Green Lipped Mussels

Green Lipped Mussels

Green lipped mussels are one of those wonderful foods for joint health and prevention/treatment of osteoarthritis. It’s an ingredient we find in a few top quality foods, and often in foods from New Zealand where they’re generally sourced. The Maori tribe of New Zealand have a diet rich in green lipped mussels, and are known for having the strongest bones and joints in the world.

Green lipped mussels are a fantastic foodstuff for people with arthritis, and the same applies to our pets.

They contain glycosaminoglycans for supple and strong joints as well as cartilage repair, eicosatetraenoic acid (ETA) as a form of omega 3 to prevent inflammation of joints, as well as lyprinols and anti oxidants to further aid joint health.

This page covers:

How should I feed green lipped mussels to my pet?

There are four ways of feeding green lipped mussels. These are:

  • Within some pet foods as an ingredient (see below).
  • As freeze dried treats (see below).
  • As capsules (see below).
  • Fresh (if you can buy them locally).

Which commercial pet foods contain green lipped mussels?

Green lipped mussels are commonly found in pet foods manufactured in New Zealand. The following foods, rated highly by us, contain green lipped mussels as an ingredient:

The wet foods by ZiwiPeak and K9 Natural/Feline Natural also contain green lipped mussels.

Where can I buy green lipped mussels?

Until recently it’s been hard to find green lipped mussels. Thankfully they’ve become more common as freeze dried treats and can be bought from pet stores or online. Freeze drying is a process which removes all water content and leaves the nutrition intact, being a great way of preserving the food and reducing weight. A 50g bag of freeze dried mussels is the equivalent of over 250g of mussels in fresh form (as a guesstimate).

The website Sniff Out is an excellent tool to find green-lipped mussels (and any pet products) from Aussie retailers. I’ll include some links for a few products below:

👉 Click here to find retailers for Green-Lipped Mussels in Australia.

As a general rule you could feed one mussel a day, or every couple of days, as a treat. For a more specific formula see below.

Capsules might be a more convenient option, with PAW Osteosupport Joint Care Capsules being the most common. These are available as 500mg daily capsules for dogs or 500mg daily capsules for cats. You can buy these at My Pet Warehouse and :PETStock:.

Sashas Blend is another good option, being a combination of green lipped mussel, abalone, and marine cartilage (shark cartilage). Abalone is a preventive of arthritis and reduces joint pain as well as other health benefits. Shark cartilage is said to aid cartilage repair, but there’s little research on this.

When feeding capsules it’s best to spread the powder over your pet’s food. This works better if you feed wet and can mix it in.

👉 Click here to find retailers for PAW Osteosupport capsules in Australia.

👉 Click here to find retailers for Sashas Blend in Australia.

How many green lipped mussels should I feed my pet per day?

There are a few formulas based on studies. The following formula was published in a study in the Journal of Nutrition 2002 and applies to dogs and cats:

15mg of green lipped mussel powder per 1lb (1 pound) of body weight

Powder is essentially green lipped mussels with all moisture removed, with the same being the case for freeze dried offerings from manufacturers such as K9 Natural and Sunday Pets.

Here are some calculations using that formula, and converted to kilos and grams:

5kg (adult cat) – 0.165g/day

10kg (small dog) – 0.33g/day

20kg (medium dog) – 0.66g/day

When you consider a small pack of K9 Natural Green Lipped Mussels are 50g, that would mean the pack would be sufficient for a 20kg dog for 75 days!

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Green Lipped Mussels