“Phantom Brands” – Adding Glam to Homebrands

“Phantom Brands” – Adding Glam to Homebrands

Consider your typical home brand supermarket dog food. They don’t look appealing do they?


Homebrands are typically very cheap to buy. The reason they’re cheap to buy is they’re even cheaper to make.

Consumer awareness has grown, which has seen a shift away from homebrands in favour of more commercial brands like Purina and Eukanuba. This isn’t acceptable for the supermarkets, they want your money.

They’ve found the answer, and the answer is phantom brands.

"Phantom Brands" - Adding Glam to Homebrands

A phantom brand is a homebrand made to look better than it is. The quality of the product remains the same, but the packaging is glammed up to make it look nicer than it is. References to the supermarket itself have been removed other than small print on the back which will say “Produced or packed by [supermarket]”. The average consumer will no longer be able to differentiate between homebrands and other brands, and many will be sucked in by the attractive price tag.

Two recent phantom brands have hit the shelves of Woolworths – Baxters and Apollo. Neither are any good, in fact they’re terrible. ALDI have their own disaster in the name of Julius Gold.

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5 years ago

I see this so often at the supermarket. There always seems to be at least one gastropod staggering down the aisle with a giant bag of cheapo ‘dawg chow’ taking pride of place at the front of their trolley. Having observed such types being challenged on their irresponsible shopping habits, they almost always revert to some variation of the “aussie battler” story. Which would be very touching except for the fact that their trolley is almost invariably also loaded with bottles of cola, sweets, potato chips, frozen pizza and umpteen convenience foods. Oh and we need a pack of smokes on the way out. Ugh.

5 years ago

The Coles smart buy with its huge tick in the middle is suddenly hilarious to look at.

The packaging is truly atrocious though and to think people have bought that food before… Every single comment was 1 star though I think.

Your use of disaster was good, did you get that from me? Haha

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