat poo.

  4. Bought some Julius Gold semi wet meaty bites. My dog won’t touch them. I smelt them. It’s clear to see why. They smell disgusting. Somewhat Smokey, somewhat chemical smells. Never again.

  5. Aldi have bought this new grain free out where i live. Have a look at these pics of it ive added here and see what you think. I have been writing alot to them lately trying to get them to update their dog foods and advising them on what us dog owners want in our dogs foods!!!! As far as i know i think they are trialling this in certain regions. Im really keen to see this get a review! It looks similar to SavourLife maybe but i have no idea what brand is behind it.

  6. I opened a 8kg bag of Julius Adult chicken this morning and out popped a few cockroaches…just great.
    Only the second time I’ve purchased this brand and it’s the last.

  7. Our Bull Arab-cross puppy has this brand every now and then. It is a good brand for us to buy because it is cheap and he seems to enjoy it. He did/has not had any issues and the vet says he is a happy and healthy pup. Obviously, cheap does not mean quality sometimes and I understand others having problems with it…but I can only go by what I see with our dog. Therefore, I would recommend this brand.

    • You write puppy, wait when your poor puppy is older & your spending money at the vets cause he’s having health problems, IBD, IBS, bad joints, arthritis etc then you will be wishing you spent that little bit extra money on 3-5 star dog kibbles…..You should be feeding a large breed puppy food, so his bones don’t grow too quick causing bad joint & bone problems when he’s older…I know a man from the dog park, he has a 4 yr old great Dane X with real bad joint problems, he walks like a real old dog, so slow, he just turned 4yrs old, I thought he was around 12yrs old, he feed him a poor quality kibble (Aldi’s) when he was a pup….. Now he feed a better quality kibble + raw diet but the damage has been done..
      Kibble companies are starting to bring out large breed puppy formulas now, cause of what is happening with these large breed dogs bones & joints…,..
      I’ve asked Aldi’s to improve all their kibbles cat & dog but we need more people sending emails & ask to PLEASE improve the quality of their kibbles, Aldi’s America have now it’s Australia’s turn, Aldi’s have a few different brands of kibbles & they all have awful ingredients, no good for growing pups, it should be illegal to sell these foods….

      • It’s good that you replied I was going to but I couldn’t figure out what to say so that I didn’t sound mean, thanks for doing it for me.

        Plus you also said some stuff I had forgotten about, so it was much better that you said it.

    • Hi C&P, I realise some dogs appear fine on this food (at least in the short term)

      In contrast the last report I had about this food making a dog very sick and incurring significant vets bills was within the last 12 hours.

      • Interesting to note that. I appreciate the advice as we all care about each other’s dogs and would never want to hear of one being sick because of food. Thanks for the information.

  8. Hi, the only way to get Aldi’s to improve their Julius dry kibble & all their other pet foods, cat & dog is to contact Aldi’s & tell them we want a better quality dog & cat kibbles PLEASE…or we are shopping elsewhere.
    The American Aldi’s had a kibble called “Shep” Dog Food, if you go on the Dog Food Advisor look thru Reviews you’ll find “Shep” it got 1 star, the ingredients were awful, people whinged & told Aldi’s we want a better quality dry pet food & they finally got a new dry dog kibble called “Pure Being” the ingredients are 5 star & nothing like the old Shep kibble….Australians have to do the same thing & start whinging to Aldi’s so Aldi’s improve their Pet Foods… A lot of people don’t realise Aldi’s pet foods are crap, they don’t know how to read an ingredient list & don’t know that when it says Meat & Meat by products, Tallow, they’re are buying a real crappy pet food, their dogs knows when he wakes up in the middle of the night with bad heartburn from the Tallow or feeling sick from the Beet Pulp, their dog knows he doesn’t have the energy like the dog up the road that’s feed a better quality diet…
    My Patch was rescued 4yrs ago at the age of 4yrs old, he was in real BAD condition, he came straight from the the pound & was taken straight to the vets to be assessed, straight away the Vet said I bet he was feed a poor quality food like Aldi’s, I see this all time, he had IBD (he was pooing blood) ear infection, wouldn’t stop shaking his head & walking with his head lop sided, he was real smelly of yeast, with itchy skin, this can happen when a kibble isn’t balanced properly with omega 3 fatty acids…. If you can afforded an extra $10-$15 a week buy a better quality kibble & please read the ingredients & google what the ingredients mean…
    Canidae sell their Life Stages, All Life Stages 20kg bags for around $90… Pro Pac Ultimates Grain Free has 12kgs bags $89 these kibbles are sold thru Pet Circle.

  9. What is the informed basis of this review, which seems to be based on opinion, with quotes such as “offal, skin, cysts, tumours, and who knows what else”? Most dog foods, including those the ill-informed pay a fortune for, contain by-products. It’s on the label, people, check yours! If the reviewer knows what the specific by-products of the Julius dog food are, please say so and quote your source. If not, the review is worthless.

    • Hi Frank, let me describe in short a visit to a rendering facility. Firstly it was distanced from other buildings due to the stench. Around the side of the facility, in the yard, was a pile of “poultry” carcasses which had sat for a number of days accumulating flies and maggots. This poultry was shoveled into a rat infested pit with a fork lift to produce “poultry by-product”.

      There’s very little in the way of quality control in these facilities, and it’s not just animal waste which ends up in the food.

      Facilities producing “human grade” meat for the likes of Coles and Woolies have bins (literally, we’re talking bins) with “Pet Food Only” where all the waste products of the meat are thrown. It’s not uncommon for the staff in these facilities to use these bins for other waste such as food wrappers or cigarette butts.

      As for the “offal, skin, cysts, tumours”, you only need to research 4D meat rendering to learn more. 4D stands for Dead, Dying, Diseased, Disabled”. The pet food industry didn’t come about to provide food for our pets, it came about because disposal of meat waste was costly and pet food was a way of turning that cost into profit.

      • Went to my Vet recently who said that dog biscuits/kibble are rubbish. My Collie & my Cavoodle(diabetic) eat roast chook,raw chook necks for their teeth & a chook & vegie loaf from the corner pet food shop which my Vet recommended.He also said the best chews for teeth are the green ones.

      • Thanks for your detailed response. But do you have any evidence to suggest that this particular Aldi dog food uses the very inferior type of byproduct that you have described, and why it should compare so negatively to many of the other ‘mainstream’ dog foods your website has reviewed?

        In the interests of my puppy I would dearly like to see it.

        The label on Aldi Julius Gold for puppies states that it meets the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO. Many other highly regarded Australian dog food brands make the same claim, and relevantly so, as it refers to the food meeting a good standard.

        I am encouraging every reader of this website to make up their minds based on available evidence, and not on some hunch that Aldi dog food must be inferior because it is sold at a reasonable price without the usual hype. If you dog doesn’t like brand x, change to brand y. It’s as simple as that, surely.

        That is all.

    • The “offal, skin, cysts, tumours, and who knows what else”? is actually written on almost every website I’ve ever visited in the 5 years I’ve researched it’s not his general opinion per say but rather that of the 4 D’s of dog food which are dead, dying, diseased and disabled.

      A food can very legally contain these items and when a food has no animal source the source that’s used is unpredictable and can contain any animal it wants, someone on dog food advisor said they can’t legally do that, but with the money they make I’m sure they can buy the rights.
      Just like how hills controls the vet courses because they have the money to do so.
      It makes finding the right vet nutritionist job hard as I’d like to study for that without hills getting in the way of my training, I don’t need their influence breathing down my neck, to feed their foods and only theirs.

      At the very least this food states the sources most don’t, either way I’m happy feeding 4 different types of raw and kibble foods to Rusty he’s more alive and has spunk previously he was just a dog who walked around the house because he could, now he actually has gusto and I’m happy for him.

    • My 8 month old GSD is fit an healthy, and loves this stuff. I don’t work for Aldi.

      • Hi I use aldi gold adult and puppy but I notice that the colour and texture of both these kibbles has changed I contacted aldi and they said that they had not changed suppliers anyone else noticed the change

        • Gee please look for a better quality dry kibble, I have a rescue dog & he has IBD now cause of what his past owner feed him…. when I first rescued him he was pooing blood, poo’s were sloppy & I couldn’t fix & stop his sloppy poos….finally went to vet & the first thing the vet said was I bet you he’s been feed a cheap & nasty dog kibble like Aldi’s food, so vet must of seen a few other dogs with same symptoms as Patch & they feed their dog Aldi’s formula’s…
          In America everyone whinged cause dogs were getting sick, so Aldi’s have changed suppliers & improved their Aldi dry dog formulas & it has really good ingredients now…no wheat, corn, soy, no by product meats or byproduct veggies no artificial colours & no preservitives .
          I’ve emailed Aldis & I have asked them can they please find another supplier that makes a better quality dry kibble, Aldis said they’ll see what they can do……yeah right nothing has changed…more people need to complain so we get a good quality dry kibbles like Aldis America has done….
          If more people start emailing Aldi’s saying Aldi’s human food is great buts it’s a shame Aldis dog & cat food doesn’t have better quality ingredients….
          Cathy start complaining if more people complain Aldis might do what Aldis America has done, the old formula was called Shep Dog Food but the new formula is called “Pure Being” Dog Food Advisor still hasn’t changed & updated Aldis new food yet but you can read all the post under Shep Dog Food Dry…
          Aldis may be cheap but in the long run your dog will suffer with health problems & you’ll end up with big vet bills if he/she gets sick.
          There’s some real good quality dry kibbles that aren’t too expensive, have a look at Pro Pac Ultimates, Pro Pac Ultimates have a Grain free & Grain kibbles, a large 20kg bag cost about $80.. Midwestern Pets Food make Pro Pac Ultimates & Earthborn Holistic…
          also Costco if you live near a Costco look at their Kirkland Signature dry formulas are the same makers as Taste Of The Wild kibble’s.. the Kirkland Signature Salmon & Sweet Potatoes is the same ingredients as the TOTW Pacific Stream, Smoked Salmon but a cheaper price…or look at Coles & Woolworths Supermarket dry kibble, when on special Applaws or VIP Nature’s Choice both are grain free & better quality then Aldis crap…& you don’t need to feed as much as the Aldis kibbles…also add foods that you cook for dinner as a topper so your dog is getting something good in his/her diet…

      • 8 months is a bit early to notice things, Rusty didn’t loose his gusto until like 4 years into his age at which point I started to research and it was rocky at first but eventually I got to where I am today and the spunk his got is so invigorating, at least someone in our family has a happy healthy life.

  10. My dog was as good as gold until we put him on this crap – was 12 and very healthy and steadily lost weight as obviously this food has less nutritional value than the premium costco stuff he was on before. We thought it was to do with old age until the vet told us otherwise and this review confirms it. Will be writing to Aldi.

  11. Has any one approached Aldi re the dog food? They are usually good listeners and may find a better source in the future..

    Has anyone looked into the rapid increases in the cost of all dog food recently? It looks like being the highest increase ever, without any explanation. I doubt that the standards have been raised in any way. What do you consider to be a reasonable price? Most owners do not mind paying a reasonable price for what they get, but when Special Prices are now $9 per 8kg. Bag and the full price is now listed as being more than $24. I am yet to meet any retailer who drives a sledge, nor any who are playing Santa Claus vow a whole year. Have you?

    • Reply
      Pet Food Reviews (Australia) July 27, 2016 at 9:25 am

      Hi Ken, I notified Aldi of the review but didn’t get a response. There’s definitely been an increase in what people pay for pet food, but many better brands have emerged with ingredients which are more nutritious but also more expensive to include. Many of the supermarket brands, such as this one, are cheap because they’re comprised mostly of very cheap grains.

  12. Your product so high in fat content that it has nearly killed our puppy.
    He is still in hospital and probable will be there for the next 2 days
    with severe panreatitis. All that fat. Only food he has had with a fat content

    • Reply
      Pet Food Reviews (Australia) July 14, 2016 at 1:04 pm

      Hi Margie, so sorry to hear about your puppy. It may not be the fat in ALDI Julius Gold which has caused the problem, but the product as a whole and quality of ingredients are very poor.

  13. After having a read of your other reviews, it sounds like I could do a lot better for my dogs, than Advance. I’m going to give the Black Hawk a go next. Thank you for providing this informative website.

  14. I fed my two doggies (14 yo Red Kelpie & 12 yo Staffy x Jack Russell) this food for a few weeks, until they both became sick. Both had no energy, became thin, had trouble moving and both became incontinent. I thought they were going to die. I took them to the vet, and he suggested changing their food. I changed to Advance and they are now both heathy and happy, now, aged 15 & 13 years old. I almost lost them.

  15. Started feeding my dog this to save money and almost immediately she has had a loss of energy and/or appears a bit low. Doesn’t care about her toys, sleeps all day. This stuff is horrible!

  16. I actually went into Aldi to have a look at this food and the packet I looked at didn’t have meat as the first ingredient. I think it was wheat or grains? Have they changed the formula (somehow for the worse???). I’m trying to help my brother not feed his dog this by finding a semi-decent food for a low price. Sadly this food will be extremely appealing to a lot of people at $9 for 8kgs.

    • Reply
      Pet Food Reviews (Australia) April 26, 2016 at 9:23 am

      I’ll have to check the recent ingredients but it’s certainly possible the ingredients have changed for the worse. What you can be assured of is for $9 for 8 kilos you’re getting what you pay for.

  17. I bought a Julius beef liver treat for my dog and e loves it but I can not get it any more are u going to sell it anymore.


  18. I have recently started feeding my dog on the Julius Gold adult she is very fussy eater and I have major problems with getting her to eat any foods..after trying many brands this is the one she eats and loves it she seems to have more vitality than before…she is 12yrs old and she is a cross maltese shitzu .I don’t know if this food is crap but it dose wonders for her so I guess until I find something wrong I will continue to give it to her.

    • I’ve recently been given a bag of the puppy mix; my husky who is also notoriously picky with dry food has never acted this way toward food before. He now eats everything in his bowl as fast as our Labrador does.

      I’ve been looking for any dry product that he loves to mix with the primarily raw meat based diet that I’ve been recommended to have him on. This product may not be the best for him but he certainly loves it and it seems to compliment the meat portion of his meal well.

      • Reply
        Pet Food Reviews (Australia) April 19, 2016 at 11:53 am

        It’s worth noting a dog can be enticed into eating an unhealthy food in the same manner a child can be enticed into eating sugary food or junk/fast foods.

  19. I feed my 3 doggies aldi fresh beef n kangaroo n tin food n they love it n won’t eat any other brand but julus gold puppy. So i don’t know why it’s crap cause if u r on a budget it’s great 4 them.

    • I don’t understand the logic ‘my dog likes it so it must be good’
      i love cheeseburgers and doughnuts and alcohol. Doesn’t mean its good for me. Its literally as simple as that. And dog food tins/cans are not nutritionally balanced or whole, even by AAFCO. They are roughly 80% water and although they help hydrate dogs, they’re basically useless for anything else essential for there health and longevity. Your dogs WILL suffer, even if it is not immediately. surviving isn’t thriving.

      Animals can learn to live without limbs, sight, sound and mobility. They do so very successfully, in fact many appear to what their owners describe as ‘thriving’ right up until cancer has literally consumed they’re entire bodies, without a single hint to them that anything was wrong.This just goes to prove that major problems can go undetected untill its too late, and it is up to us as owners to be aware and active on that behalf. What makes you think its any different with the progression of chronic conditions caused by poor nutrition?

    • It’s actually far from great for them. Kids love red cordial and will drink gallons of it if you let them, it doesn’t mean because they like it, it’s good for them. Did you not read the review and what’s in this stuff – it’s basically feeding your dog garbage. If you’re on a budget (as am I), you’ll find you actually get a lot better value buying a good quality food such as Candidae as for the same weight dog, you need to feed them a quarter of what you do with Julius. It’s a classic con trick to take advantage of the poor and rip them off.

      Dogs are carnivores and the main ingredient in Julius is wheat – if you actually read the review you’ll see how they con you into thinking it’s meat (and even the meat is tallow – look up how that’s made if you want to feel ill. It’s everything that’s unusable for anything else – animal skin, tumors, cysts etc boiled down to a sludge) but it’s actually wheat but they separate the wheat into 2 different categories so it doesn’t look like it’s the main ingredient. Wheat and sorghum (both are in Julius) are very hard to digest and have no nutritional value – they’re used because they’re cheap and they just fill their belly but give them no nutrition.

      I couldn’t believe how little I had to give my dog when I switched to Candidae and because it lasts so long, it’s actually working out cheaper than the stuff I fed him before. He’s been my best mate for 12 years and so loyal and trusting, they don’t deserve to be fed something that belongs on the rubbish tip.

  20. This dog food is horrible! After feeding my dog this food he has spent two nights in the animal hospital with a pancreatitis. He is still not 100% and its day 4 now with a $3,000 bill to pay.
    Do not feed your dogs this cheap crap!!!!!!!!

  21. I wanted to comment on the kangaroo/beef/grains raw pet food – when it is fresh my dog seems to like it but I can always tell when it is going off – apart from the smell, the substance food gets very soft – almost like a mush – I always have trouble seeing the expiry date of the food on this product – it seems to be in a position that is hard for the consumer to see almost deliberately – it’s almost like you can read it once you have opened the package and put white paper behind it. Animal lovers don’t like getting their dogs food that is not fresh and I have trouble ascertaining that when I buy this product – maybe it is the layer of black plastic and white padding to soak the blood up – seems un-hygienic to me. I often find I am disposing of it way before the pack in finished. Thank you and I would appreciate feed-back. Miriam Morris

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