Australian dog foods (and my best recommendations!)

Us Aussies like to buy Australian. That’s probably why you’re here, reading this, looking for a good Australian dog food?

Actually, it always surprises me how many people ask for recommendations for a dog food, then state it must be Australian.

We have literally dozens of dog foods here in Australia, but you may be surprised to know most of them come from the same few manufacturers.

Many of these dog foods claim to be “Australian”, when in reality the manufacturer is owned by foreign investment. So technically they aren’t really fully Australian.

Australian dog foods (and my best recommendations!)

Below I’ll make some great recommendations for dog foods which are not only Australian Made AND Australian Owned, but with ingredients good for your dog as well!

The below dry dog foods are all Australian Made AND Australian Owned.

I’ve checked various sources for consumer feedback, combined with feedback I’ve received over the years, and feel confident recommending the following Australian dog foods.

They’re also a good standard in terms of ingredients, nutrition, and analysis.

#1 LifeWise

Australian dog food - Lifewise

LifeWise dog food is probably the most expensive on this list, but it’s a brand I have a lot of faith in. On many occasions I’ve spoken with the owner Bill, and his knowledge and care is second to none.

It’s formulated with a mix of ingredients including meat, legumes, and potatoes. It’s not the highest protein, and it doesn’t contain as much meat as others, but it’s a really nice mix of quality ingredients.

If you’ve fed Meals for Mutts before, then LifeWise was formulated by the same guy. The benefit of LifeWise over Meals for Mutts is it’s made by a smaller, more independent manufacturer.


  • I’ve found the brand trustworthy.
  • High quality ingredients appropriate for your dog.
  • Good mix of ingredients, so a balance of nutrients.
  • Great consumer feedback.
  • Has shown to work well for allergy prone dogs.

Where to buy

#2 XP3020

Australian dog foods - XP3020

XP3020 dog food gets it’s name from being a “30% protein / 20% fat” formula. That’s really good, as your dog needs protein and fat far more than carbohydrates.

Consumer feedback for XP3020 has been really good with little negativity. It’s a simple formula mostly comprising of meat, brown rice, and meat fat.

Brown rice is a decent grain, but if you’re looking for grain free or more meat then the next recommendation might suit you better.


  • Simple, no nonsense formula of meat and brown rice.
  • Good protein and fat (and low carbs!)

Where to buy:

#3 Healthy Everyday Pets

Healthy Everyday Pets Australian dog food

If you thought 30% protein and 20% was impressive, Healthy Everyday Pets dog food boasts 36% protein! Ok, this is for the Athlete formula which is my favourite, but the other recipes are good too.

Healthy Everyday Pets has a focus on dogs being a carnivore, which (if you don’t listen to pet food marketing departments) is very much the case. Dogs thrive off a high meat diet, and yours will too.

Feedback has been really good for Healthy Everyday Pets, and it’s definitely one of the best Australian Made & Owned brands.


  • Highest protein dry dog food in Australia!
  • No grains.
  • Gluten free.
  • Affordable price considering the amount of meat (which is what your dog needs!).

Where to buy?

#4 Meals for Mutts

Australian dog food - Meals for Mutts Bacon & Eggs

You’ve probably already heard of Meals for Mutts as it’s one of the most talked about Australian dog foods. You can tell it’s proper Australian with the “Bacon & Eggs” recipe (which is really pork and eggs).

It’s a decent and relatively affordable brand, especially with the bigger bag sizes, and consumer feedback has been mostly positive.

Price range it’s similar to Black Hawk, but Meals for Mutts seems to be the more reliable of the two, and also seems to work well for dogs with allergies.

  • Decent affordable brand.
  • Grain free.

Where to buy?

#5 Stay Loyal

Stay Loyal Australian dog food

I really like Stay Loyal. The brand has stood the test of time and has benefited from excellent consumer feedback.

With 32% protein it’s the 2nd highest after Healthy Everyday Pets, but with this formula you get a range of meats and fish in a very well rounded mix.

Stay Loyal sell direct to the consumer, so if you’re looking to schedule a repeat dog food delivery then check out their website here.

#6 Savour Life

Savourlife Australian dog food

Last but not least of the recommended Australian dry dog foods – SavourLife.

It’s a decent formula which is grain and gluten free, and a good mix of ingredients. What you’ll love most about this brand is they donate 50% of the profits to help save rescue dogs. A worthy cause!


  • Decent ingredients.
  • 50% of profits donated to help save rescue dogs.

Where to buy?

So far we’ve covered some of the best Australian dry dog foods, which are great for convenience and an affordable base diet.

We have some excellent Australian dog food companies who really push the boundaries, offering us dog owners a diet which is fresher and more nutritious.

You’ve probably seen Frontier Pets and Lyka crop up a fair bit on this website as two of my favourite Australian dog foods, but Balanced Life as the original Aussie air dried dog food is well worth a mention as well!

#1 Frontier Pets

Best Australian dog foods - Frontier Pets

Frontier Pets has deservedly grown a very loyal following since Diana who created the brand featured on Shark Tank.

Since then they’ve gone from strength to strength with their “freeze dried raw” dog food. This makes it so easy for us dog owners to feed a raw diet without any of the hassle! Great nutrition, better than any dry food, and great for your dog!

I’ve visited the Frontier Pets factory and met the team – they have such a great vibe, and they’re doing things right. If you want proof, check out the positive feedback from so many consumers!

You can buy Frontier Pets direct from their website here, and I highly recommend trying a bag!

#2 Lyka

Best Australian dog foods - Lyka

Another top Australian dog food is Lyka. It’s not a dry food, and it’s not a convenience food either – it’s fresh, slightly cooked meals (“bowls”) delivered right to your door.

Basically Lyka takes all the effort out of preparing excellent meals for your dog!

It’s been wonderful seeing how much the company has grown over the past few years, but what’s even more wonderful is seeing the astounding feedback from consumers.

Worth trying!

You can buy Lyka direct from their website here (with 20% off your first order if you use this link!).

#3 Balanced Life

Best Australian dog foods - Balanced Life

I’ll tell you two good reasons why Balanced Life is a good dog food. The first is pretty obvious, the second is one of the much less obvious ways I can tell a food is putting your dog’s health before profit.

The first is how much meat is in a dog food. Not just mince or meal (which can often be carcass), but organs, tripe, and bone. You’ll find them all in Balanced Life, and they openly state 80% meat, organs, oils to 20% vegetables, fruits, and other ingredients.

The second is the use of chelated minerals. You don’t see them used that often as they cost more to include, but they’re better for your dog as they’re more easy to absorb. Seeing chelated minerals in a dog food is a great sign it’s been formulated for the health of your dog rather than saving a few cents on a cheaper alternative.

Being air-dried it’s also really convenient. All you do is add water and let it soak for a bit before feeding. Easy!

BARF Patties (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food)

You’ll find BARF patties in the freezer section of most pet stores these days. I know we like the convenience of having dog food delivered to our door which isn’t usually an option with frozen foods, but I believe PetbarnAustralian dog foods (and my best recommendations!) offer same day delivery.

There’s a couple of Australian Made & Owned BARF brands which I recommend and you’ll find really easily, and they’re Big Dog and Proudi.

They’re both really good and I’ve fed both to my pets, with the biggest (small) difference between the two being Big Dog has some veggie content and Proudi is full “raw”.

How can a dog food brand claim to be Australian Made / Australian Owned when they’re not?

There’s a loophole which allows a dog food company to state they’re both Australian Made and Australian Owned, when it might not be 100% true.

The reason for this is most Australian dog foods are made by a separate manufacturer. Most of the time we don’t even realise this.

Australian dog foods (and my best recommendations!)

It’s common practice and not necessarily a bad thing – the manufacturer will make the dog food to order, and the company who owns the brand will do the rest of the work, like sales, marketing, customer relations, social media, and so forth.

But what this means is the company who own the brand can claim to be Australian Owned, because they are, and they can claim the food is Australian Made, because it’s manufactured in Australia.

But that doesn’t mean the manufacturer is Australian Owned.

Australian & New Zealand dog foods

Here’s a list of brands which hail from Australia or New Zealand, regardless of whether the manufacturer is foreign owned. After all, they’re still made here (or NZ), by Aussie locals:

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