According to Researchgate, a study showed 79% of dogs and 90% of cats were fed conventional pet foods, namely dry biscuits (kibble) or tins of wet food.

That’s as many as 4 million dogs and 3.4 million pet cats!

But are those conventional pet foods healthy?

You may wonder if they are given Australian regulations for pet food are voluntary, and we don’t have any recall system in place for dog and cat foods.

It probably comes as no surprise most pet foods are made of lots of wheat, corn, and rice for our carnivorous meat-loving pets. You can argue the case for dogs, but why on Earth are we feeding our cats as obligate carnivores dry biscuits made of grains?

Dog food reviews & cat food reviews (Australia)

We love our pets, and we want them to live a long, healthy life. Do you know if the food you’re feeding your adorable fuffball is healthy?

Dog food reviews & cat food reviews in Australia

Hopefully this website will help you!

I’ve spent a great deal of time over the past 10+ years researching cat and dog foods. It’s helped me make better decisions for my pets, and I hope the same will be the case for you too!

If you want to know two of the biggest misconceptions about pet food today, then start here, or if you want to read about the pet food you’re feeding right now then go here.

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A quest for healthy pet food!

The purpose of these dog food reviews and cat food reviews is to give you a starting point in figuring out what’s best for your pet.

I want you to read the ingredients of your pet food, and ask yourself – does that sound healthy? Does that sound like the right diet for my dog from the Order Carnivora, or my obligate carnivore cat?

Dog food reviews & cat food reviews in Australia

I bet, if you look at the pictures of succulent chicken on the front of the bag, then read grain after grain after grain on the ingredients list, you may be as confused as I was when I first read the ingredients of my cat food.

Why on Earth would you feed so many grains to an animal factually known to depend on a whole-prey diet.

I mean, seriously, it’s no wonder up to 50% of senior cats have some form of chronic kidney disease or 1 in 5 get diagnosed with cancer. Their little digestive systems aren’t designed to process so much grain.

You can argue the case with dogs too. Yes, they’re scavenging carnivores and will generally eat whatever you put in front of them, but it only takes one look at those teeth and jaws to know what they’re designed for.

To quote Australian vet Dr Tom Lonsdale, one of the most honest and knowledgeable vets I’ve had the pleasure to work with, our pets are not “furry toys”.

We need to feed them appropriately.

I’m a pet owner, and I want what’s best my pets. I also want what’s best for yours. I’m not a marketer or a salesman, like the folk who make and brand your pet food, I’m a consumer like you.

I’ve learned a few things from running Pet Food Reviews for nigh on 10 years, and hopefully I can pass on some of that knowledge in the reviews.

If you have any questions your best bet is through the Facebook page, or feel free to comment on the individual reviews.

Feedback, thoughts, and experiences are very welcome – they help me, and they help others!

Pet Food Reviews (Australia)
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