BIOpet Vegan Dog Food Review

BIOpet Vegan Dog Food Review
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Before we consider this food let’s consider what comprises of a native canine diet. What would a dog eat in the wild? As a predator would they be stalking wild animals or stalking wheat crops? The answer is an obvious one, so a Vegan food should ring alarm bells. Pure and simple fact.

Let’s take a look…

BIOpet Vegan Dog Food Review

The main ingredient is wholegrains. This isn’t very descriptive, and could be anything from wheat to popcorn. It could be a decent grain like oats or barley, but if these were used over cheaper “filler” grains then I guarantee they would be written on the label.

Malt comes next, which is again very nondescript. It’s a process of soaking grain in water then dried, a process that converts the starches to sugar. This ingredient will be included to enhance flavour. Cereal Meal is yet more grain, as is rice, and maize gluten (read corn) and wheaten millmix found further down, which are grain ingredients of worsening quality.

On the upside we have a few nice inclusions of veggies – peas and beans for protein and fibre (in the absence of any meat ingredients), and it’s nice to see alfalfacarrots, and seaweed meal. But as a whole I’m really struggling to find anything positive to say about a vegan food for dogs.

I find this food very clever. Don’t be lured in by marketing. I see this as being a very cheap to produce food marketed in such as way to attract new age dog owners into feeding something not right for their furry friends. The absence of meat ingredients ensures the cost of production will be minimal.

BIOpet Vegan Dog Food Review

Dogs may well be omnivores like us, but they have a shorter digestive tract more appropriate for absorbing meat proteins than vegetable proteins. You may be a vegetarian or vegan yourself, but I certainly wouldn’t recommend imposing such a diet on a dog.

Definitely not recommended. Don’t buy it.

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Wholegrains, malt, cereal meal, rice, field peas, soybean meal, sunflower meal, green beans, maize gluten, wheaten millmix, vegetable oils, limestone, dicalphos, molasses, alfalfa, carrots, potatoes, seaweed meal, garlic, iodised salt, vitamins, trace minerals, natural antioxidant, yukka extract.

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Grains for Carnivores

  • Not an appropriate canine diet.

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Hannah Little
2 years ago

Hi There – Former Vet Nurse Here.

Very foolish commentary – a total misrepresentation.

This food meets the AAFCO standards – same and Hills Science Diet and Royal Canin.

It is a perfectly healthy food for anyone who wants to feed their pet a top quality diet, as well as reduce their impact.

Daniel C
4 years ago

Hi All, my Siberian Husky has been on this diet for over 12 months, previously on Royal Canine Hypoallergenic due to allergies she was suffering, the vegan diet has helped her very much and no longer has her allergies and far better value than the Royal Canine product and she seems alot more active for an 11 year old dog.

4 years ago
Reply to  Daniel C

Well yeah Royal Canin only cares about money it’s super horrific trash food lol that anyone with a Facebook account and certain people added would know :p as in me haha.

I’m glad you found something that helped your pup and moved away from junk made by Mars yay!

5 years ago

Hi Pet foods review person,

If the dogs are healthy, happy and live just as long if not longer on a vegan diet when compared with an omnivorous diet then why does it matter what a dog’s digestive system is “geared towards”?

6 years ago

You are misleading others with the statement you have made twice now regarding owners personal beliefs and it doesnt actually strengthen your argument. The facts are that the majority of the meat produced today even for human consumption is contaminated with hormones and anti-biotics and sometimes other medications with very little (if any) thought given to the mental or physical welfare of the animal.
So to think that the 10% or so of the animal products (sludge and leftovers that have been scraped off the abattoir floor and dried) thats added to conventional dog food is essential and/or nutritious is wishful thinking.

6 years ago

This page is very judgemental towards a very diet, you are focusing more on the idea of a vegan eiet rather then the positives of the actual foods. Yoh mention ‘wholegrains’ is bad but atleast its not cerial by products which is in almost every dog food… and is a horrible ingredient. This review is not fair at all. My dog has been on this food for 3 years and is perfectly healthy and her vet says so too!!

6 years ago

Here is your legitimate reason… For those who own dogs who have Uric Stone Disease (USD) which is fairly common in Dalmatians in particular although other breeds are also stone formers, they can not process purine in foods and meat and meat by products is very high in purine and therefore these dogs do much better on a vegetarian diet. Just having even a little bit of meat has landed my dog in emergency surgery to save his life. Since going totally vegetarian he has been happy and healthy. We use this vegan dog food and he loves it and keep him healthy and prevents stones in my Dalmatian. So thank god that there are companies out there that do vegetarian dog food, as stone forming is more common than you would believe.

5 years ago

My 2 dogs have been on this food for a year I do add grated carrot and other left overs to it. They love it. both are collies and would run all day they have so much energy. You are misleading people in saying dogs should go and scavenge in the wild ……if you go this far then we shouldn’t have them as pets. I am their owner and choose what to give them just like any other owner choosing to give them meat that isn’t even fit for human consumption. Could you eat the food you give your dogs? My previous 2 dogs were collies and lived a long healthy life with no illness’s in fact my beardy died naturally in our kitchen. They were on a uk vegan dog food. Bio pet are not fools.

David Rutherford
6 years ago

We have fed our Shitzu/Maltese on Biopet Vegan for at least 5 years now. Our Vet, on the yearly visit, always underestimates his age by at least 3 years and comments on how healthy he is. When we tell him we feed him a vegan dogfood he goes very quiet as the concept is so against the grain. I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss this food, it works for our dog.

6 years ago

Hi Dave, can you do the grain free one too. It is species appropriate withbeef and chicken.

Aanand Rai
6 years ago


Dogs are omnivores and can thrive on a vegan diet. Its just a question of getting the right mix of ingredients to provide them with the required amounts of protein, amino acids etc.

Check out the 12 pages of testimonials from people whose dogs have gone vegan and are thriving on v-dog, a vegan dog food.


5 years ago

You talk about the dog’s digestive system being geared more towards digesting meat, however you also called humans natural omnivores. Given the fact that we are biologically herbivore in every way, and have chosen to feed ourselves a omnivorous diet which is the primary contributor to our health issues as a species, I find it difficult to believe what you are saying about vegan dog food. If we were going to just eat what we were biologically designed for, the human race would be vegan. Look at the length of our intestines, the way our jaw works, our teeth, the fact that we sweat through our pores to cool ourselves, that we have enzymes on our tongues specifically to break down carbs, all herbivorous traits. I am talking pure biology here, just like you were talking just nutritional content. No ethics or ‘dietary belief’, just scientific facts. Here’s another one. In 2002, Bramble, a 27-year old border collie was considered for the guinness book of world records. She was a vegan.

Pet Food Reviews
5 years ago
Reply to  Jessica

But you’re not disputing the fact canines are carnivorous?

5 years ago

Oh dear, show someone who claims they talk in facts the facts and they quickly jump into straw-man arguments! hahahaha. Way to go Jessica!

5 years ago
Reply to  Aanand Rai

If you’re going to feed a dog a vegan or vegetarian diet rather than a species appropriate one, there is far better than this.

For one 52% carbs is ridiculous for a normal canine… and the protein is low especially considering plant based proteins are less bioavailable to a shorter digestive system like the domestic dog, you would want the protein to be closer to 30% or above. The fat is also very low for the average dog.

You don’t even have to look at the ingredients to know its not a worthwhile food…

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