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DogPro Original

DogPro Original

I read on the website for Dogpro (Hypro Pet Care) that they use “only the best natural ingredients” which “provide efficient digestion and absorption”. The main ingredient in this food is wholegrain cereals, and given the digestive tract of a canine is geared to digest meat I’m struggling to see how they substantiate those claims. How can they? They can’t…

The composition of the food is 20% protein, which is low, and 9% fat, which is very low. That makes it clear to me the food consists mostly of cereal grains. Dogs need meat and animal fat to sustain health and energy levels, and this food is lacking.

DogPro Dog Food Review

Thankfully meat is 2nd on the ingredients list, but it’s not quality meat. It’s listed as real meat and meat by-products derived from beef, mutton, and chicken. This would be a cheap source of meat from a rendering plant, definitely not suitable for human consumption, and certainly not optimum for your dog. It’s a poor quality ingredient, but I’m glad it’s “real meat” as opposed to “fake meat”.

Next up we find cereal and vegetable by-products, which I’ll reword to “cereal and vegetable wastage”. Vegetable oil as the 4th ingredient will provide some nutrition, but after that we have added salt.

Essential vitamins and minerals are included, but they wouldn’t be allowed to sell the food otherwise.

DogPro Dog Food Review

20kg for 30 bucks might sound cheap, but it’s a textbook case of getting what you pay for. For the health of your dog feed something else.

Good points…

It’s cheap to buy.

Bad points…

“Cheap to buy” isn’t inclusive of vets bills at a later stage in life.

Guaranteed Analysis

[gauge title=”Protein” width=”210px” label=”%” value=”20″ min=”0″ max=”100″ color=”#F3832D”] [gauge title=”Fat” width=”210px” label=”%” value=”9″ min=”0″ max=”100″ color=”#F3832D”] [gauge title=”Est. Carbs” width=”210px” label=”%” value=”53″ min=”0″ max=”100″ color=”#F3832D”]

* Carbohydrates aren’t listed on pet food labels. This value is calculated based on levels of protein, fat, moisture, and ash. Estimated values for moisture and ash have been used where these values haven’t been given (moisture of 10%, and ash of 8%).


Wholegrain cereals, real meat and meat by-products derived from beef, mutton and chicken, cereal and vegetable by products, vegetable oil, iodised salt, essential minerals (Incl: Zinc, Copper, Iron, Potassium, Manganese, Iodine, Cobalt, Selenium, Calcium, Phosphorous), essential vitamins (Incl: A, D, K, E, B1, B2, B6, Pant, Nic, Biotin, B12, Choline, Folic Acid, Vitamin C, Natural Anti-Oxidants), preservatives, antioxidants.

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  1. dog pro true value = absolute crap! i have a red heeler that will eat anything but she won’t eat this rubbish. i am a stockfeed merchant and have half a pallet of this that no one will buy twice. i have lost a bit of money on this crap. i can’t even get the chooks to eat it? god knows whats in it, obviously nothing example of great advertising for a rubbish product. i will never stock any of their products again

  2. Have 4 dogs 2 x Kelpie 1 x maltese x 1 x pom x
    none of the dogs will touch it…
    Absolute crap….
    Have 2 x 20kg bags to give away or DUMP

  3. Also i wanted to add that i found ur website reviews very good and well informative. I have been using the dog pro original for a few years since i have two very large dogs. Any info on the other dogpro products? Also, i never realised fat content was crucial for my muts. Lol.

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      Pet Food Reviews (Australia) May 26, 2016 at 9:51 am

      Hi Tony, thanks for the feedback. This is probably the only DogPro review we’ll do for the time being as the others in the range are fairly similar.

  4. You forgot to mention that phosphoric acid is also a rust converter, and a very good one at that.

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