Supercoat Grain Free Dog Food Review

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Regular Supercoat conforms to a formula we see often with bargain basement brands – cheap grains with cheap meat thrown in. These foods are staggeringly cheap because bags of grain are really cheap. It’s the reason we see so many brands like it, because selling crap for a few bucks en masse equals huge profits. This is the reason manufacturer Nestle Purina is such a huge company worldwide.

Supercoat Grain Free Dog Food Review

It was interesting to hear about the release of the grain free formula. How could a traditionally grain-heavy food be offered without grains?

Let’s take a look…

The main ingredient is meat and meat meals, with this being a lottery of chicken, beef, lamb, or pork. It’s good to see meat as the first ingredient, but the quality of meat won’t be very good. When we see a range of options it means whatever meat can be sourced cheaply at time of manufacture.

The second ingredient is vegetables and vegetable proteins and/or canola meal. I imagine this will be vegetable by-products, or whatever gets thrown out the back door of factories who process vegetables for human consumption. This is preferable to canola meal, a by-product of canola oil production. It’s sold off cheaply and used in feed for farm animals… or to make biodiesel.

So what else do we have? Tapioca starch will be used to bind the kibble. Animal fats as a non-descriptive ingredient will likely be the fats from the same animals listed above, but could be anything. Natural flavours will be the gruesome animal digest which we find in most pet foods under some pleasant alias.

Supercoat Grain Free Dog Food Review

As a whole the protein in the foods is above average, which is a positive. The fat percentage is moderate, and we find the food is lower in carbs than other cheaper brands – that’s good. This makes the composition seem okay as a whole. The ingredients are still cheap, but it’s a definite improvement over regular Supercoat.


Meat and Meat meals (chicken, beef, lamb and/or pork), Vegetables and Vegetable proteins and/or canola meal, Tapioca starch, Animal fats, Beet pulp; Vitamins, Minerals and Amino acids, Natural flavours.

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David D'Angelo

David D'Angelo has worked as a scientist since graduating with a BSc (Hons) in 2000. In addition, David holds a CPD accredited Diploma in Pet Nutrition as well as being CPD accredited VSA (Veterinary Support Assistant). However, his experience and involvement in the pet food industry for 15+ years has given true insight into pet food, formulations, science, research, and pet food marketing. Facebook | LinkedIn | Instagram | Pinterest

  1. Doesn’t matter what you spend when the dodgy vets these days
    Fill them with needles poison ..
    Vet industry in the USA is being sewed for this reason .
    Dogs immune system & saliva is 5 + times better then ours ,,
    Think about it …!!
    No wonder cancer is becoming a pandemic in animals ..

  2. Have fed multiple dogs for 20 years on supercoat,,
    10 to 17 years in ages…
    No problems ,,!
    $150 to $200 for dog food is a blatant rip off,, !!
    My mate feeds blkhawk, list 2 dogs by 8 years to cancer ..
    Lucky he spent the money ,
    Profits are not a sign of good ..
    Pet industry needs investigating , it has become a major grift..

  3. My opinion may not be popular, but this is by far and away my dog’s Favorite kibble. Our German Shepherd is a “grazer,” and even as a pup it was hard to keep weight on her because she was so active, but just picked at her food. We had to add whole eggs, or special oil to tempt her to eat it. A bowl could last several days, depending on her mood and the brand. We’ve tried all the top brands, and low end brand, and everything in between. She’s just picky.

    With Supercoat Grain Free, (not the regular, has to be grain free) she chows down like she’s starving. We’ve actually had to start measuring out her portions and feeding twice a day!

    We tested her interest by switching to other gran free brands, but she turned her nose up at them. The expensive $150 bag, she looked up at me with the first bowl and shot an accusatory look like I’d betrayed her. Monsters that we are, we made her finish the whole bag of organic, farmer-friendly, hand-picked by vestal virgins kibble before we got another bag of the cheap Purina.

    She was so grateful, I got the puppy dog eyes and belly exposure and tail wagging all at once.

    It may not be the healthiest option on the market, but it has no corn, our five year old girl is finally tipping the scales at a normal weight, and she actually likes it.

    • Hi,
      have you tried Purina Pro Plan Large Breed kibble?? Purina Pro Plan is better quality then Purina Supermarket pet foods.
      Years ago I contacted Purina Vet Nutritionists, my boy suffers with IBD & Allergies, I wanted to try Purina HA new vet diet that’s had just come to Australia, the Purina lady explained to me their Purina Pro Plan meats & ingredients are better quality then the supermarket Purina kibbles.
      You could go Pet Barn & try a smaller bag of the Purina Pro Plan Large Breed kibble or their Adult kibble & see does your dog like it BUT its not grain free my boy doesn’t do well on grains??
      Pet Barn are money back Guaranteed for palatability, my boy does well on “Wellness Core Large Breed Adult” kibble it’s grain Free…
      I’d try & find another kibble he likes so you can rotate between 2 different brands of kibble…

      My boy loves & does really well on V.I.P Natures Goodness Grain Free – Wild Game, the 3kg bag is on Special -$12 at Woolworths at the moment..

      Optimum Grain Free kibble 6.5kg bag is on special $26 at the moment.
      The V.I.P Natures Goodness G/F kibble smells heaps better then the Optimum..
      Optimum refund money if your dog wont eat the kibble, their guaranteed is on the kibble bag

  4. Purina’s website like Pedigree’s will always be on their side, I don’t really care what they have to say as they can lie out their a$$e$ because it’s not illegal to do so.

    Pedigree states it’s food is the best food you can feed your dog, upon seeing the ingredients list and supposed different ingredients for different formulas, you start to see a pattern that the food is the worst you can feed and that the formulas are almost exactly identical to each other, adding colostrum to a puppy formula does virtually nothing when it’s at the bottom of the list and also doesn’t make the food any less junk.

    Better foods are not expensive, leaps and bounds is a pretty good food for it’s price range, I would give that a go rather then sticking to a food that claims its added more nutrition to its food when clearly the formula has not changed at all.

    The USA has gained a new Purina product called Purina Bella which is in line with all of the junk food they produce, I had figured with their better line of foods that they were coming to their senses but with Bella I guess I was proven wrong, they clearly do not care about providing better foods and that says a lot about who they really are.

  5. I disagree again. In my opinion as I have previously mentioned I feel the review was based on assumptions. The standards are not scant if you know how to read them.
    Now clames are being made of child exploitation. I think this discussion has gotten way of track. I’ll have no further part in this discussion. Thank you.

  6. The product has to meet the Australian Standards 5182:2011. If it was in fact killing pet would it not be removed form production or sale in Australia.

    • I’ve read the Australian Standards. They’re scant, are they not?

      I’m assuming you’ve read them?

      Dogs can die for many reasons, which is a Purina stance. With the thousands upon thousands of allegations in the US the response from Purina is always the same – denial.

      Purina have recently been found to source fish from Thai slave ships on which child slaves had died. Purina claimed it wasn’t their fault, they didn’t know where their ingredients were coming from. That in itself is worrying.

      Personally I’ve dealt with many dogs who’ve suffered obesity, dry skin, itchy skin, allergies, and other issues on Supercoat. Admittedly many dogs show no ill effects eating such foods, especially not in the short term.

      Irrespective of the above, the review simply highlights the ingredients in the food, what they are, and what they’ll likely be in the case of ambiguity. Take “natural flavours” as an example. Why do you think they call it that?

  7. Not approsed at all, I have done my research, just found this particular review ill informed.

  8. Your review doesn’t provide these facts. Don’t tell me to Google after the fact. Put this information in your review, reference the documentation.

    • Hi Ginge, what facts would you like?

      Why are you so opposed to researching facts for yourself? As the owner of this free website it is my prerogative to word the reviews how I chose, and I chose to make them a simple starting point for anyone who wishes to learn what they’re feeding their dogs.

      As Susan has pointed out, there are plenty of facts out there. If you’re not willing to research the facts then it says a great deal about your comments.

  9. Read it again people I see a lot of phrases such as ‘I imagin’ and ‘ the quality won’t be very good’. Before you do such a review give me FACTs not wishy washy side comments.

    • Google “Purina sued for Killing thousands of dogs” Google “Purina Beneful sick dog law suit” there’s your facts….

      • Reminds me of Aimee and Pitlove lol, need links and stuff to believe what can be read on their own provided they even care enough to research in the first place.

  10. Purina, you have the money why not make a better quality grain free kibble for our pets…….when you look at the ingredient list to the Chicken grain free formula then look at the ingredients to the Beef grain free formula they’re the SAME so why make two formulas???
    Purina you could of done better even if the price was a bit more, people would pay it if the ingredients were better with sweet potatoes, broccoli, peas, berries, egg, carrot, kale & no beet pulp why add the beet pulp??

    • They love making us and our dogs suffer, the more we pay for non natural remedies to easily treatable by natural remedy sicknesses and spend thousands on vets the happier they are.

      I dislike Purina with a passion, they have a crazy amount of pride that no one cares about, all they seem to care about is “we added meat as the first ingredient now shut up and buy our food” … Fail

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