Lucky Dog Dog Food Review

Lucky Dog Dog Food Review
1.8 Total Score
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For this review I’ve decided to let professionalism slip. I have jurisdiction over this website and it’s my prerogative to write in whatever manner I like, so for this review I’ve decided to rebrand this food to be Unlucky Dog.

Lucky Dog” is marketing, pure and simple. In my opinion, based on my knowledge of pet foods, I believe “Unlucky Dog” is a far more apt and factual labeling for this food. Obviously I’d be daft to rebrand the food in such a manner without justifying my actions, so read on…

Lucky Dog Dog Food Review

This food is as basic as they get. There’s no enticing ingredients in the food, no oils for heart health, joint health, or a glossy coat, no animal fats for energy, no fruits, no decent veggies, no decent grains or decent meats to provide the “100% Complete & Balanced Diet” they state so clearly on the front of the bag.

What the food does have is a list of ands and ors, telling you it might be this or it might be that, we don’t really know. The main ingredient would appear to be cereals, or by-products of cereals (what they scrape off the floor), or vegetable by-products (most likely waste product from other industries). For all we know the bulk of this food could be rotting carrot tops and floor sweepings. The upside of filling pet foods with vegetable by-products is it reduces what gets sent to the dump.

Vegetable By-Products
Vegetable By-Products

We find the and/or trend applies to the meat content as well. It might be beef, mutton, chicken, turkey, or any by-product of these animals once they’ve been thrown dead or dying into a vat and minced up. One thing we can guarantee is the meat content is dreadful. The facts are there, with this being a food low in protein with a whopping 2.5% salt to take the flavour away from the rank meat.

If you look at the ingredients carefully you’ll see another worrying warning sign. They list “essential vitamins & minerals and/or amino acids. Are they saying the essential vitamins and minerals are optional? Is it a lucky dip whether the food has essentials vitamins and minerals?

The only other ingredient worth mentioning in Unlucky Dog is food colour. I’m sure your dog will be thrilled with that, given they’re colour blind.

Lucky Dog Dog Food Review

Unlucky Dog gets 1 star, and I urge you to read up on Purina Beneful, another horrific offering from the company. Purina have been “wagging since 1963”, which is probably more the case when your dog is having a seizure.

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Cereals and cereal by-products and/or vegetable by-products, meat and meat by-products (derived from beef and/or mutton and/or poultry), essential vitamins & minerals (including salt, anti-oxidants and natural flavours) and/or amino acids, food colour.

Lucky Dog Dog Food Review

1.8 Total Score
No wonder dogs suffer ill health

  • All of it.
  • Low protein & low fat from lack of meat.
  • High carbohydrates from excessive cereals.
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