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15/09/2020 – Due to numerous consumer issues regarding Ivory Coat from The Real Pet Food Company we advise avoiding this product.

If your pet has suffered any ill effects from feeding this product please give details in the comments section below.

View our best rated list for alternative suggestions.

Ivory Coat established a loyal following as a small Australian company, but was subsequently bought up by Real Pet Food Co, our largest pet food manufacturer behind most Australian brands and private labels. The “with Brown Rice” formulas have since been released and are cheaper per kilo than the original grain free formulas, especially in the larger 18kg bags.

Let’s take a look at the Chicken with Brown Rice formula…

The first ingredient is chicken meal, which is great to see, but we can assume the brown rice and oats to be in similar proportions, outweighing the chicken 2:1. It’s likely the peas and/or red lentils in 4th will also be a similar amount. Realistically the chicken meal could amount to 25% (or less) of the product as a whole, so not as significant as you would be inclined to believe (pretty standard for most pet foods).

Brown rice and oats are good choices as far as grains go, and I wouldn’t be concerned about including these grains in a dog’s diet. Peas are good in moderation, as are lentils. I find the real problem when we feed our dogs is consistent feeding of the same product, so it’s worth considering rotating this food with something else which isn’t formulated with grains and peas. Variety is good!

The rest of the ingredients seem decent, but with a few ambiguities. Palatant is one of those ingredients which could be absolutely anything, and it still amazes me our labeling regulations allow such terminology. We can assume it is some kind of animal digest or tallow, which has a bad name across Internet forums and social media. Natural antioxidant is also ambiguous, and the simple fact they haven’t disclosed the true ingredient would mean it’s not a quality inclusion. Vitamins and minerals would be a “vitamin pack” or premix, so the cheapest possible inclusion to tick the “complete and balanced” box. We can also expect salmon oil and/or canola oil to lean more towards the canola oil as the cheaper and not as optimum inclusion.

If we compare with the grain free formulas, you’ll find this one is lower protein, slightly lower fat, and approximately 10% more carbs. That makes the grain free the better option, but for additional cost. It’s still pretty good though, and we can’t knock the fact it’s more cost-effective than the grain free formulas.

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Chicken meal, brown rice, oats, red lentils and/or field peas, chicken oil, palatant, beet pulp, linseed, salmon oil and/or canola oil, vitamins and minerals, salt, potassium chloride, chicory root inulin, taurine, natural antioxidant, yucca schidigera extract

8 Total Score
Decent grain-based food, worthy of adding to a rotation

  • Meat as the main ingredient
  • Brown rice and oats are decent grains
  • Ingredients are good as a whole
  • Less protein and fat than the Ivory Coat Grain Free formulas
User Rating: 3.17 (46 votes)