It's flawed, but BARF has many benefits for the health of your dog or cat. BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) was an Australian invention, reaching cult ...

What’s the best cat food (in Australia)?

What is the best cat food in 2024? This may depend on your budget, circumstances, and where you shop, but here are some great recommendations (and advice!)

Choosing the right Senior Dog food

There's some dodgy senior dog foods in Australia, so how can you find a brand which will benefit your dog in their senior years?

Manuka wound gel for dogs?

When it comes to manuka honey you'll be aware of two things - (1) what a wonderful natural healing powerhouse it is, and (2) the jaw dropping price tag on ...

What’s the best dog food (in Australia)?

Choosing the right dog food is HARD! How can we believe what we're told, what's healthy? What is the best dog food in Australia, and why? Hopefully this list ...

Probiotics for Cats

Probiotics are beneficial for any cat, but only when you address other vital issues first - namely diet. Read our guide to probiotics for cats (in Australia)!

How to Feed Fussy Cats!

Do you know why your cat's a fussy cat? You should definitely consider the following reasons why a cat can become fussy.

Best Dog Food for Small Dogs

The health of your dog starts with the food you feed them. Let's take a look at the best small & toy breed dog foods in Australia, and where many people fail.

How to Read Pet Food Labels

When you realise how slippery those suckers are who create pet food formulations and pet food ingredients labels, you'll start to realise how fooled you have ...

Rescuing a Dog – A Complete Guide

So, you’ve decided to adopt a rescue dog? Good for you! But, getting ready to welcome a new canine companion into your home is also a big decision!

What’s the best dog food for weight loss in Australia?

What is the best weight loss dog food for your dog, and more importantly - why? Did you know over 41% of Australian dogs are overweight or obese?

Best Raw Dog Food (Australia)

Some of the best raw dog foods (Australia) with tips, advice, and gotchas when feeding a raw dog food diet or product.

Pet Food Reviews (Australia)
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