Sure Pet Dog Food Review

Sure Pet is a Kmart brand of food, and to be honest the only reason you’d buy pet food in Kmart is because it’s dirt cheap. The reason it’s dirt cheap is because, well, it’s dirt.

Sure Pet Dog Food Review

This review is for the With Beef recipe. There’s also a Beef with vegetables recipe but don’t be fooled into thinking it’s any better. Stating a food comes “with beef” doesn’t mean it has a decent amount of beef in it, it just needs to have some small percentage of beef (interpret this as not a lot).

If you feed this to your dog you’re mostly feeding him cheap cereal-based products along with all the waste that come with it from the grain industry. This is crap that can’t be sold for any other purpose, and it’s definitely not fit for human consumption. You wouldn’t want to eat it anyway, as it has no nutritional value.

The meat content in the food is unspecified meat and meat by-products. This comes from a range of meat sources – dead, diseased, rank animals, perhaps with roadkill thrown in for good measure, and probably some other nasties. Tallow also comes from the processing of said animals (and other waste), and isn’t a pleasant ingredient.

Sure Pet Dog Food Review

If you want your dog to have ill health and allergies, then this food will get you there. Buy something else, and buy it from a pet store not from Kmart.


Wholegrain cereals and cereal by products [wheat and/or sorghum], Meat and meat by products [Beef, lamb and poultry], Vegetable oil, Tallow, Salt, All essential vitamins [(A, D, E, K, B1, B6, B12), Niacin, Biotin, Choline] and minerals [Iron, Zinc, Copper, Manganese, Selenium, Iodine, Cobalt], Flavours, Antimold, Antioxidant.

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David D'Angelo

David D'Angelo has worked as a scientist since graduating with a BSc (Hons) in 2000. In addition, David holds a CPD accredited Diploma in Pet Nutrition as well as being CPD accredited VSA (Veterinary Support Assistant). However, his experience and involvement in the pet food industry for 15+ years has given true insight into pet food, formulations, science, research, and pet food marketing. Facebook | LinkedIn | Instagram | Pinterest

  1. I would love to know who does these reviews as they are absolutely ridiculous – the one above all these comments in particular – the dog and cat biscuits are not dirt and Doh! “OF COURSE THEY ARE NOT FIT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION BECAUSE THEY ARE FOR ANIMALS – NOT HUMANS” even the packaging says they are not for human consumption. I have used these biscuits for several years and my animal loves them even prefers them over expensive brands.

    It’s these type of false reviews that have probably pushed KMART to now delete these products from all their stores and I am so upset as now I struggle to find dry biscuits that my animal likes.

    If you don’t like the products just buy from other stores but don’t put false reviews up just because you don’t like the product – there’s nothing wrong with these dry biscuits – my animal has been eating them for about 6 years and he is fit AND HEALTHY as a malley bull.


    • Hi KEM, I’m sorry the review appears false based on your dog loving the food and being alive.

    • if you go to the about me on this page, you will see the credentials of the reviewer. perhaps you should do some proper research before spouting off like an idiot…..

    • Psst: The “human consumption” part was referring to the cheap milling waste that these foods typically include. Rest assured that if they could legally box it up with a label reading “Muesli Superfood” and charge you even more for it, they would. English comprehension is such a dying art, particularly in pet food circles apparently 🙁

  2. We bought this once for our little Bull Arab-cross. The cost ($9 for a bag of puppy food) was what attracted us to buy it and he seemed to enjoy it. Looked slightly different to other brands we have bought. As I said, we have only bought it once. The Kmart near us has not stocked it since then. Anyway, I have no problem recommending it but I would understand some not wanting to for their own reasons.

    • I’m not sure if this is a form of weird elaborate trolling since you’ve recently left comments suggesting that seven of the “lowest of the low” (plus Advance- which makes eight according to most), are somehow ok based on the fact that your puppy has not yet died and appears “happy” eating the product.

      I don’t wish to be unkind but if you’re actually serious, it’s worth pointing out that most dogs will gladly chow down on a bowl of snail bait if permitted, and they’ll also appear “happy” throughout the exercise. Later on, perhaps not so much but dogs live in the moment.

      Please please please consider better quality food for your pup. You only get one shot at puppyhood, and it would be a shame to ruin this opportunity whilst opening the door to a lifetime of problems with cheap crappy food. If you absolutely need to be at the cheap supermarket end of the spectrum, consider stuff like Farmers Market, and while you’re there at Woolies etc. grab a few of those 59c cans of sardines in water and any cheapo lean cuts available in the meat section. Not all potential dog foods come in a package labelled “dawg chow”

      The fact that you found this site suggests you’re interested in this stuff – please do read the reviews thoroughly and take it on board for the sake of your pup.

  3. I fed the rawhide sticks to my dog and he’s fine! Don’t see why you’re trying to push Kmart down the budget.

  4. I used to buy the sure pet kangaroo sticks and when I went to get more the packaging had changed. instead of a white lab on the front of the packet it is now a black lab and the kangaroo sticks don’t smell the same as before. they smelt so bad that I don’t buy them anymore

  5. Well I feed My Cats and Dogs this Food and it is fine so I see no reason why you are trying to make Kmart get less business because if it was crap why are my dogs and cats in PERFECT health?! I have been feeding them this for 2 years now.

    • Hi i feed my 2 puppies on kmart food and they love it ! They are very fussy eaters and love the blue adult food and the puppy food but not the green bag! I have an Australian Kelpie and a Maremma! Both are very fit and healthy!

      • Hi Pauline, there are many reasons a dog will eat (or “love”) a food. Salt and tallow are two of them. Kids love McDonalds, Hungry Jacks, KFC, and Dominos.

    • Reply
      Pet Food Reviews (Australia) November 25, 2015 at 5:06 pm

      Hi Vanessa, I’m glad your pets are in perfect health and hope they remain so. The reviews are from an ingredients and analysis stand point, irrespective of the manufacturer or seller. This is one of the cheapest foods available, so ask yourself this – are they making it from quality ingredients and selling it to you for a loss out of the kindness of their hearts? I’m sure Kmart are doing just fine regardless of this review.

  6. Purchased liver balls and there hard and bigger not same as I usually get don’t think they are OK to give my dog

    • Take them back to K-Mart for a refund… when bad dog food is taken back to the store, normally the food is sent back to the supplier or maker & then they know their food is crap, read where the food is made, probably china…. Pet Shops or online Pet Shops are the best as they sell bigger quantities & have a good turn over so food stays fresh…..

  7. I just opened up a box of the birdseed i got from kmart and there were weird looking bugs in the box and also sea shells in with the seed some whole pieces but most of them tiny bits can’t say i have ever seen sea shells in bird seed before. Not happy won’t be buying it ever again

    • The shells are called grit and are commonly fed to birds for calcium, although there is controversy surrounding it being fed to parrots as it is mainly required for softbilled species such as finches to aid in digestion.

  8. I have purchased a 8kg bag of dry food from the Kmart store in Cairns. The food has mold on it. The best before date is april next year 2016.

  9. I brought some Sure Pet meaty bites from Kmart New Town Tasmania two weeks ago and I don’t know but I think they are rotten I have taken pictures if you would like to see . I won’t give them to my dogs you should check the bags before you send them to the stores .
    The Barcode is :9-300806465340 it is a 8kg Adult Beef .
    I will be contacting Kmart .

    Thank You

    • Reply
      Pet Food Reviews (Australia) July 20, 2015 at 1:56 am

      Hi Judy, thanks for letting us know – feel free to send photos to Sometimes if a bag isn’t sealed properly it can let moisture in, which can and does happen.

      • I work at a Kmart in NSW and while I haven’t got anything to say about the dry food that hasn’t already been said, there was a product recall last month on the Sure Pet brand pig trotters – I don’t know exactly what was wrong with them, but they smelled disgusting even in the zip-locked bag, and somehow just smelled wrong? I don’t understand how anyone could feed their dog this foul stuff – the customer was actually angry I couldn’t just give him the pig trotters, even though they were recalled! Just terrible.

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